20 Dec 2022

Our spotlight series is back! This month, I’m honored to introduce our readers to BulletinHealthcare’s Senior Brand Development Strategist, Shannon Gaycheck.

Since joining BulletinHealthcare in 2021, Shannon has been a key contributor to our team, engaging with brands and agencies and driving incredible results. She brings to the table an impressive background of experience in a variety of verticals and OTC brand expertise.

Read on below to hear more from Shannon.

Can you tell us more about your role as Senior Brand Development Strategist?

Shannon: My role is focused on brand engagement and creating connections with long-term partners to achieve substantial results. This is accomplished via research that is conducted to determine companies and brands that will most benefit from our offerings, and I work tirelessly to engage these brands with messages that resonate. Once that connection is established, we take a deep dive into the specific goals for that brand and strategize on a hard hitting, robust campaign plan that is sure to yield great results!

How did you get into healthcare marketing?

Shannon: I was noticed by a current colleague with whom I had previously worked closely with. When the opportunity to grow her team presented itself, she let me know of the opportunity to interview and compete for the position. I had previous healthcare marketing experience, and I love the space, so I went for it!

How is working in pharma different from working in other verticals?

Shannon: Every vertical I have had the opportunity to serve has had its own nuance—pharma included. In the past, I worked with investor relations professionals and needed to be mindful of SEC requirements when executing important corporate messages to analysts, investors, Wall Street, and the public. This required a careful balance between effective financial communications for a broad audience and the limits put in place by the SEC. My work in pharma demands a similar attention to regulations, especially regarding the need to be mindful of advertising requirements such as black box warnings and ISI that our HCP audience receives via our campaigns.

“We continually analyze the goals of our client’s campaigns and the performance we are seeing up to the minute and on demand. Sharing this passion for their success is at the core of what we do!”

Looking back on 2022, what would you say characterized last year for you and your clients?

Shannon: 2022 was characterized by a strong interest in ROI and deep diving into the metrics of campaigns. We work with clients of the most distinguished agencies and prominent globally recognized brands, so this should come as no surprise. Fortunately, BulletinHealthcare has some of the most robust data targeting offerings built into our campaigns. In addition, and to the credit of the professionals mentioned above, 2022 can be characterized as the year of the “touch point.” Once a campaign was initiated, the level of daily and weekly engagement was off the charts! We love this part of our job! We continually analyze the goals of our client’s campaigns and the performance we are seeing up to the minute and on demand. Sharing this passion for their success is at the core of what we do!

If you could pick one therapeutic area to look out for in 2023, what would it be?

Shannon: Dermatology. This sector is highly competitive, and several brands are raising the stakes. From an Rx drug standpoint, there are quite a variety of drugs that incite skin irritations. U.S. Pharmacist reports that approximately 2% of drug induced skin eruptions meet the World Health Organization’s definition of a serious reaction. Some widely used classes of drugs, like antibiotics, may cause dry skin and sensitivity to the sun. For these skin conditions, frequent emollients to improve dryness and sunscreens are recommended. In addition, there is a large audience of those who work tirelessly for great skin. The opportunities for OTC and Rx dermatology brands are endless.

What are your interests outside of work?

Shannon: I love listening to live music, really any type of music. I go to see bands as often as I can. In addition, my son attends Oberlin College, known for their world-renowned conservatory of music and being the oldest continuously operating music conservatory in the nation. With several hundred performances each year, there are ample opportunities to attend live or online. I typically take in the Oberlin concerts via internet stream, but I have made a promise to myself that I will attend some upcoming events in person. Hearing their performances reminds me of how music brings the world together through fostering universal harmony, camaraderie, and kinship. I think that is why I am so drawn to music.

Any fun facts, personal or professional, you’d like to share about yourself with our readers?

Shannon: I love to sing, and I am horrible at it! That doesn’t stop me though—if a song I know and love is playing, I will sing, especially in the car or supermarket (quietly). Some are amazed that I know and remember the words to many songs of yesterday (both mainstream and obscure). As I look back, I wonder why I never took singing lessons. Never too late, so it could be in my future!

Have a question of your own for Shannon? Email advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com.