07 Jul 2018

RESTON, VA – (July 7, 2018) – BulletinHealthcare, a digital publisher that provides pharmaceutical marketers access to nearly one million HCPs, has added Medical Conference Geo-Fencing to its suite of programmatic targeting options for HCP marketers.


Medical Conference Geo-Fencing allows HCP marketers to apply geo-polygon targeting technology that delivers targeted messaging to user devices in a certain place, at a certain time.  A perfect application for this targeting capability is medical conferences devoted to a particular therapeutic area or subspecialty, which are attended by specialized HCPs.    


“Medical Conference Geo-Fencing is the latest addition to our growing suite of extended reach products tailored specifically for HCP marketers,” said Justin Fadgen, Chief Corporate Development Officer of BulletinHealthcare. “Our clients want to reach their target HCP segment while they are in a learning and consideration mindset.  This new targeting capability, which enables us to reach specialist physician attendees of specific medical conferences while they are at a conference and thereafter, meets that objective very neatly and cost effectively.”


In addition to geo-polygon targeting for medical conferences, BulletinHealthcare has deployed this technology to target specialized healthcare facilities as well.  The company’s data assets include geo-positioning information on over 6,000 healthcare facilities, enabling geo-polygonal targeting at the facility level.


About BulletinHealthcare:

BulletinHealthcare, a Cision® company, delivers to more than one million physicians, dentists, and HCPs—900,000+ of whom are U.S. based—a concise distillation of news and research related to their specialties. These daily briefings are unique, as they come under the brand of one of 33 medical associations—our partners.

Subscribers—the members of our partner associations—rely on these briefings to prepare them for the day ahead, and rate them among the top benefits of membership. This level of subscriber engagement, combined with BulletinHealthcare’s scale, makes our briefings the most immediate and effective way for advertisers to reach healthcare providers in the U.S.