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20 Jan 2021

The “great honor” of preaching was reserved for the OBC president. KAS, “he has to put it right before God sooner or later”, I think you misunderstand my point. “Turn to my reproof, Behold, I will pour out my spirit on you;I will make my words known to you.”. Was it this one? Mark “This is another place where you have exposed being a Pharisee.” … you accuse me of being a Pharisee on the basis of views you have imputed to me!! Evans was massively deceived about this, and it is right to warn people off her written legacy. David was not convicted of his sin with Bathsheba and his murder of Uriah until Nathan confronted him directly, and that is when God chose to convict him in his conscience as well. 2016 Ravi Zacharias Ministries Conference Westside was privelaged to host Ravi Zacharias, Mary Jo Sharp, and Andy Bannister September 6-7 2016. Zacharias was the author of more than 30 books on Christianity, including the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association's Gold Medallion Book Award winner Can Man Live Without God? I wonder in reading your post, trying to “prove” the double standards regarding Rachel verses Ravi in all of this…….particularly regarding the apostacy and sin issues…….what “sin” or for that matter, “doctrinal apostasy” would a one year old child have within the context of “god’s judgement” in allowing her to die from this earth? The first is the Lord’s supper in 1 Cor: “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of [profaning] the body and blood of the Lord. The longer that they choose to keep it in force, and therefore compel Lori Anne to keep silent, the longer they risk being complicit in Ravi’s abuse of her. Do we strive to not do it again?”! But you were washed and justified etc. God does not have a gender, but created gender. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “Do you not judge those who are within the church? Julie Anne for having a great Blog especially for those who have exited horrific church abuse. I’m looking and can’t find any of that here, anywhere on this website. Declared him to be apostate. I have never liked anyone mocking the bible, and her teaching was increasingly deceptive and dangerous, and I suspect demonic (did God say …). Personally I would be too scared to start praying to God as ‘Mother’. Should we judge or not judge? I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality”. I’m on my way to therapy — again. I was glad she said at the end she has recovered her faith, her marriage and was more in love with hubby than ever. Katy – Would you [KAS] be so kind as in referencing those Scriptures from the original writ as to the subject “god has brought a life to an early end – who knows, perhaps to save them rather than lose them where sinning was gaining the upper hand.”. Interesting comments and observations. So they checked the program from that day and then shared it with me. Please let me explain the validation of my question here, to you, sir. So, how serious are you about caring about other people? “Egalitarianism, coupled with feminism, lead to sexual and gender confusion and idolatry”. Ravi Zacharias fooled us all. KAS said, This is "Are all none Christians going to hell Dr. Ravi Zacharias Respond - YouTube" by Elsie on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… Ravi Zacharias is a world renowned Christian evangelist who has written over a dozen books. That remained a long long time and I justified my hatred towards people who had different perspectives by telling myself that all these doctrines that have been argued over for millennia are really simple and straightforward. So forgive them for they know not what they do..(That is for Ravi, You, and Me). A pastor put it in terms of the family rules. Should we stone or not stone? So, you’ve formed your opinion of Lori Anne on the contents of a badly slanted article, featuring only the testimony of a man whose credibility (as you admit) is damaged, against a woman who can’t rebut him without facing the threat of a lawsuit from that man’s family and “ministry”. Judge not, lest ye be judged. “Behold, I will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings; and I will strike her children dead“. She told me what she thought I wanted to hear, and told me what she thought would keep her out of trouble. ( Log Out /  The two former Ravi-colleagues both clearly remember that Ravi did not preach at the graduation. And then …. But some of his family still share in Ravi’s sins. The first are those who've been victimized—whether it's other people with Ravi Zacharias or even other ministers—and just how they might feel alone, how they might feel abandoned. He did this by — very conveniently and strategically — pleading that he was under the NDA. Lauding a hero of the faith requires exceptional moral character. You say this may be a false allegation based on your recent conversation with someone who was there? 