08 Mar 2024

In an era dominated by rapid digital transformation, where new platforms and technologies emerge at lightning speed, one might assume that traditional methods of communication, like email, would diminish in effectiveness. However, when it comes to reaching healthcare providers (HCPs), email marketing not only persists but thrives as a high-performance channel for companies looking to reach HCPs. Drawing on our data and expertise, we have compiled the reasons why below.

Deterministic Audience

In the digital realm of healthcare marketing, email stands out for its ability to precisely target a 100% known audience. Unlike other channels that rely on behavioral assumptions, email marketing connects directly with professionals through their chosen subscriptions, guaranteeing that educational content and updates are delivered to a receptive and engaged audience. This direct and personal approach enhances communications’ relevance and increases engagement, making email an invaluable channel for educating HCPs.

At BulletinHealthcare, we receive our distribution lists directly from our association partners. Every HCP we email has provided their information as part of the membership process and opted-in to receive the briefings. How many media channels can say that?


Consent-Based Environment

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, email marketing thrives within a consent-based environment. For some email communications, such as BulletinHealthcare’s e-newsletters, HCPs opt-in to receive emails, ensuring that communications are both welcome and compliant with strict privacy regulations. This permission-based approach fosters trust and engagement, as recipients have already expressed a genuine interest in receiving the content. Such an environment is crucial for disseminating valuable healthcare information, where relevance and accuracy directly influence professional practices and patient outcomes.

Since our briefings are a member benefit of our prestigious medical association partners, users are opted in and expect to receive our emails. These crucial factors contribute to our impressive average daily email open rate of 36%.


Bypass Ad Blockers

In the digital age, where ad blockers have become ubiquitous, email marketing stands out for its inherent ability to bypass these barriers. Unlike display advertising or social media promotions that can be easily obstructed by ad-blocking software, emails are delivered straight to the inbox of the intended recipient. This direct delivery system guarantees that valuable information, critical updates, and educational resources achieve their primary goal of educating HCPs without the hindrance of technological blocks.


Preferred Communication Channel

Surveys and studies consistently show that HCPs prefer email as a primary source of information from industry. HCPs are inundated with information and responsibilities, making them selective about the channels they engage with. Email’s ability to deliver important information directly to their inbox makes it a preferred choice for staying updated on the latest research, clinical advances, and industry news. Additionally, the average person spends 20% of their online time on email.

This preference is evidenced by the industry-leading engagement rates our campaigns garner. BulletinHealthcare briefings boast an average 36% daily open rate*, 99.9% delivery rate, and 5% average overall click-through rate**.



Compared to other digital advertising strategies, email marketing offers a high return on investment (ROI), with the ability to reach an HCP for just pennies. For advertisers looking to maximize their budget while still making meaningful connections with HCPs, email marketing is an attractive option.

We collaborate with industry-standard third parties, such as IQVIA and Sermo, to perform two kinds of advertising effectiveness studies: prescription lift/ROI and attitudinal. We’re thrilled to have provided ROI results that range from 4:1 to an astounding 69:1 for our clients, which is proof of our e-newsletters’ powerful cost-effectiveness.

Despite the ever-evolving digital landscape, email marketing’s unique combination of personalization, effectiveness, and efficiency ensures its position as the top channel for reaching HCPs. For advertisers in the healthcare sector, understanding and leveraging the power of email is not just a strategy—it’s a necessity for meaningful engagement in today’s digital world.

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*gross open rate. This benchmark has been adjusted to account for Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection functionality that obfuscates email open data for most Apple user’s who have enabled MPP.

**gross click-through rate. This benchmark has been adjusted to account for Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection functionality that obfuscates email open data for most Apple user’s who have enabled MPP.