16 May 2023

Telehealth is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape, reshaping the way healthcare is delivered. To effectively deliver impactful, concise, and personalized messaging to HCPs, healthcare and life science companies must adapt their marketing strategies to align with this digital shift. That’s why BulletinHealthcare is excited to launch our newest targeting capability that enables segmenting healthcare provider (HCP) audiences based on telehealth treatment preferences! This functionality is achieved by integrating CMS data, which denotes whether an HCP offers telehealth care, into our robust database of association-provided lists of over 900,000 HCPs. 

Although our targeting solutions already encompass list match, specialty, geo-targeting, workplace, prescribing behavior, and procedures performed, with the flexibility to layer multiple parameters, our new telehealth feature provides a new dimension to campaign customization. By leveraging this new targeting capability, you can: 

  • Refine and personalize your messaging: Tailor your advertising campaigns to address the unique needs and challenges of where and how HCPs practice.  
  • Boost efficiency: Ensure your advertising reaches the right audience at the right time, increasing marketing efficiency and a positive ROI. 
  • Maintain relevance: Adapt to the innovative shifts in the healthcare industry, ensuring your marketing efforts remain impactful and relevant. 

We are here to help you connect with the right HCP audience, in the most effective way possible. Interested in learning more about our ad platform and capabilities? Reach out to advertise@bulletinheathcare.com.