28 Apr 2023

It’s my pleasure to introduce our readers to our Account Manager, Trevor Deal!  

Trevor has been with us for nearly four years and has continually delivered incredible results for our Hospital/Health System and Continuing Medical Education (CME) clients. With several decades of professional sales, marketing, and account management experience, along with his work with some of the largest media brands in the healthcare space, his approach has proven to drive success. 

Let’s hear more from Trevor below! 

To start, can you share a little more about your role as Account Manager? 

Trevor: It’s a great job! I help clients achieve their marketing objectives by listening to their challenges and providing advertising solutions on an incredible platform. I meet new people every day, develop and grow existing relationships, and learn a lot about different areas of the healthcare space. 

How did you get into healthcare (or pharma) marketing? What ventures did you have prior to joining the BulletinHealthcare team? 

Trevor: I started in this business 22 years ago at a medical publishing company where I sold print advertising in the long-term care/home health care markets. A friend of mine referred me to the job and it immediately piqued my interest as both a communications major and someone who was always fascinated by science and medicine. Since then, I’ve worked for many companies in different areas of this business and enjoyed every step along the way. I was lucky enough to serve as Publisher for some of the biggest media brands in the professional space, too — among which are some of my fondest memories and most valuable experiences. It’s been quite an adventure!  

Can you tell us more about your focus on the Hospital and CME verticals? 

Trevor: I love working with Hospital and CME clients! They are some of the smartest, most passionate, and downtoearth clients I’ve ever worked with. Since coming on board at BulletinHealthcare nearly four years ago, my goal has been to help Hospital and CME clients achieve their objectives and our offerings have proven to be extremely valuable to both. For CME providers, we help drive HCP learners to their programs as an audience generation partner. And, for Hospitals, we both help promote their reputations during the U.S. News & World Report voting period and play an integral role in their HCP recruitment and referral efforts

What new trends (or challenges) are you hearing from your clients? 

Trevor: As far as trends go, these aren’t new, but I would say that clients have a continued and consistent focus on targeting, data, higher share of voice ad buys, and use of native ads. In my experience, these are all things that traditional publishers have either struggled with or pushed back on, but BulletinHealthcare’s platform is built for these items. We help clients target their audience/s by specialty, prescribing habits, office/institutional setting, geography, etc. Some of our most powerful data solutions include campaign performance metrics and HCP-level data. Our share of voice offerings allow our clients’ brands to rise above the noise and “own” a space to block out competition. Lastly, native advertising is something that has really taken off and proven to be effective. Today, only a very small percentage of my clients don’t utilize it!

How do you keep up to date with the pharma/healthcare industry? 

Trevor: I rely on several great sources to keep me up-to-date and informed. I also love to share content with colleagues, clients, and friends as you might already know from my LinkedIn profile! Daily industry newsletters come from MM&M, Healio, Beckers Hospital Review, and our very own newsletter for marketers in the healthcare space: Healthcare Marketing Daily. I also love the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions, a great industry group in the CME/Med Ed space that I’ve learned a lot from over the years. The group has helped me grow as a professional and stay connected to both clients and trends.  

What are your interests outside of work?  

Trevor: Spending time with my family, practicing yoga, and playing music. I’m married with two teenage girls and life is always fun and interesting on the home front! I love being a Dad  it’s the hardest yet most fulfilling and rewarding “job” that I’ve ever had. Outside of that, it’s my music. I’m an avid music fan and have been playing guitar for over 30 years. I’m currently in a “dad band” and we call ourselves BINGE. We play covers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s (a little bit of 60s too) about 4-5 times a year at local bars in the area. It’s a lot of fun and truly makes me feel alive! 

What’s something that you’ve taught yourself recently? 

Trevor: Handstands in yoga! And “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses on guitar! 

Any interesting facts about yourself that you’d like to share with our readers? 

Trevor: I lost over 50 pounds in 2019 and gained 40 of it back during the pandemic! Fun, right? I’m finally back on track and losing again 4 years later but it seemed like an interesting fact to share. And, truth be told, I learned a lot about myself along the way, to be more patient with my goals, and have a little grace, as I’ve always been too hard on myself when I make mistakes. But if we’re not failing, we’re not learning or growing and it’s hard to learn or grow when we focus too much on the mistakes of the past. My new philosophy is to have a ten-second memory and “be a goldfish” (thanks, Ted Lasso)!

Have a question of your own for Trevor? Email advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com.