04 Jan 2023

Healthcare Marketing Daily is BulletinHealthcare’s complimentary email news briefing curated for healthcare marketers in search of the latest developments impacting their profession. We apply our expertise from producing briefings for 30+ leading medical associations to bring our readers the most important news affecting healthcare marketers. Our aim is to help our readers start the day with actionable insights from our seasoned analysts and conserve their most precious resource: their time.

We wrap up each year with an End of Year edition, which features a collection of the year’s most engaging stories. Many popular themes from previous years remained strong, such as highly-anticipated drug launches and the evolving landscape of marketing to HCPs in an increasingly digital world.

As we reflect on the top healthcare marketing news of 2022, we recognize the accomplishments and ever-changing nature of this vertical as we look to an optimistic future in 2023. Without further ado, below are the top headlines of 2022!

Top Stories of 2022

1. Physicians Report Feeling Overwhelmed By Pharma’s Digital Marketing Campaigns.
Our top news story of 2022 and the title says it all. FiercePharma outlines ways to engage HCPs more effectively.

2. Most Healthcare Professionals Say Pharma Sends Them Too Much Digital Content. 
One poll finds HCPs felt “spammed” with too much digital content.

3. Only 12% Of Americans Say US Healthcare System Is Handled Well, Poll Indicates.
A survey finds a low number of Americans are satisfied with the US Healthcare system.

4. Pharma Marketers Slowly Moving Away From Traditional TV Ads. 
Research discovers a new shift in advertising mediums.
Endpoints News

5. Takeda Investing In Digital Content Team Amid Exkivity Launch.
Takeda’s digital content team grows to encompass top in-house marketing experts.

6. Most Pharma Marketers Prefer Programmatic Messaging Platforms To Target HCPs. 
A study finds majority of pharma marketers have a preference for programmatic messaging platforms when targeting HCPs.

7. Ad Tech Industry ‘Throwing Up Hands’ Over Uncertainty On Third-Party Cookie Phaseout.
In an interview, a senior ad tech executive warns about preparing for third-party cookie phaseout.

8. Pfizer’s Comirnaty, Eliquis Rank Among Predicted Top 10 Best-Selling Drugs. 
A list predicting the top 10 selling drugs of the year.
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9. Omnicom Health Group Acquires HCP-Focused Digital Shop Propeller.
OHG acquires digital agency Propeller.

10. Publicis’ HealthFront Event For Pharma, Healthcare Advertisers Returns After Two-Year Hiatus. 
HealthFront is back after an interim period of two years.
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