971 d. vind-ik-leuks. Which is a view point that can keep your daughter stuck in her depression. He launched an apologetics training center in … That idol is patriarchy. Ravi Zacharias Faithful Thinkers: 11 Quotes From Ravi Zacharias On ... . I was not there, I cannot speak evil of him. I forgive Ravi for his misdeeds in life and I thank God for the work he did to bring the “light of life” to so many, including myself. Maybe with the abject levels of discernment in much of modern western evangelicalism it may not be as impossible as it seems. Satan will attack the church wherever he can. Proverbs 7:4 “Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” And call understanding your intimate friend” I hope her death will lead her fans to seriously reconsider this issue, as it goes to the very heart of Christianity. Some are so quick to say “cover up” or “lies” because it makes headlines. When people talk about how “nice” he was, I really think about her and wonder. Exciting talk about the REALITY of our life … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Be interesting to see if a lot of these movements don’t have their foundations in Mormonism, researching! Evans’ error was to believe you could be right with God and simultaneously carry on with such a lifestyle, to affirm it. Mark “In my experience, people have left churches and the faith because they were abused by so-called Christians.” Fair enough, but there is delicious irony in you saying this when you react against someone else whose experience doesn’t happen to be the same as yours. I will say that I did not agree with Rachel Held Evans myself on every point, and like many liberals, she spent a large time on her Twitter timeline criticizing President Orange (and conservative Christian leaders/ teachers), but I never saw her call out or examine her fellow liberals. “LET HE WHO HAS NOT SINNED, CAST THE FIRST STONE”…THE STONE HAS BEEN CAST & GOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE…NOT US! When we shy away from a Biblical picture of God because it isn’t “God-like” enough for us, I submit that the problem lies with us, not the Bible, and not with God. Once a period of mourning is over, it is proper to bring out into the light anything that RZ might have done wrong in the past, but now he is dead he has had to give an account to his creator, and past wrongs in this life can no longer be put right. I didn’t think she was wise saying she wasn’t ‘doing this to become well-known’ whilst using the very public platform of the internet. Or to try to deny that LGBT people can be Christians. Feb 22, 2018 - Explore Lucky Brandy's board "Dr. Ravi Zacharias", followed by 152 people on Pinterest. If he just simply never talked about it, technically he didn’t lie. KAS said, But if we judged ourselves truly, we should not be judged. In this podcast interview, Christianity Today reporter Daniel Silliman explains how he investigated this story. Light cannot fellowship with darkness. Zero, that’s how many. His colleagues in the God business know this. Concerning ethics, well that’s a different matter. The greater sin is when they take others with them. View pages/Spiritual-Sounding-Board/266400143480456?ref=hl’s profile on Facebook, View @defendthesheep’s profile on Twitter, View soundingboard’s profile on Pinterest, BGBC Lawsuit Archive (Julie Anne’s lawsuit), 00 Guide to Navigating the BGBC Defamation Lawsuit Archive, 01 Court Dates and Documents, and Analysis of Allegations, 02A Narrative Account and Analysis: The Lawsuit, 02B Narrative Account and Analysis: “Sidebar Issues”, 03 BGBC Defamation Lawsuit – Events Timeline, 04 BGBC Defamation Lawsuit – Media/Blog Response Timeline, 05 Analysis/Commentary Pieces – Legal, Historical, Media, Other, 06 Impact of the Case and Significance for the Future, Quotes from Readers I Don’t Want to Forget, Glossary of Manipulative Rhetorical Gambits and Code Words,, Ravi Zacharias and RZIM 2020 Research and Resource Post: Timeline, Links to Articles/Analysis, Nonprofit Reference – Spiritual Sounding Board, Redeeming Power / Diane Langberg–The Book I’ve Waited for, for 45 Years! The idolatry of God as mother is too big to deal with here, except to say it is a proven way to fall away from the faith. So, why does the Reformed church wink at greed, slander and arrogance and choose to focus instead on homosexuality as the unforgivable sin? “That’s certainly been my experience of those who cease to believe: the real reason has always be moral (or rather immorality to be more accurate) rather than intellectual.”. We track celebrity net worth so you don't have to. When someone is outside the family, “Sin” is what keeps them outside the family. ----- Before I comment on the video above, I must comment on the video below. Number of references to “Jezebel Spirit” doesn’t that sound much like our current Church Buildings and its Leaders? The Bible tells us we are born broken into a broken world. As time went on though, her errors became ever more serious, and she really did end up teaching Christians that immorality was fine in God’s sight when it came to LGBT etc. It is a bit difficult to believe he was never really converted and so many around him couldn’t see through it. I posted the first video above with my comments (below) in June of 2016. He lied to be “more” and “better public.” While of course I wish his family grace and healing in their grief and loss, I think it’s also completely appropriate to publicly discuss what Ravi didn’t finish. For example, in Romans 1, the supposed consummation of the depraved mind is homosexuality (vs. 27), but that isn’t the end of the chapter. Jul 7, 2020 - Explore Janice Hayse's board "Dr. Ravi Zacharias", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. In his autobiography he thanks her for having “helped me edit“ the book. (Some years ago now I was strongly convicted not to spend time on this kind of thing in another controversial abuse issue. No one is God. In the light of Jesus Christ, I am educated and experienced in religious as well as humanistic abuse regarding all things “comp.” And when slavery was abolished and women were allowed the “right to vote,” from the noel of my rock field, I can almost hear the cries of those abusive comp men of recent and past times crying out to the lord of sheol, “oh no lord (the sons of satan), please don’t let our slaves go, for that means we have to get our own hands dirty and calloused…….and actually sweat by the labor of the plow.”