16 Jan 2019

When oncologists consume media, what headlines and stories grab their attention?

From groundbreaking clinical research to general healthcare news, marketers can leverage the type of content that oncologists find relevant to maximize outreach effectiveness.

BulletinHealthcare curates, writes, and publishes Cancer In the News, the official news briefing of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which more than 15,000 oncologists receive daily. According to our readership data, the following news stories were among the most popular of 2018.

Last year, oncologists cared most about…

Cancer patients undergoing hormone therapy
Hot Flashes Associated With Hormone Therapy In Cancer Patients Can Be Managed, Patient-Information Sheet Explains: Reuters, JAMA Oncology

Potential adverse effects of checkpoint inhibitors
Researchers Tie Checkpoint Inhibitors To Serious, Fatal Adverse Events: Medscape

Research on chemotherapy outcomes
Oxaliplatin-Based Adjuvant Chemotherapy For Six Months Leads To Superior Outcomes Compared To Three Months Among Individuals With Stage III Colon Cancer, Research Indicates: Cancer Therapy Advisor, Journal of Clinical Oncology

Breast-cancer prognostic tools
Tool Could Be Used To Guide Extended Endocrine Therapy In Patients With ER+ Breast Cancer, Research Indicates: Cancer Network, Journal of Clinical Oncology

DNA research on DDR gene alterations
Alterations In DNA Damage Response And Repair Genes Linked To Response To Programmed Cell Death Protein 1/Programmed Cell Death Ligand 1 Inhibition In Patients With Advanced Urothelial Cancer: ASCO Post, Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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