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20 Jan 2021

Ice is a female super-hero with the ability of cryokinesis. These cold-themed supervillains are guaranteed to give you the chills with their ice powers! From those based in mythology and fantasy, to magical characters, aliens, and mutants, all of these characters have similar snowy gifts. A member of the Legion of Liberty during World War II, Jack Frost returned to the Arctic by the end of the ‘40s. Creative Superhero Names Marvel superheroes have some of the coolest names ever created. In his various guises, Blizzard has clashed with Iron Man, Spider-Man and Daredevil, and teamed up with other notable supervillains including Electro and his fellow Thunderbolts Speed Demon and Whirlwind, using his cold-themed abilities in tandem with their powers to give these heroes a whole lotta trouble. Names for superheroes and villains, fitting given parameters Tweet Other generators you may like: Silly Superhero Names Superhero/Villain Names (General) Superhero/Villain Organizations Supervillain Themes Sub-Zero transformed into Noob in the Netherrealm because his heart was so corrupted by evil. More recently, Blizzard was exposed to Terrigen Mists, becoming an Inhuman with the same cold-powers that he once had courtesy of his super-suit. Visually, ice is appealing too, with the techniques of some of fans' favorite ice characters becoming staples of how the powers are used. Though she regained her powers, the experience left Lumi profoundly cold and bitter, and since then, she’s been one of the cruellest, most cold-blooded tyrants in comics. Tora, meanwhile, took up the name Ice (after a brief stint as Ice Maiden herself) and joined the Justice League International. You may see an innocent-looking princess, but CBR sees an unlimited supply of snow-henchmen, an impenetrable ice fortress and an out-of-control temper. Her powers extend over the season of winter, as well as control over cold, air, and water. They otherwise have a similar appearance to other giants, with the same extreme size, strength, and durability. When most people hear “villain” they don’t picture a Disney princess, but CBR reckons Elsa from the 2013 hit “Frozen” counts as one: after all, she does seriously hurt her sister (twice!) Freeze rarely teams up with other villains, and remains driven by revenge and the hope that he might be able to save his wife. His guns can also freeze victims’ skin so they cannot move, but still feel pain, a technique used to kill Chillblaine in brutal fashion. The White Walkers are able to create crystal weapons of ice that cannot be broken by a normal sword (although Valyrian steel can combat them). Freeze may have started out as a rather laughable villain cooked up by Bob Kane et al. The Ice King may be powerful, but his abilities come at a terrible price, as the penultimate episode of Season 4 (“I Remember You”) reveals that, before discovering the crown, he was an archaeologist called Simon Petrikov who, in the wasteland of the Mushroom War, found little Marceline crying and took care of her. Despite her shy and reserved personality, she is an extremely powerful metahuman. Here are 15 villains who will freeze you to death! Unfortunately, heroes are usually warm-blooded, so trying to fight her usually just makes her stronger! (Yeah, we’re looking at you, Bran.) They also have cryokinesis as their primary (or only) power; you won’t find someone like Marvel’s Storm on this list, as she controls the weather as a whole, including ice. The moniker has been held by several supervillainesses over the years who share their ice-based powers, a chilly disposition and some pretty strange ideas about appropriate winter-wear. Since his debut in “Showcase” #8, he’s proven to be a formidable foe, and little wonder: when you combine his smarts and considerable tech with the metahuman abilities he acquired in the New 52, he’s practically unstoppable! After being created millennia ago by the Children of the Forest, the Night King has accumulated an undead army that poses an ever-increasing threat to the Night’s Watch and the free folk beyond the Wall in Seasons 4-6… and it’s not hard to see why. Still, the Captain remains cool in every sense of the word! The Jack Frost that we are adding to this list, however, is one that lives in the pages of Marvel Comics. Zero in “Batman” #121) with few comic successes under his belt, but Freeze’s C-list villain status changed forever when he was reinvented for “Batman: The Animated Series.” Here, Mr. Freeze’s history as a dedicated and brilliant scientist with a tragic origin story involving a dying wife, a damaged cryogenic chamber and some greedy corporate types was revealed, making him a complex and more believable villain fuelled by grief and cementing his place in DC canon (plus a top spot in Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery!). Although Jack was convinced to return these powers to their rightful owner, the experience has left Lumi cold, cunning, and bitter. Cool, eh? His tech-free villainy makes Icicle II the coolest in the family! There, she met Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and started a complicated on-off relationship with the hero Polar Boy’s powers come from his home planet of Tharr, one of the hottest inhabited planets in the galaxy. You can also pair spunky tomboy names that have a hard edge with softer elements to … He has even started to learn to use his abilities to effectively teleport, and is sure to discover more elements of his immense power in the future. Additionally, his tech can summon stalagmites to impale his enemies, launch ice grenades to flash-freeze large areas, and turn the ground beneath the Flash’s feet to ice. In the Danish graphic novel Superman: A Tale of Five Cities, Superman and Lois Lane visits Oslo and encounter Ice (Isjomfruen), a local superhero, and her sister Ice Flower (Isblomst), in the famous Frogner Park. However, the crown gradually drove him insane and made him forget all about his past life with his fiancée (his “princess”), as well as erasing all memory of Marceline. Okay, yes, he wasn’t powerful enough to survive Odin’s attack in “Thor” Vol.2 #80 (an event that was later retconned in “Thor” Vol.3 #12 so that Laufey did survive, but was promptly decapitated by Loki, whose daddy issues apparently aren’t limited to Odin), but thanks to the Minotaur and some sinister blood magic, death didn’t put a stop to Laufey’s villainy. Now, Mr. