28 Feb 2019

In continuation of our spotlight series, I’m excited to introduce our readers to another member of the BulletinHealthcare team.

For many years, Dave Bailey, Senior Director of Sales, has been a key contributor to our team, helping solve challenges and drive business results for our advertising clients.

We know you well, but some of our readers may not. What are three adjectives your clients would use to describe you?

Dave: Prepared, responsive, and knowledgeable.

How do you enjoy spending time outside of work?

Dave: I’ve been married to my wife Lori for 33 ½ years. We have 2 kids, Courtney and Gavin. From walking my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day to watching my son compete at 2 NCAA national track meets, spending time with my family is at the top of my list.

What is your favorite industry conference to attend?

Dave: ASCO’s annual meeting. It’s a huge conference, and I enjoy seeing the latest innovation in treatment options from one year to the next. Small, little-known research organizations with no approved products develop next year’s leading treatment options.

How is working in pharma different from working in other verticals? 

Dave: Many strategies and tactics that can be applied in the consumer space aren’t suitable for pharma. I previously worked for a large direct marketing organization that worked in pharma, financial, retail, automotive, and high-tech markets. We would hold two-day training seminars for our clients, and I remember not being able to offer certain solutions to pharma clients for regulatory reasons or other issues.

What trends do you see emerging in HCP marketing?

Dave: A data-driven focus. But that isn’t exactly new. As digital offerings continue to expand, it becomes increasingly necessary to provide cutting-edge metrics and reporting to stay competitive.

What new challenges are you hearing from your clients?

Dave: The need to obtain physician-level data from every source available. Luckily, BulletinHealthcare offers physician-level reporting for numerous medical specialties.

Have a question of your own for Dave? Email advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com.