25 Apr 2024

I’m pleased to introduce our readers to Allana Hager, one of our talented Sales Associates! 

Driven by her passion for science and medicine, Allana Hager transitioned from healthcare to the pharmaceutical sector, bringing a rich understanding of the healthcare industry from her robust background in medical equipment sales. Her enthusiasm and commitment to embracing innovative solutions, coupled with her deep industry knowledge, are vital in driving the efficiency and success of our team’s sales process. 

Without further ado, hear from Allana below! 

Could you provide more insight into what you do as a Sales Associate? 

Allana: My role revolves around supporting the sales team in various tasks. I prefer to think of myself as sales operations/customer support/cat herder. I manage inquiries, resolve issues, and prepare monthly reports. I also handle administrative duties like data entry and maintaining our CRM. Additionally, I assist with sales tasks such as preparing presentations, and creating and reviewing. Overall, I play a role in ensuring the smooth operation of the sales process and the success of the team. 

What inspired your decision to pursue a profession in the pharmaceutical field, and how have your own interests influenced this direction? 

Allana: I’ve always been drawn to the healthcare field due to its potential to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. My background in medical equipment sales provided me with valuable insights into the healthcare industry. After taking a step away from healthcare (and sales), I found myself being called back to the space. However, I was curious to explore another facet of healthcare. My interest in science and medicine, coupled with a desire to be part of a dynamic and evolving field, heavily influenced my decision to transition into the pharmaceutical sector.

What drew you to joining the BulletinHealthcare team?

Allana: I was drawn to joining the BulletinHealthcare team because I was particularly impressed by the collaborative and supportive work environment and I’m excited to be contributing to a team of talented individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in the healthcare sector. 

From your perspective, how does BulletinHealthcare deliver value to its clientele? 

Allana: Aside from the personalized approach of providing curated, high-quality healthcare news briefings tailored to specific interests, the industry knowledge the BH team possesses is truly exceptional. Their expertise not only contributes to our collective success, but also inspires confidence among our clients and partners, showcasing our team’s dedication to staying at the forefront of our field.

What do you consider to be the upcoming challenges or potential opportunities within the pharmaceutical sector? 

Allana: It will be interesting to see how AI changes drug discovery. There have been some interesting new methods utilizing AI to create molecules that are tailored to specific genes. This could lead to a more personalized approach to medicine. 

How do you stay abreast of current trends and breakthroughs in the industry? 

Allana: By reading and paying attention to all of the briefings we provide!

Do you have any unique hobbies or hidden talents that you’d like to share with our readers? 

Allana: Wood working! Growing up, I was never allowed to step foot inside my grandfathers wood shop. Somehow, over the years, I wore him down enough asking him to complete projects for me that he finally let me learn how to use the tools and create and finish my own projects. Patterned cutting boards are my favorite project at the moment!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and how has it guided your career? 

Allana: I was told to stop apologizing. Being early on in my career, I leaned into starting sentences with “I’m sorry”. By relying upon my self-confidence, the “I’m sorry” turned into my real thoughts and solutions which empowered me to be my true self and bring new insights into the work I do.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? 

Allana: Always be learning! The world offers endless opportunities and by keeping yourself open for growth you can enrich your mindset, create more meaningful connections, and foster positive impacts in every aspect of your life.

To learn more, or if you have a question of your own for Allana, we’d love to get connected!