29 Aug 2023

Meet Kyle, one of our dedicated Partnerships Managers at BulletinHealthcare!

With a tenure of over two years at the company and a strong commitment to excellence, Kyle has proven himself to be an integral part of the team. Leveraging his expertise in client services and maintaining partnerships, he collaborates closely with our esteemed medical association partners and plays a crucial role in fostering strong relationships and providing customized support.

Without further ado, let’s hear from Kyle below.

Can you tell us more about your role as Partnerships Manager?

Kyle: I help our BulletinHealthcare (BH) and Bulletin Media (BM) partners with pretty much anything they need! From questions about revenue, to briefing corrections or edits, and even working with them on redesigning their briefings, I wear a wide variety of hats and like to be a utility man for our valued partners.

How has your prior experience in marketing and client services informed your current role?

Kyle: In my past role as a marketing consultant for automotive dealerships, I learned a great deal about client services and maintaining relationships. As I traveled around my territory to different parts of the country (19 states, from my home in Arizona to my home state of Michigan), I experienced many different work styles, personalities, and philosophies on how to define success in an organization. It taught me to focus on the key performance indicators that my clients were looking for, so I could best serve them and the business goals they were trying to achieve. The same goes for our partners that I work with now. The Partner Relations (PR) team and I work to identify the metrics that are most important to our partners so we can drive the association forward on their defined path of success.

In your opinion, what are the key qualities or characteristics that make a partnership successful?

Kyle: Trust is the foundation of any partnership. If there’s no trust, the partnership will surely not last. We work diligently to build our trustworthiness with our partners by being excellent communicators, so we can keep them up to speed on everything that they need to know. Whether it’s reporting, revenue, design, or tech services that they need, our partners know that they can come to us to get their questions answered in a timely and personable manner.

What are some emerging trends or developments in the healthcare space that you’re hearing from partners?

Kyle: The surge of artificial intelligence in the workplace is a hot topic in pretty much every industry now. It’s something we tend to discuss with our partners, who are both excited at the prospect of what it can accomplish and concerned about the ramifications of being too reliant on it. It’s still very new to us all, but I know that we will work diligently to understand its best uses and how it can best enhance our partnerships going forward.

Can you speak to any challenges or obstacles specific to the pharma industry that our partnerships can help address?

Kyle: Something challenging about the healthcare space is that it’s in constant motion. New drugs are approved by the FDA. Different legislations and regulations are passed by Congress. New research is conducted, bringing us information we didn’t have even a day before. For a healthcare professional, it may be difficult to keep it all sorted. A partnership with BulletinHealthcare can be a monumental help for associations to bottleneck that daily wave of information, so that their members can stay up to date with the news that is most relevant to their field or specialty. I believe that the human touch we provide with our Strategic Analysis team is something that further drives the value of our partnerships, especially in a world where AI is advancing in many industries.

What is one important lesson you have learned throughout your career that has shaped your approach to partnerships and relationship building?

Kyle: Always take the time to see things from the other person’s perspective. In our world today, there are a lot of times where we tend to react rather than listen, absorb, and process. Taking that time to see the other person’s perspective can go a long way in building a relationship with them, whether it’s personal or professional.

Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies or interests that you’re passionate about?

Kyle: I am a HUGE movie buff. With my AMC A-List subscription, I try to make it out to the theaters as much as possible to see all the new films coming out of Hollywood. I’m also a sports junkie to my core, with basketball being my favorite. My colleagues on the PR team know how much I love talking about my Michigan State Spartans and Phoenix Suns!

What is one fact about you that not many people know about?

Kyle: The movie I have seen the most in a theater was The Batman (2022), which I saw four times on its opening weekend.

Have a question of your own for Kyle? Email advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com.