07 Mar 2019

At least once per week, but more frequently is likely more effective.

28 Feb 2019

“As digital offerings continue to expand, it becomes increasingly necessary to provide cutting-edge metrics and reporting to stay competitive,” says Dave Bailey, Senior Director of Sales.

22 Jan 2019

We summed up the most important news from JPM 2019 to bring our readers up to speed.

16 Jan 2019

Investing in the right media and maximizing outreach effectiveness means understanding your target audience. These are the stories that captivated oncologists last year.

10 Jan 2019

“The FDA is trending to get devices approved and to market more quickly and efficiently. I’m also seeing an interesting trend toward AI in the device marketplace,” says Jeff Benson.

20 Nov 2018

As the holidays quickly approach, I find myself reflecting on the year’s events. I put a few questions to Lois Smith, Director of Sales, to find out what she’s taken away from 2018.

09 Nov 2018

Pharma marketers were late to embrace programmatic advertising platforms, but that stance is changing rapidly. With the help of data and automation, results and success outcomes are being driven and measured at significant scale.

25 Oct 2018

When I found myself on the receiving end of a physician-referral program for an OTC cold & flu medicine, I experienced firsthand the advantages of influencer marketing.

10 Sep 2018

When doctors make a recommendation, patients listen. If physician outreach isn’t included in your OTC marketing strategy, you may be neglecting an effective channel.

03 Sep 2018

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