22 Dec 2020

Healthcare Marketing Daily is a news briefing curated for healthcare marketers in search of the latest developments impacting their profession, compliments of BulletinHealthcare. Regular coverage includes inspirational stories about healthcare marketers delivering results for their brands, as well as innovations from the broader world of marketing and advertising.

We wrap up each year with an End of Year edition, which features a collection of the year’s most engaging stories. For many, 2020 has been anything but average — a year that required people and brands alike to adapt in the face of adversity, to the extent that “pivot” became 2020’s marketing “word of the year.”

Some popular themes from previous years also remained strong, like highly-anticipated drug launches and the evolving landscape of marketing to HCPs in an increasingly digital world. This year certainly demonstrated an acceleration of the latter, with a lack of facetime forcing life science companies to adopt new strategies and modes of communication with HCPs.

As we reflect on the top healthcare marketing news of 2020, despite all the challenges, encouraging displays of resilience, agility, and creativity are reasons to enter the new year with a renewed sense of optimism. Without further ado, below are this year’s top headlines!

Top Stories of 2020

1. FiercePharma Posts List Of “10 Most-Anticipated Drug Launches Of 2020” 
The headline says it all. Our marketers wanted to know about the year’s biggest launches.

2. New Generation Of HCPs Means Pharma Marketing Must Adjust, Experts Say
The millennial generation of HCPs is more receptive to data-driven, digital marketing.

3. FiercePharma Posts List Of Top 20 Drugs By Global Sales
FiercePharma crunched the numbers on the top 20 drugs by global sales in 2019.

4. Biopharma Marketers May Want To Rethink Approach To NPs, PAs
NPs and PAs are catching up to MDs and DOs in both prescribing and patient volume.

5. Survey: Physicians Receiving Less Pharma Materials, Want Treatment Protocols
One survey finds physicians are receiving significantly fewer rep visits and patient support materials.

6. Bristol Myers Squibb Rebrands With A Human Perspective
BMS rebrands; Celgene sunsets as a separate brand.

7. Healthcare Marketers Adapt Amid Pandemic
At the start of the pandemic, one poll asked how healthcare marketers would adjust their strategies.

8. 11 Drug Launches Planned This Year Could Pass $1B In Annual Sales By 2024
A list of the next potential blockbuster drugs.

9. COVID-19 Is Changing The Way Companies Market—Perhaps For Good
An examination of the many ways the pandemic impacted life sciences marketing.

10. Companies Stay Engaged With HCPs Without Face-To-Face Meetings
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated pharma’s adoption of digital channels to reach HCPs.

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