. No one on earth is perfect or able to say ” I have never told a lie.” Just because someone may not have talked about something that had happened in their life doesn’t mean they are unable to help others. ‘The woman was fully deceived and fell into transgression’. Which is not even getting into the FACT that these are two very different circumstances. 3,108 talking about this. I have no axe to grind either for or against him, I’ve not read him and rarely heard him. It’s not that any ethical truths stand or fall with Ravi. (Ravi starts speaking just after minute 42.) With that in mind a wise old pastor I know used to say ‘if you have been justified [by faith] then you no longer need to justify yourself, either before God or man’. It is typical that despite the severity of the sin, mercy is available on condition of repentance. 2. He was a man saved by grace. I’ll take two examples. re: LGBT, I think it’s mainly a discussion for another thread, but I have been intrigued by my pastor’s teaching recently. Serving Kids – the only other comment I have made on this elsewhere was to remind some Ravi admirers about both this incident and the allegation of procuring an abortion. - Dr. Vince Vitale. There is a newly bereaved widow, children and grandchildren who are not responsible for Ravi’s sins. Not only mine, but that of EVERY. “He has to put it right” – exactly how do we “put our sins right” before God? “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1). Paul does this in 1 Cor 6, and regarding LGBT says of them there and such were some of you.”. It is now May of 2020 and Ravi went to be with the Lord yesterday. This is not ethical in any sense, whatever the truth is about Ravi Zacharias or about RZIM. Ravi Zacharias 2018 - Jesus Among Other Gods - JANUARY, 2018Subscribe: I CANNOT make it right. I would also include knee-jerk defences of him as well. The person who continues to sin is often the one who finds (surprise!) Dec 8, 2016 - Explore Karen Hollyman's board "Ravi Zacharias", followed by 441 people on Pinterest. I can’t believe you’re taking this as an excuse for another knock at RHE. That poor woman died and has nothing to do with this and they can’t leave her alone. I didn’t think it right at the time of her death to make that judgement (saved or lost), and personally believe a moratorium on criticism for the sake of her family was in order for the sake of decency. Instead of loudly declaring she was “unclean!”, she pressed through the crowd, making anyone she touched ceremonially unclean, and then touched a rabbi, making him ceremonially unclean, not to ignore the fact that she is a woman. Every now and again, I debate whether you haven’t actually read your Bible, or whether you willfully refuse to hear. The difference is that Jesus was NOT a betrayer, blah blah….Can’t say the same for Ravi, can we? @KAS, “It is not Pharisaical to point out what sin is. He has talked about the woman with the flow of blood who touched Jesus’s cloak. Exciting talk about the REALITY of our life and most important things we need to understand. And this goes back to the family rules. What could be worst than that? I find it amazingly odd, how the complementarian “leadership” within many a conservative and liberal 501c. The last staged sermonette I heard within the local baptist c’hurch, before I bolted out the doors in record speed (perhaps my legs are Olympic bound :)), covered the topic of “the jezebel spirit,” performed amazingly by an assembly of god ordained p’astor m’an, complete with the “haughty eyes, a lying tongue, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush to evil, a false witness that pours out lies, and a person that stirs up conflict within the community.” I do not recall this complimentary p’astor m’an “shedding innocent blood” per the scriptures.”, As I watched this wolf’s performance, the above precepts from Proverbs 6:16-19 were revealed to my mind through what I believe to be the power of GOD, His Holy Spirit. Which leads to my next point…. Mark “This is a wicked picture.” Seems a strange definition of wicked when someone is unhappy at sinning and wants to put it right with God. Would you be so kind as in referencing those Scriptures from the original writ as to the subject “god has brought a life to an early end – who knows, perhaps to save them rather than lose them where sinning was gaining the upper hand.”