26 Jul 2023

I’m excited to introduce our readers to Joshua Powers, Marketing Associate!

Joshua has been with our team for over two years and plays a key role in streamlining our processes, maximizing efficiency, and providing our sales team with the tools and information they need to excel. His attention to detail is second to none, guaranteeing that every aspect of our marketing efforts is flawless.

Keep reading for Joshua’s full interview.

Can you tell us more about your role as Marketing Associate?

Joshua: As Marketing Associate, my role is to support the sales team by providing them with the information they need to sell effectively and respond to a large volume of sales inquiries that frequently require quick responses. Another part of my role is maintaining a large inventory of sales and marketing collateral, including updating information on existing decks and materials. Lastly, I assist in supporting and managing our Salesforce system.

What were your ventures before joining the BulletinHealthcare team?

Joshua: Before I joined the BulletinHealthcare team and Cision, I worked for 8+ years at University of New Mexico Health (UNMH) Emergency and Trauma Center in Albuquerque. My time at UNMH was spent working overnights as a nurse tech and as an emergency/trauma clerk while attending college during the day. My work at UNMH taught me the importance of learning everything I can about any role I am in so I am prepared for any problem, opportunity, or request that might arise.

What drew you to marketing?

Joshua: My original interest in college was accounting, since I liked organizing information and working with numbers. While in college, I took a marketing class and got really into digital and research marketing and turning numbers into useful information to make informed decisions.

How do you stay up to date with current marketing trends and developments?

Joshua: I keep up to date on current marketing trends and developments with the help of the American Marketing Association (AMA), an association I was previously involved in. Because of my membership, I also had the opportunity to talk with other local marketers to expand my knowledge and network.

What is one marketing trend or strategy that you find fascinating or exciting right now?

Joshua: One marketing trend that fascinates me right now is how brands are leveraging TikTok to reach more people with their messages. What I find most interesting about the use of TikTok is the fact that actual dermatologists are being used to promote skin care products. Taking advantage of this type of marketing strategy is a great way for brands to further increase engagement and exposure for their products.

What metrics do you consider when measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign?

Joshua: I measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using any type of engagement that can be measured, like clicks, surveys, reposts, replies, and visits to name a few. You can use engagement numbers to determine if a campaign is working with your audience and make informed optimization decisions.

How do you leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions and drive business growth?

Joshua: To determine if any changes have occurred, I leverage data and analytics by comparing the real-time data against historical data and benchmarks that have been set. With this comparison, I can see if there is an increase or decrease in performance data, and then plan how to solve the problem or make changes for better results.

Do you have a favorite tool or software that you find particularly useful in your work?

Joshua: I enjoy using Excel for almost everything in my job, and I also try to use it in my personal life, such as budgeting or creating to-do lists. Also, I like Excel for creating graphs, creating contact lists, and building templates.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Joshua: In my time off from work, I enjoy going for long runs in the open areas of Albuquerque where I can be in nature. When I want a calm adventure outside, I like to longboard around and listen to music as I go. I definitely consider my hobbies to be simple, but they really add value to my rebalancing process for the next day.

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