24 May 2022
top banner email ad

One characteristic that sets BulletinHealthcare apart is our unceasing drive to create a high-quality, engaging product for our HCP audiences while delivering superior results for our advertisers. Our pharmaceutical clients, in particular, have numerous regulatory restrictions on their advertising, such as keyword and content adjacency sensitivities, for which we’ve sought to find new solutions.

To this end, we’ve recently debuted a new ad position within a select few briefings that is prominent and creates the opportunity for two above-the-fold placements each day for our advertisers. We’re calling it Top Banner. Below is an example of how ads in this new position render:

Cleveland Clinic Nephrology Daily with the Top Banner Ad.

This new ad unit is the first thing an HCP reader sees when they open their daily briefing each day. As such, it serves as a strong awareness tactic for new brand launches, as well as driving disease state awareness, corporate awareness, and reinforcing the value prop of legacy brands.

While we accept a variety of ad formats, including text ads and advertiser supplied content (native), this new ad position is available only for display ad placements, specifically the 728×90 ad size. So, be sure to send us your 728×90 assets to take advantage of this new position! (Worth noting, we continue to follow a policy of even rotation, meaning all brands are fairly rotated through the various ad positions throughout their campaigns.)

You may be wondering, how is this new ad position performing so far? Aside from the clear prominence in the briefing, which is driving both impressions and awareness, this ad position has so far proven to perform at BulletinHealthcare’s standards for click-through rates.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new ad placement or would like to just pick our brains, reach out to us at advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com!