20 Nov 2020

At BulletinHealthcare, every reported ad impression is generated from a known healthcare provider. (Some of our competitors can’t say the same.) This is made possible through our direct access to hundreds of thousands of verified healthcare providers (HCPs), and that access is granted to us by top U.S. medical associations in exchange for satisfying the daily information needs of their members.

Given that we have more than 30 medical associations in our network – and each association maintains its own distribution list – we take seriously our responsibility to effectively manage the records that comprise our database.

List Management

We send hundreds of thousands of email news briefings to verified HCPs every day. With so many active recipients, there are a lot of individual updates being made each day. On a typical day, we update 20,000 recipient records, including 3,400 new recipient additions.

Most of our association partners send us updated lists daily. Once received, updates are usually incorporated within a single business day. For example, if a doctor retires on Friday, there’s a good chance they won’t be on our distribution list on Monday.

Unlike some publishers, we manage separate email distribution lists for our employees and advertising clients to ensure our metrics are not artificially inflated.

Keeping our recipient data accurate and up to date is in everyone’s best interest. On our end, frequent updates protect the quality of our sender reputation and support email deliverability. For the medical associations we partner with, frequent updates guarantee that new members are onboarded quickly and prevent a disruption in service for current members.

What Differentiates Us?

If you’re as scrupulous as us, you’re probably wondering how association-provided lists stack up against acquired (or rented) lists of physicians.

Acquired lists generally have much higher bounce rates and can’t rival the successful email delivery rate of association-provided lists: 99.9%, on average. That said, there’s no need to swear off acquired lists altogether.

From our perspective, the shortcoming of acquired lists hinges upon their disproportionate use in cold outreach. Two major drawbacks: the email sender is often unfamiliar, and the outreach is almost certainly unexpected. Further, these types of emails tend to be viewed as coming from someone with something to sell, which can undermine a brand’s message. All these factors tend to negatively impact open rates.

In contrast, BulletinHealthcare places brand messaging in publications that carry the name and logo of top U.S. medical associations, lending professional credibility to our advertising clients. Plus, HCPs expect our news content to arrive in their inbox at the same time Monday through Friday, and they routinely cite our briefing service as a top benefit of their association membership. This combination results in a platform that yields strong HCP engagement and drives outcomes for brands.


As some ad tech platforms scramble to adjust to an ever-evolving media landscape, including the loss of Google supporting third-party cookies, we are well positioned to adapt because our data come to us directly from the source (i.e., medical associations’ member lists).

So, what does this all mean? Our strategic imperative is ensuring the continued success of our clients and that involves reaching the right HCPs and targeting programs based on the latest, most accurate data. Of equal importance is that HCPs hold our publications in high regard, which means our clients can position sponsored content and brand messaging against the backdrop of a trustworthy media environment.

At BulletinHealthcare, we don’t just meet industry standards, we exceed them – and we take great pride in that!