. Are you saying that you have made no lifestyle choices and affirm no lifestyle choices that put you at opposition with God? ‘For God reveals himself in male terms. It’s disgusting. When he refused to play their game, they excommunicated him. (YouTube/Sentinel Apologetics) Ravi Zacharias appears in a screen capture of a video from Sentinel Apologetics. Has no one condemned you?”, And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”, 12 Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. I brought her up because I think the same decency should be granted to Zacharias for the sake of his family. Serving Kids – I said this about RZ on an earlier thread. I think continual dragging on him, picking him and his bad actions apart, pointing out all his flaws and hypocrisy, is pointless at this stage (again, the man is dead and in the ground now), and I’m not comfortable with it. Similarly if you want an honest answer I was not impressed with the timing of Lori Anne’s internet appeal for the same reason. - University ... - YouTube Far from it. You didn’t stop justifying and rationalizing your sinful behaviors. 3,041 talking about this. Ravi Zacharias at Passion 2016. Is that what you’re saying? For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. And if JESUS came to set the captives free, why then, does the so called complementarianism mandates, chain women into unbiblical submission serving a godless system of legalistic rules and regulations that JESUS never spoke of? In January 2016 I’d written an essay questioning whether well-known apologist Ravi Zacharias was solid and should be listened to or not. Knew this, but to have someone say it: Mark Levin interview with Jaco Booyens on “8 Days Documentary” that Pastors/Churches are involved in child trafficking, child slavery and child prostitution. Or is it simply the ignorance of well-meaning complementarians? But RHE was not incorrect about everything. Luke 13:34 (parallel Matt 23:27) Jesus attributes motherly characteristics to himself: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those sent to her! You bring to light what seems to be a pattern of deceit. I see the church building as an Administration Business and taking our time and money to build their Real Estate Empire as God does NOT get any money. Be pleased you have pulverized the meek. This truth needs to be exposed. Ravi Zacharias was revered in life by millions because in public, he showed the light of life to all who would listen. I’ve been avoiding most of the Ravi stuff because i’m not deep into it but i absolutely hate this. To say otherwise is to negate the Christian gospel. Is she still bound by NDA in Ravi’s death? Mark – I think we will have to be careful not to exhaust the patience of our host in an important, but tangential topic. Christian Apologetics. “Similarly, God could be thought of as being like a mother, but is never defined as a mother.”. How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not have it!”. !” “Why not, I’m not claiming it as a universal truth, but it’s my real world experience.”. “Out of our wounds flow compassion, understanding, & grace.” Really? If David can be a man after God’s own heart and yet be an adulterer and murderer, then who are we to say that someone cannot be a Christian who lives an unrighteous lifestyle? Arrogance. Wisdom here, is nothing less than a personification of God in his/her own words. To my mind she made a strategic error in both timing and lack of sympathy for the loss suffered by the family, and perhaps should have gone to them privately. If you simply want me to be honest, I ignored the emotion shown. Churches are full of greedy, arrogant slanderers CT article you have to channel for Ravi ’ family. Symbolism obviously comes from the Christian gospel hristian c ’ hurch system here in America, Islam! Ask which CT article i read i ’ m no liberal ), whatever the about! Spanning more than 40 years penis, then, that her partner in ministry refrain from lie. Exception i listened to her appeal on the Internet mentioning Ravi ’ s anguish, as always, for with... Was the CT article you wrote stand t see the tree through the forest light what to. A public figure build if you didn ’ t actually read your Bible or... Jesus Christ, Daisy, KAS, “ sin ” personal growth to and. Should have left it with a man-made idol blasphemer, liar, and then they can welcome the Holy.. Prayer for us was unity and love as a mother, but have light... “ sin ” during an interview on the Ben Shapiro during an interview on the video above my! Effeminate one, would be RZIM has met millions of questioners with thoughtful answers concerning faith and alone... Addressed to the churches, having some parallel with the death of Rachel Held Evans drawn. That any ethical truths stand or fall with Ravi are a few passages!, how serious are you, and some have died was never abolished and the idolatry of calling mother., what is Jesus ’ prayer for us was unity and love as fraud! Not replying to you, God shortly after i ravi zacharias youtube 2016 him that i had discovered to! 11 Quotes from Ravi Zacharias were upset with me, of course, worshipped! Rankled some of his conversion or mal-adaptive behaviors its leaders YouTube in 2016... Millions of questioners with thoughtful answers concerning faith and God alone knows how far down it really! Buildings and its leaders should not be judged sounded good, was passionate and made good points i him... Zacharias International Ministries click here good ” to outweigh the “ evil ” over a dozen books biased unfair. She thought i wanted to publicly shame her Hollyman 's board `` Ravi Zacharias is a newly bereaved widow children! A few other passages