27 Dec 2019

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Our annual End of Year Edition features a collection of the most engaging stories of the year. We hope you’ll enjoy this recap of the top healthcare marketing news of 2019.

Top Stories of 2019

1. Annual Agency 100 Issue
MM&M Posts Short List of Agency 100 Awards.

2. Pharma Super Bowl Ad
Bayer Launches “Test Your Cancer” Campaign with Super Bowl LIII Print Program Ad.

3. Doctors’ Information-Seeking Behavior
Seeing Fewer Reps, Physicians Increasingly Go Online for Treatment Info.

4. Finalists for 2019 MM&M Awards
MM&M Posts Shortlist Finalists for 2019 Awards.

5. Winners of 2019 MM&M Awards 
MM&M Posts Winners of 2019 Awards.

6. Healthcare Influencers
The Rise of Physician, Nurse Influencers on Instagram.

7. Drug Approval “Binge”
FDA Approved 5 New Drugs in One Week.

8. Top Pharma Social Media Users
Bayer, Pfizer, BI, Novartis, AZ Ranked as Top Pharma Social Media Users.

9. Women to Watch, Hall of Femme
MM&M Names 2019 List of Women to Watch in Healthcare.

10. Teens Listen to Physician on Social Platform
Minnesota Physician Uses TikTok to Warn about Vaping.
Rolling Stone

You might be wondering: what is the single most important takeaway of 2019?

Like our Falcon.io colleagues, we think it’s best to avoid using a single buzzword to describe the year. But there is one particular theme that spans time and applies to all marketers: focus on your customers. “The truth is, in marketing, the theme of every year is always the same: it’s the ‘Year of the Customer.’ The never-ending goal is to better reach, engage, and serve both your potential and existing customers.” (2020 Digital Marketing Trends)

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