30 Aug 2018

What headlines and stories pique the interest of members belonging to top medical associations? As a digital publisher serving the information needs of nearly 1 million healthcare providers across 33 premier medical associations, we’re in a unique position to answer that very question.

Associations can optimize their communications strategy by understanding the type of news and information their members find relevant:

  • Learn what motivates members to consume and interact with media
  • Feed their appetite for useful, quality content
  • Stay connected without over-communicating

To demonstrate the audience insights we provide to our partners, we selected 5 BulletinHealthcare publications that roughly 400,000 association members receive daily.

According to the data, 280,000+ physicians who receive AMA Morning Rounds care about:

  1. Healthcare ethics
  2. HPV and Pap smear screening
  3. Medicare overhaul
  4. Vitamin D and colorectal cancer risk
  5. Potential link: herpes virus and Alzheimer’s