11 Jun 2019

Whether you have a ‘hard to fill’ position or a broad need in an underserved area, BulletinHealthcare can help you find the providers you’re looking for so that you’re free to educate, inform, and recruit them.

I’ve been connecting recruiters with healthcare providers and members of some of the largest, most prestigious medical societies since 2007.

Here are 7 tips I’ve learned along the way:

Confidently target a qualified physician audience.
Make your budget go further by narrowing your outreach to verified, relevant physicians. This will ensure you get in front of the right people for the job, including active and passive job seekers. And utilize the many targeting options available in today’s HCP marketing arena, e.g., geographic location, medical specialty, NPI/list match, and more.

Note: Because BulletinHealthcare targets physicians based on the above-mentioned criteria, I can connect recruiters with active members of top medical associations that meet a variety of requirements, so all position views are prequalified.

Attract the right kind of attention.
Leverage credible, well-known channels that foster a sense of trust in the physician community. Like most highly educated audiences, physicians are drawn to accurate, reliable information on the topics they care about. Strategically promote an opportunity next to educational content to create positive associations with your brand in the minds of physicians.

Get specific with your CTA.
When you limit your search to a qualified audience, there’s no need to go into excruciating detail. Focus on the major selling points and be clear and concise with your messaging. When advertising an opening, make sure to visually indicate where you want physicians to click to apply or learn more, whether it be a literal button, an arrow, or a classic underlined hyperlink.

Drive physicians to a dedicated careers page.
Provide potential candidates with a clearly organized list of openings. If your ad directs physicians to a specific opening, make it easy for them to navigate back to your careers page and find other relevant opportunities. They may realize the advertised position isn’t quite right, but another role could be a fit.

Be mindful of physicians’ busy lifestyle and media preferences.
Let’s face it: when do physicians have time to plot their next career move? When it comes to recruiting time-starved physicians, don’t expect them to come to you. Reach physicians wherever they are by investing in the media they already know and love.

Introduce your team & celebrate achievements.
A good marketing strategy connects people through shared experiences, so feature the physicians on your team and tell their stories. But try to avoid using testimonials that sound too idealistic. Relatable content is more likely to engender a sense of belonging and help applicants picture themselves working at your organization. Don’t shy away from a humble brag about your organization’s recent achievements or innovations, emphasizing aspects that set your organization apart.

Address concerns head on.
One of the most tried-and-true recruitment strategies involves hitting on candidates’ pain points. Think: what motivates a physician to make a career move? Of course, compensation and work-life balance are important considerations. But you can go the extra mile by being transparent about the challenging aspects of an opportunity and explaining the resources your company provides and the proactive steps it takes to improve employees’ sense of fulfillment.

My involvement in national and regional AAPPR (formerly ASPR) chapter events and hundreds of conversations with every type of recruiter you can imagine have allowed me to fully appreciate the challenges facing recruiters and their respective departments.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you act on this advice, please reach out to advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com today.