24 Jan 2024

The bedrock of our HCP data management platform is the data we are furnished by our medical association partners. When someone joins an association, he or she supplies extensive information about themselves, which each association verifies. From there, we augment association data using private and public information sources, including restricted patient treatment datasets via the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Limited Data Set (LDS) and health-system data from the American Hospital Association.

We’ve created a comprehensive database with robust HCP profiles that can be segmented in nearly limitless ways for our advertising partners to build the most effective campaigns possible.

Our audience targeting options span the gamut and include NPI number, specialty, geography, prescriptions written, procedures performed, diagnoses made, workplace, health system affiliation, telehealth treatment preferences, years in practice, etc. All parameters can be combined to create a dynamic, multifaceted approach to reach your ideal target audience. This fusion of parameters allows you to create focused campaigns that can drive significant improvements in engagement and performance.

With such a rich menu of options available, what are some key strategies for creating impactful campaigns that deliver results?

  • Lookalike Targeting: Leveraging the myriad segmenting options available, we can create a custom target list to mirror an existing audience list. For example, you may wish to expand your list of targets by identifying new HCPs who exhibit characteristics associated with HCPs who are most valuable to your brand – whether it be specialty, years in practice, geo, clinical behavior, etc. – to build of fresh list of targets to which you can disseminate your brand assets. This advanced form of targeting enables you to expand your reach with providers likely to be interested in your offerings based on their professional practices.
  • Competitor Bytes: By identifying and targeting prescribers of competitor brands or drug classes, you can put your messaging in front of HCPs who you know are prescribing brands like yours. This strategy offers the opportunity to disseminate key educational materials to relevant HCPs, build awareness of your brand, and ultimately convert HCPs.

The ability to create such custom combinations unlocks near-limitless possibilities for your advertising campaigns, allowing you to test, iterate, and optimize your strategies for the best results. 
Now that you’re acquainted with the power of our ad targeting solutions, it’s time to put these capabilities to work for your own campaigns. Are you ready to reach the HCPs who matter most to your brand and build campaigns that drive meaningful engagement? 

Get in touch today by emailing advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com we’re ready to help you create a customized campaign that delivers results.