26 Feb 2024

I’m thrilled to introduce Kimberly Wong, one of our very talented Advertising Sales Directors!

Kimberly brings a wealth of experience from the pharma industry, having honed her expertise over years of dedicated service in various capacities. What truly sets her apart is not just her dedication to excellence and deep knowledge of market dynamics, but her exceptional ability to connect with her clients and align their needs with impactful solutions.

Read on to hear from Kimberly!

To start, can you tell our readers more about your role as Advertising Sales Director?

Kimberly: I am an advocate and resource for my clients in helping them achieve their marketing goals by utilizing new and existing niche briefings across BulletinHealthcare’s portfolio. I work closely with a variety of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies along with their advertising agencies. My goal is to always provide the utmost support to my clients in succeeding their KPIs for their campaigns.

What inspired you to pursue a career in sales, and how have your personal passions influenced your professional journey?

Kimberly: Sales fell into my lap and was destiny. I remember the day it happened as if it were yesterday. I was working on Wall Street I challenged myself to jump into the pharma and healthcare domains with zero experience. I held multiple roles in the healthcare sector where I gained experience in client services, account management, ad ops, analytics and partner relations. Then, the opportunity presented itself to try sales and it was confirmation that it was meant to be.

What drew you to joining the BulletinHealthcare team?

Kimberly: The people who interviewed me at BulletinHealthcare are what drew me to join this special company. The BulletinHealthcare team is unmatched in terms of kindness, empathy, drive, reliability and support. These attributes are hard to come by these days, so I consider myself super blessed to get up every day and work with people that are extraordinary and respectful leaders.

In your opinion, how does BulletinHealthcare provide value for our clients?

Kimberly: BulletinHealthcare provides our clients with positive ROIs and — most importantly — quality data-driven results where we reach hundreds of thousands of physicians across 30+ specialties. The products speak for themselves given our audience are membership based and are organically digesting content in these well-known associations as part of their morning routine. In such a competitive digital landscape, HCPs are coming to us first. We have first-party data where our HCP lists come directly from our partner associations, and we only use them to publish our e-newsletters. With our personalized and endemic content that is specialty-specific with our hyper targeted solutions, our results garner high engagement that maximizes frequency and reach.

What major pharma trends or shifts have you observed in recent years, and how have these changes influenced your approach to medical communications and business development?

Kimberly:The zenith of the evolutionary changes to the pharma industry began during the pandemic when virtual functions became second nature to all areas of life. This led to a significant increase in reshaping pharma’s technology. Virtual and augmented reality are shifting the way we generate engagement. Personalization has been a crucial topic across the industry as it allows for tailored experiences and content, builds trust, and fosters deeper emotional connections with its audience. Since virtual is here to stay, telehealth continues to rise, and I believe we will start seeing an increase in digital pharmacies as well. It is all about being adaptable in an innovative environment and specializing in the right optimization to drive efficiency and impactful engagement.

How do you stay up to date with industry developments?

Kimberly: My morning routine consists of a hot vanilla latte with a side of LinkedIn news stories. When not behind the screen, I usually catch up with a friend or colleague in the industry and discuss what challenges or opportunities we see on all sides: agency, publisher and direct.

Do you have any unique hobbies or hidden talents that you’d like to share with our readers?

Kimberly: My father owned a Chinese restaurant for over 20 years but decided to shift careers, which necessitated the sale of the business. The restaurant’s hot kitchen is where I developed my love for cooking. Starting at the age of seven, I began my eventual mastery of crafting wontons and perfecting the most delicious fried rice. Now I bring the fruit of my lengthy culinary education to family and friends. When I am not traveling or on the beach at the Jersey Shore, you can find me in the kitchen competing for top chef with my husband, hosting a backyard wedding or volunteering at the Bon Jovi Soup Kitchen. (No, I have not met Bon Jovi yet, but keeping my eye out!)

What motivates you?

Kimberly: I have always been a self-starter and love to take on new challenges. Being able to help others brings me immense joy. Now, being a new mom, my daughter motivates me to be the best person I can be and better than I was the day before.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? 

Kimberly: Always be comfortable with the uncomfortable – that is where you’ll learn the most.

To learn more, or if you have a question of your own for Kimberly, we’d love to get connected!