08 May 2020

This edition of Emerging Trends features a collection of the most engaging headlines across five of our association news briefings since mid-January, when coronavirus coverage started gaining serious traction in the news. These articles received the most clicks from HCPs who are members of the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Thoracic Society (ATS), the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), the American College of Cardiology (ACC), and The Endocrine Society (TES).

We selected these associations because they fit one of three criteria: 1) a multi-specialty audience that’s representative of trends among HCPs generally, 2) specialty HCPs, specifically pulmonologists and critical care physicians, treating COVID-19 patients in a hospital setting, and 3) physicians who treat patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes – pre-existing medical conditions associated with increased risk of severe disease and complications related to coronavirus.

In previous posts, we reported that HCP open rates have increased during the pandemic and HCPs tend to engage with COVID-19 news most frequently. In reviewing HCP click behavior, the trend remains the same: coronavirus tops the list of most-engaging news articles since mid-January. Moreover, coronavirus has dominated the attention of members belonging to the AMA, ATS, and CHEST; almost all top clicked articles among these associations are related to coronavirus. For the members of ACC and TES, news outside of coronavirus also made the cut of most-engaging articles.

What’s our main takeaway? Coronavirus has been the biggest medical and public health topic over the last few months — HCP interest is incredibly strong and appears to be maintaining as the crisis continues. This is likely the first time we’ve seen a single editorial topic responsible for such a large volume of HCP engagement for an extended period.

From a practical point of view, this trend suggests that, while some brands have expressed trepidation about brand promotion near COVID-19 content, there’s great potential value to placements adjacent to such content. At the same time, the top headlines unrelated to coronavirus demonstrate that even in the age of COVID-19, specialists want to be among the first to know about major developments in their field.

It’s also worth pointing out that HCPs appear to be leaning on association-provided guidelines and resources during the ongoing crisis, judging by the number of top stories that cite an association journal or website.

We hope this retrospective on headlines that “clicked” with some of our physician audience will help our trusted advertising partners understand the type of content that’s resonating most with HCPs right now.

Top Headlines

American Medical Association

Among Inmates In Four State Prisons Who Tested Positive For COVID-19, 96% Were Asymptomatic, Report Indicates: Reuters

NIH Says Researchers Have Confirmed There Are Ways To Decontaminate N95 Masks So They Can Be Reused: medRxiv.org

Coronavirus Might Travel Farther Than Six Feet In The Air, Study Suggests: JAMA

Researchers Say Coronavirus Outbreak May Have Started As Early As September Somewhere Other Than Wuhan: PNAS

Pilot Study Suggests Hydroxychloroquine Offers No Additional Benefit To Patients With COVID-19 Receiving Standard Care: Journal of Zhejiang University

American Thoracic Society

ATS-Led International Task Force Issues Interim COVID-19 Guidance Document: Thoracic.org

ATS Releases New Official Guidelines For Treatment Of COPD: ATS Journals

Pilot Study Suggests Hydroxychloroquine Offers No Additional Benefit To Patients With COVID-19 Receiving Standard Care: Journal of Zhejiang University

ATS Releases Statement In Response To Coronavirus Pandemic: Thoracic.org

Bedside Lung Ultrasound May Be Effective For Diagnosis Of COVID-19, Study Suggests: RSNA

American College of Chest Physicians

Updated Recommendations For COVID-19 PPE: CHEST.org

Researchers Create Map Forecasting Which Counties Will Be Worst Affected By Surge In Coronavirus Cases: Columbia University

Researchers Say Early Signs Of Coronavirus Infection Can Be Seen In The Lungs: RSNA

Experts Update Guidelines For Latent TB Infection: CDC.gov

Around One-Fifth Of Patients Who Test Positive For SARS-CoV-2 Also Test Positive For Other Pathogens, Research Suggests: JAMA

American College of Cardiology

COVID-19 Clinical Guidance Issued For The Cardiovascular Care Team: ACC.org

Warfarin Not Protective In Patients With Afib With ESRD, Meta-Analysis Indicates: JAMA

Renal Denervation With Catheter Ablation In Patients With Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation And Hypertension May Eliminate AF At 12 Months, Study Indicates: JAMA

Practical Suggestions Provided For Practitioners Performing Echocardiography During COVID-19 Pandemic: JACC

Extreme Exercise Can Hurt The Heart, Experts Warn: AHA Journals

The Endocrine Society

Expert Panel Publishes Recommendations On Managing Diabetes In Patients With COVID-19: The Lancet

Expert Offers Advice On How To Reduce Exposure To Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: Medscape

Researchers Document Testosterone Levels To Refine Deficiency Definition: Journal of the Endocrine Society

Adults With Hypothyroidism Taking Levothyroxine Therapy May Benefit More From Taking Drug At Bedtime Than Before Breakfast, Research Suggests: Wiley Online Library

NIH Says Researchers Have Confirmed There Are Ways To Decontaminate N95 Masks So They Can Be Reused: medRxiv.org

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