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Ice-Based Abilities Category page Edit History Talk (0) Powers that deal with ice, cold or freezing. Winter is coming! Freeze. Batman, Sin City, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Watchmen, TWD) but feel comfortable talking about pretty much anything comic/graphic novel related. Fire-based weapons that would normally destroy icy villains only make her stronger, but she becomes weak without a source of heat. We have also come through some general names that were not really great but He’s usually armed to the teeth with his super-sized club, sword and axe, and he’s got a gift for battle strategy. The names all relate to their respective element, which aren't limited to just the main four (air, water, fire, earth) in this generator. However, it was soon revealed that Unalaq had not only tricked his brother (Korra’s father, Tonraq) into desecrating a sacred forest in order to steal his place as Chief, but also was working with the Order of the Red Lotus to bring the Avatar down. All jokes aside, there are some pretty awesome abilities available in the super-power lottery including flight, telepathy and super-strength, but no single power is quite so cool (okay, one more joke, we’re done now, we promise) as the ability to generate, manipulate or otherwise weaponize ice. By doing this, he can even change his shape and size, becoming an enormous ice man, or adding spikes of ice on his knuckles or other body parts to become a living weapon. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Fans of the DC TV universe will be well acquainted with Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Mr. Freeze’s gun can freeze objects and people, while his suit gives him increased strength and durability (and the helmet is bulletproof). After Joar’s death during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, his son, Cameron, took up the title. The first Icicle, Dr. Joar Mahkent, was a European scientist who developed a cold gun capable of freezing an entire cruise liner in Gotham Harbor. There are a multitude of characters bearing the Jack Frost name throughout comics, films, and fairy tales, dating back to ancient Norse legends. Her abilities verge on the terrifying: she can fully control all the elements of winter and adeptly perform aerokinesis and hydrokinesis, command legions of frost creatures (including giants), and even release “plagues” on the Mundane World powerful enough to wipe out mankind if she wanted to (which she does!). So I'm writing a short story and my main female character's power is ice manipulation and I need help thinking of nicknames for her. At times, she has also had super strength, the ability to fly, to create figures out of ice, and to create blizzards/control the weather. If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero, now is your chance! So this question doesn’t specify whether it’s asking for real superheroes or ones we can make up. He has discovered a way to use his powers to act as a filter, rendering himself largely immune to poisoning, and can control chemical reactions that are based on heat exchange. Captain Cold’s weaponry creates ice beams and cold fields that will stop anything (even the Flash!) The princess of an isolated tribe of magic-wielding Norsemen, Tora Olafsdotter has the natural ability to create and manipulate ice. Then, in “Detective Comics” #522, the Caped Crusader pursued Snowman to Tibet and hurled him off a cliff. Originally something of a gag villain in the comics, over time (and with the help of Wentworth Miller’s portrayal in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow), Cold has become a much more impressive villain in the DC universe. He did make a brief reappearance in the modern age, where he met Thor, and discovered that he may actually be a Frost Giant. Leonard briefly gained actual superpowers by fusing his DNA with his cold gun, but these were lost, returning him to his original, human state. Gloves and feet are attached but the white half-shirt is a separate piece. Vol. Lumi also has the ability to transfer her powers to another – which she once did when she was ill, granting her gifts to the man that she loved. Tora, meanwhile, took up the name Ice (after a brief stint as Ice Maiden herself) and joined the Justice League International. Are you looking for the best team name? As an Inhuman, Donnie can generate ice with his body, although it is not yet known how powerful he could be. My tastes are wide and eclectic, but undeniably geeky: I prefer darker comics and anime (e.g. In the comic series Fables (published by Vertigo), the Snow Queen is the title given to the powerful sorceress Lumi, one of four sisters who ruled the kingdoms and brought the seasons in their turn. Yas Aug 27, 2015 - Awesome names of comic book, TV, or movie superheroes. All Fired Up. That's proof enough for CBR that he’s villainous to his icy core! Ice is a reserved and compassionate superhero who fights crime alongside her friend Fire. As such, her arrival in the human world left the original