03 Jun 2019

My colleague Matt McGuire, Senior Director of Advertising Sales, probably could have had a successful career in comedy. But fortunately for us, he chose to work in healthcare instead. Matt has a unique ability to connect with everyone he meets – usually by making them laugh!

He strikes a great balance between competent professionalism and friendly approachability that his coworkers and clients appreciate.

Can you tell our readers an interesting fact about yourself?

Matt: Oh man, this question always makes me realize how uninteresting I am. Outside of work, most of my time is spent having fun with my wife, our two boys, and two dogs. I also love staying active daily, whether it’s the gym, yardwork, or hiking around PA. My neighbors love poking fun at me for flipping a huge tire around my driveway… we’ll see who’s laughing when they get stuck under a tire and need help getting out!

How did you get into pharma marketing? 

Matt: I come from a medical family. My dad is a podiatrist, my mom is a physical therapist, and my sister is a nurse. I was keen on going into the medical field. I looked into chiropractic school, but my love for business and economics won out. After college I joined Bracket Global, doing project management work in the clinical trial industry. That job taught me a lot, but I also learned that I had skills that couldn’t be fully realized sitting at a desk. Shortly after I started applying to sales positions, I got the opportunity to work with a small marketing agency in the oncology space. Since then I’ve spent time with Everyday Health, Doximity, and now BulletinHealthcare.

What therapeutic areas are on your watch list? 

Matt: I focused almost exclusively on oncology at my first sales gig, ONS:Edge, which was tied to the Oncology Nursing Society. I hold oncology near and dear for personal reasons, too, like my family’s cancer journey and my wife’s work in oncology at Jefferson University and Syneos. It’s a fascinating and aggressively researched therapeutic area, so it’s always on my watch list. Other areas of interest include endocrine diseases, nutrition, gastrointestinal and digestive health, and pain/inflammation management.

When working with clients, how do you formulate your marketing recommendations?

Matt: The foundation is always brand objectives. Once the foundation is laid, I look for supplemental opportunities to add value. As far as the solutions/tactics I recommend, I think you need a healthy mix of tried-and-true and cutting-edge solutions. Physicians care most about accurate, reliable information. The success of tried-and-true channels is owed to the fact that physicians have fully embraced them as a dependable source. It would be a disservice to overlook these proven channels, plain and simple.

What is the best piece of client feedback you’ve ever received?

Matt: I’ve been told more than once that I’m not a normal salesperson. I still work with these clients today, so I’m going glass half full and taking it as a compliment! My goal is to consult and advise. If I can’t provide exactly what my client is looking for, I’m not shy to speak up. If I think there’s a stronger strategy that can be applied, I’m going to say that as well. We’re all trying to achieve the same goal: optimal patient health. Openly working toward a shared outcome is key to successful marketing.

What HCP communication mediums do you have the most confidence in?

Matt: It’s a complex and crowded market. There are numerous channels to engage physicians. The challenge, from a marketer’s perspective, is how to engage with physicians at a high level without causing fatigue. And what tried-and-true engagement methods will consistently deliver results?

I see a few physicians regularly and I always ask, “What media do you enjoy the most right now?” None of them mention flashy sites or apps. Have they ever used them? I’m sure. But not on a consistent basis. Their time is extremely valuable, so they tend to prefer credible sources that deliver the information they care about, quickly and efficiently.

Shameless plug: This is one of the reasons I joined BulletinHealthcare. Through conversations with fellow pharma marketers and friends who are HCPs, it quickly became clear that both groups have a lot of confidence in the content we produce and the healthcare audience we serve.

What are the greatest sports teams ever?

Matt:  All of Philadelphia’s. End of discussion.

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