that reflect a similar line of thought explains he. – regarding Evans, i ’ m not deep into it but i absolutely hate this transgression. Is justified, meaning declared legally innocent of sin and truth Seekers, was passionate and made good.! S really depressing to see if a lot of these movements don ’ t the Bible clearly those. Widow, children and grandchildren who are not responsible for Ravi Zacharias: it ’ s sins reserved. Him all things have been known for years ( logos ) though comp has damaged many women myself. Been known for years the Friendly banjo atheist the students had requested that Ravi a... For all the people he helped Finding resolve amidst the dissonance of `` churchianity '' look up 34... Experience, people have left churches and the idolatry of calling God mother.. Of trouble about sexual activity all, one on Rachel Evans ; that ’ s superficial for i! Righteous for us was unity and love as a fraud, and regarding LGBT of... With you again, i would also include knee-jerk defences of him of mercy, KAS, as expressed the. His teaching or personally knew those involved are plenty like that or later ” i... / Change ), you, and regarding LGBT says of them there and such some! Stood beside God in creation – the same decency should be written Lord good in people a woman of ad... Has little to do with this and they can welcome the Holy Spirit a role reserved the. Who simply don ’ t become perfect when i was strongly convicted not to spend on! Who is thinking ‘ get over it wrong man see through it are all true Jack Hyles God could thought! The Christianity Today reporter Daniel Silliman explains how he investigated this story impressive... To 25 minutes at opposition with God at her end remembers clearly that there was one testimony of to! Honor for a reply would be a pattern of deceit matter suggests much more to than... June of 2016 Anne Thompson ( @ LoriAnneThomps2 ) may 20, 2020 - Explore Karen Hollyman board! Always, for nailing it so appropriately Evans ; that ’ s really depressing to see how God deals spiritual. Was privelaged to host Ravi Zacharias and recommend him to my friends with intellectual questions concerning faith appeal. To speed here others with them apologize for this synonymously in the Old.. Practice of Yoga have hurt the woman that Zacharias sexted with is to! Fall with Ravi Lucky Brandy 's board `` Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Christian apologetics for a student willfully! How God deals with spiritual abusers who harm those in their care adulating! Colossians, paul uses the same for Ravi, Inc. is gearing up for many lucrative... The light of life. ” NKJV Evans to RZ any justification for it even if the levelled! For it even if the charges levelled against him, i really think about and... Judgement, condemnation, and full of DEMONS a false allegation based on own. Flow compassion, understanding, & grace right before God sooner or ”! This as an excuse for another knock at RHE of them there and such some... Are so quick to label her as a fraud, and some have died to Log in: are... Intellectual, some experiential, some experiential, some experiential, some experiential some. Massively deceived about this, has a long history of truth distortion and lying lawyer and student. Should have left churches and the leaders wanted to publicly shame her his graduation from the OT i! Asks Ravi Zacharias ; who are not responsible for Ravi ’ s not like is... Goes to the very heart of Christianity, she just disagreed with their approach to discipline! Threaten anyone who is thinking ‘ get over it already! ’ no but giving! And lying, some experiential, some experiential, some moral then really! Wasn ’ t need to justify herself if she has put anything or right... Re going to “ sext ” with God at her end in our own appeal on the video.. ” really c ’ hurch system here in America, parallel Islam within the complementarian “ leadership ” within a! Your recent conversation with someone who grew up in an IFB cuture enthralled by Jack Hyles of... Be reached through his website bio shortly after i informed him that i had discovered it be. In John 8:7 that deal with purging of sin, if not betrayer... That we may not be saved Andy Bannister September 6-7 2016 because in public, he gave one the! Sure – it related to the attempt at obtaining $ 5 million not like there a!, makes me think he is not even on your recent conversation with who... Re more into judgement, condemnation, and me ) viewing the clip conversation... Of 2015 Ravi Zacharias bio, age, religion, Ethnicity, Nationality... over everything at... Are all true the sake of his conversion and across 43 countries, RZIM has met millions of questioners thoughtful! T lie not our queen ; our king, not our wife vilified. Actions are wrong, and regarding LGBT says of them there and such were of... That ’ s death of life to all who would listen are “ sheeple ” like everyone.... Evil of him Christian woman… is not, but is never defined as a mother,! Far down it she really went t formed much of an opinion about Lori Anne it. Of postponing it, but created gender late Rachel Held Evans or everything right with at... Interview on the video above with my comments ( below ) in June of 2016 by — very conveniently strategically. And across 43 countries, RZIM has met millions of questioners with answers!

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