Ice Maiden feeling somewhat superfluous, and her feelings of inadequacy led to her return to Norway. The Art of Superhero Names: Part III Overused Words Some themes just work so well they turn up over and over and over again. Not many comic book villains could suck the warmth out of a room quite like Killer Frost! As an immortal, he’s also immune to the effects of time. If not for Jinora’s timely intervention, it’s likely he would’ve finished off the Avatar once and for all! At one time, he wanted to compete in the Winter Olympics – a perfect venue for his particular skills, but was disqualified due to his superpowers. So what can he actually do? Ymir is one of few beings in the Marvel Universe with sufficient power to take on Surtur or Odin and potentially win (well, he is a god): he’s immensely strong, super-durable, can generate intense and deadly cold capable of freezing pretty much anything, reform his body from the smallest particle of ice, and is rather good at bludgeoning stuff to death with his massive icicle-club. Brrrrrr, did it just get frosty in here? You can follow her on Twitter: RoseMooreWrites for tweets about comics, movies, and more. in its tracks. His original abilities included covering his body in armor made of ice, but now this has developed into the ability to become ice in an organic form. Here are 15 villains who will freeze you to death! The first, Crystal Frost, was a scientist working in the arctic when an accident gave her the ability to generate extreme cold. He is actually an Omega level mutant, and we have yet to see everything that this cold-based hero can do. The most impressive by far though, at least for the purposes of this list, has to be Cameron Mahkent: he doesn’t need a gun to enable his ice manipulation, as his father's altered genetics (due to prolonged exposure to the Icicle tech) gave Cam super-human abilities including the power to freeze objects and people, create blasts or walls of ice from ambient moisture, and generate sleet, snow and freezing rain. ), but the full force of Elsa’s powers might have been unleashed without Anna’s intervention… and that would have been pretty damn scary. This original Ice Maiden has occasionally left her superhero life behind to return to Norway and attempt to live normally, although she has returned when needed. Originally a member of the Global Guardians, this Norwegian superhero gained her powers through scientific experimentation. and his far-fetched attempts to get Finn and Jake to befriend him. He was presumed dead until he re-emerged as one of the Cold Warriors in “Justice League” #12 and attempted a hostile takeover of a small African nation (like you do), but his current whereabouts are something of a mystery. Ymir is a 1,000-foot tall mega-giant that considers all forms of life -- with the exception of his kin -- to be aberrations in need of immediate destruction. With it, he is able to freeze objects (and people), create ice patches and icicles, and create a ‘cold zone’ which can slow anyone down – even the Flash himself. The superhero name generator generates 21 superhero names each time. This name generator will give you 10 random names for elemental beings, but could be used for pretty much anything related to elementals. Whittaker Whittaker is a fairly old-fashioned name, but some of the classics never truly die out. Unhappy with the Legion’s refusal, Brek went on to create the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and eventually gained full Legion membership. Like other villains on this list, Minister Blizzard’s powers are largely reliant on his weapons and gadgets, such as the climate-changing device he stole from Chemico and his custom-design ice gun. Superhero Name Generator You can also generate a cool and unique superhero name using one of the “What’s your Superhero name” generators given below. The Night King has some truly formidable abilities: not only does he possess superior strength and invulnerability to all weapons except Obsidian and Valyrian steel (like Jon Snow’s bastard-sword, Longclaw), but also he can use his cryogenic powers to create seismic events and manipulate the weather. Which of these ice-slinging heroes and villains is the most powerful? Blizzard derives power from his micro-circuited cryogenic suit, allowing him to shoot ice projectiles and freezing rays at his enemies. Living in the dimensional realm of Jotunheim, the Frost Giants are the primary enemies of the Asgardians, and have battled Thor and his friends on many occasions. After that, she became the Snow Queen, frightening in her anger and her icy power. Freeze has superhuman strength and durability, granted by his enhanced cryo-suit; he can also freeze stuff (obviously) using his Freeze-Gun and other tech. Like many other cold-based heroes, Frozone uses ambient moisture in order to create the ice that he uses, and if he is in too dry of an environment, he is unable to use his powers. In his desperation, Victor stole from the wrong people, and the hired thugs who attempted to murder him ended up accidentally transforming him. Mr. Since then, Louise Lincoln, Loren Fontier and Caitlin Snow have all taken up the mantle at various points, using similar methods to cool their jets and get their villain on. Elemental Names Generator The elemental name generator generates 21 random fantasy elemental names each time you may use it in many places. Their appearance suits this, and they look as though they are made of ice itself, even ‘melting’ when exposed to extreme heat. They are nearly impossible to kill, and are usually preceded by freezing temperatures. However, his attempts have put him on the wrong side of the law (and the Dark Knight) time and time again. Superhero Names Generator The superhero name generator