10 Apr 2020

In continuation of our last post, we’re launching an Emerging Trends series to share helpful observations about HCP engagement and other noteworthy trends with our clients during the current pandemic. This first installment will provide an update on HCP open rates holistically before taking a deep dive into the readership habits of different specialties.

Note: An analysis of our click-through rates (CTRs) revealed no significant change. To date, our CTRs have remained stable. We’ll continue to monitor all engagement and provide relevant updates.

In mid-March, we reported that our open rates had seen a statistically significant increase since the first case of COVID-19 was reported late last December. This trend has continued across nearly all our email briefings.

As of April 8th, the average gross open rate year-to-date across our network of over 850,000 HCPs has increased 10 percentage points over the 2019 average. This represents a stunning 26% increase in the volume of email opens so far this year. (Our unique open rate has also increased 3 percentage points year-to-date vs 2019, or a 13% increase.) The below chart demonstrates the continued upswing in open rates from October 2019 until today.

Within our network of more than 30 medical associations, there are some groups that have been especially engaged, including radiologists (Cleveland Clinic), echocardiographers (ASE), emergency medicine physician assistants (SEMPA), thoracic specialists (ATS), emergency physicians (ACEP), pediatric nurse practitioners (NAPNAP), and endocrinologists (TES).

It’s difficult to hypothesize why different specialties may be more engaged than others right now. However, the above specialists all either manage patients with COVID-19 in a hospital setting, treat patients who may have increased risk of comorbidity associated with COVID-19, or perform procedures that present increased risk to the provider should the patient be infected.

The medical associations included in the chart above denote our partners, and the professional home for healthcare providers waging a war against COVID-19. Now more than ever, we’re simply humbled that our news briefings appear to be useful to HCPs during the ongoing crisis.

Amid uncertain times, we hope insights like these offer some degree of clarity. Without our trusted advertisers, the news briefings that inform more than 850,000 healthcare providers wouldn’t be possible.

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