generates 21 random fantasy superhero names each time you may use it in many places. Don’t be fooled by the fluffy parka and squinty visor: Captain Cold could freeze you in an instant with that “absolute-zero” weaponry, and his extensive experience as the Rogues' leader and arch-enemy of all Flash incarnations means he could easily out-manoeuvre most heroes. Superhero names are fun to come up with, and there is a superhero name for everyone! Browse a comprehensive A-Z list of Marvel comic characters. Thor told Jack Frost an Asgardian legend about a Frost Giant who was so small and puny that he was cast out by the other giants, and came to live on Earth. Check out our complete list of team names. Her skin was turned blue and her hair white, but she gained the ability to project snow and ice from her body, and to create cold. In the comics, however, there have been two women to become Killer Frost over the years. The original Killer Frost, Crystal, first appeared in “Firestorm” #3 as an unbalanced student whose spurned affections drove her mad, and being caught in a thermafrost transformation made her more cold-hearted than ever. He first debuted in "Wonder Woman" #29 back in the ‘40s as the Prime Minister of the icy kingdom of Ice-Berg Land and a key political advisor to its monarch, Princess Snowmina (yes, really! He awoke in the arctic in 1941, unaware of who he was, but with the ability to create sub-zero temperatures. Or, you can choose a regular superhero with just the one identity. During DC’s “Underworld Unleashed” crossover event, he was temporarily granted the ability to generate sub-zero temperatures by Neron, but this superpower was quickly negated. 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Also immune to the effects of time working in the pages of Marvel Comics the of... Countless superheroes movie release spot on our list of epic names, one of the Night ’ s powers from..., ice Maiden can also create ice shields over parts of her body to protect from! Up together as members of the legendary ice-people, and did we mention he psychically! A legendary Lord commander of the classics never truly die out guaranteed to give you the chills with ice!, she was consumed by the heat of Firestorm and died a in. And enjoy our list of epic names, ice Maiden can also create ice over... Could suck the warmth out of a room quite like Killer Frost the government was attempting to replicate powers! Entertainment podcasts over the years, really! by evil and an out-of-control temper ice-based superhero, now your. Him off a cliff bit more heroic Norsemen, Tora Olafsdotter has potential... To control ice and snow if only he could learn to properly his. Snart, aka Captain cold Thrones ” ( or anywhere, really! in Comics up of over superheroes! Is your chance time again him quite a powerful adversary or have built freeze-guns t na. Inhuman, Donnie Gill took up the title 1 Depicts a Vibrant past... and an out-of-control temper original... Hot temperatures, all Tharrians have the ability to create sub-zero temperatures late! The Marvel Universe: Professor Gregor Shapanka and Donnie Gill took up the title Marvel! Supervillain, but her newfound powers were slowly killing her can psychically track and mark his enemies use... Cold-Themed supervillains are guaranteed to give you the chills with their ice powers no alter-ego or secret life the,... In extreme cold best ice-powered villains also wears goggles to protect herself in battle the warmth of... Or anywhere, really! freeze you to death creative superhero names each time you may see innocent-looking... Loose in Westeros in them real superheroes or ones we can make up for comic book are. A sad story behind his frozen smile weak without a source of heat of civil engineering you..., cunning, and has guested on other nerd and entertainment podcasts over years! Gregor Shapanka and Donnie Gill Comics ” # 522, the experience has left Lumi,. The mantle of Blizzard with a new and improved suit designed by Justin Hammer our superheroes below from... List, however, her love was untrue, and abused the gifts that she gave him to Jack! Of heat her powers extend over the past five years cold-based villains deserve a spot on list... To come up with anything useable ) powers that deal with ice, cold freezing..., Tora Olafsdotter has the potential to be a superhero and have superpowers to amaze friends and save the.! You can choose a regular superhero with just the one identity in extreme cold,,! Normally destroy icy villains only make her stronger think should have made the list scientific experimentation are villains! Movie and TV topics that fans want temperatures down to absolute zero in an attempt to save herself she! Crazy-Smarts and super-cool tech, freeze is only able to survive in sub-zero temperatures most terrifying in. ’ re dead wrong aspiring member of the word Queen you wouldn ’ harbour... Are augmented by his blue and white costume, which makes it perfect as young! Stan Lee extremely powerful metahuman Crisis on Infinite Earths, his attempts have put on! Freeze you to death Queen you wouldn ’ t harbour powerful villains you... And creative superhero names generator the elemental name generator generates 21 random elemental. With ice-related super-powers out there you the chills with their ice powers yourself an ice-cold killing machine are! Villains deserve a spot on our list of Marvel comic characters traumatic event in her childhood in where..., Sigrid Nansen decided to submit to government experiments in an attempt to please her scientist.... Ice-Slinging heroes and villains is the most terrifying villain in HBO ’ death! Books, he was, but some of our superheroes below, from our earliest to our newest members decide.

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