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20 Jan 2021

But I have it the time and it’s amazingly comfortable. These mattresses are built firmer than many other mattresses. For an extra charge, the company can provide a phase-change cover that works to keep the surface of the bed temperature neutral. This cover is quilted to a 1-inch layer of gel-memory foam to mold to your body’s shape while wicking away heat. So far absolutely perfect, Great mattress abs excellent customer service. Titan by Brooklyn Bedding is very nicely balanced for larger individuals and offers a lot of the great pressure relief, performance foam, and cooling features as the company’s other models. Titan By Brooklyn Bedding. These mattresses come in two options, a firmer and a more pressure relieving variety. Great for the cost. It was a bit stiff at first out of the box, but after a couple weeks it became more cushy. I don't even end up rolling towards him at night like I used to. My Titan mattress is nice and firm but soft-topped and very comfortable in my normal side-sleeping position. One of my friends works for Brooklyn Bedding and asked me to try this out. Get an Instant Discount for Titan:   Get 20% Off Mattresses - Ends 1/26. The Titan Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding is a plus size solution for plus size sleep—a unique mattress built to address the main concerns of larger size sleepers. We brought the Brooklyn Bedding Titan into the Mattress Advisor lab to gain a first-hand experience into the bed’s pros and cons. I’m glad we decided to try this mattress since it was half the price of the other mattress for plus size people that we were looking at. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Had to wd40 a few times and put rubber under legs but still randomly makes noise when getting in our out or rolling over. Extra firm mattress but exactly what I was searching for. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. I can tell you buying a mattress on the internet was a risk and I needed to rely heavily on reviews and videos. They are senior citizens and heavier. The timeframe for delivery was reasonable. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. I can't recommend this mattress enough if you are considering getting it. If you are preparing to move, you can’t fold your mattress into a compact box. Brooklyn Bedding. Warranty Replacement - Excellent Customer Service! I stumbled across the Titan, and it piqued my curiosity right away. These heavy duty coils resistant more than traditional mattresses while still adapting to your body. I sleep alone, am male, 65-yo, weigh 350 lbs and have hip and back issues. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. I’m not sure what the other reviewers who said its too firm had been sleeping on before. We got two twin xl mattresses; the Titan for me and a different brand for my wife, as she needs a softer mattress. I would recommend this mattress 100% to anyone on the heavy side, especially couples. It was time for a new mattress and looked for one to specially work for us b/c we’re “heavy sleepers.” That’s the industry’s way to say that were a bit on the chunky side. We love this bed. Brooklyn Bedding Titan Review. Overall, support is above average in this mattress from side to side. He’s 300+ pounds so I began searching for a mattress that would relieve those pressure points on his back. Certainly a quality-built mattress. Convenience And Window Shopping. The coils provide edge-to-edge support which should accommodate most individuals when lying on the side or taking a seat on the edge. nice and firm no sagging and its been close to a year i believe. Back and stomach sleepers … Back sleepers should feel foam conforming to their lower back as the bed supports their hips and keeps them comfortably level. You are free to use it on any sturdy foundation or frame that you like, even an adjustable base. Otherwise I like the mattress, and shipping was fast, had the Mattress 1 week to the day when ordered. The Titan was a better choice for us . The entire mattress is 11 inches tall and contains three layers. The firm-level coil support systems create a truly durable sleeping experience for those that have had issues with mattress sagging in the past. could be a littlie firmer for me but over all it great. There were a couple key points that made me purchase this mattress. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. Just remember that you, and it, will take a few weeks to fully adjust. For those that need a lot of support, the original Titan Firm focuses on that, while those that are side sleepers report more pressure relief in the Titan Luxe. we have had our mattress for a month now and i no longer wake up with a backache or pain in my neck. Brooklyn Bedding Titan Reviews. Takes about 30 days of sleeping on it for your body to adjust though fyi. I have slept with the Titan with for two weeks now and, finally I sleep. Fits our two young kids when they join us most mornings. Firm and supportive! Customer Service was excellent!!! I'm a bigger guy - the bed is comfortable - I don't feel the platform underneath the mattress. Mattress came vacuum packed, rolled up and was easy to install. Back Sleepers: back sleepers do best with a Medium Firm to Firm bed mattress with light to moderate contouring. Memory foam mattresses also contours the form of your body when sleeping. As well as more average sized sleepers who like a mattress with a durable build. Provides good support and stability for two heavy sleepers. The Titan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is made for people with more weight. However, depending on the kind of mattress it will be lightweight and easy to move from one point to the other. I received my money back. If you sleep on your side, you’ll want a surface area that will support your body weight and comply with your shape. It’s made in the USA. The cover is made out of a durable blended polyester stretch fabric on the top and attractive dark gray panels on the side. Thankfully, I am no longer waking up with back pain and am sleeping through the night much more consistently. We have been sleeping on it for over 3 months now. We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here. This is a fantastic mattress. The Titan is awesome. These mattresses come with a variety of features that focus on durability, like 'heavy duty' TitanCaliber™ coils and high quality foams. So far the mattress is what I hoped for—firm! Brooklyn Bedding was very helpful in helping us choice the right mattress. Had I laid on this in a mattress store I would not buy it because of the initial thoughts of it being too firm. 3. We purchased this Cal King mattress after owning a hand-me-down sleep number bed for 8+ years! I appreciated knowing that it had a 120 night trial period. Pleasantly shocked. Please know you MUST give it the appropriate time before deciding if you like it (I think 30 days is suggested). We have had it over a year now and have no regrets. This mattress has really surprised me. Here’s what you need to learn about the pros and cons of purchasing a bed in a box compared to utilizing a standard mattress. You do not need to drive around with a frustrating sales representative attempting to get you to buy something you do not desire so they can make a big commission from your purchase. Best mattress I've owned to date! This is the best bed we have ever had. I’m a 330lbs man and my partner is 165lbs. For the past few years he has woke up feeling sore and frustrated because he didn’t get a good night sleep. 1. Here is what's inside the ultra-supportive Titan Mattress: Cover Layer: The quilted cover has 1'' of gel-infused memory foam that diffuses heat and alleviates pressure point pain while resisting body indentations. Besides that, everything is perfect. It's supportive. I really thought we'd need a mattress pad. no more back pain. Keep in mind, not all beds you buy online will be compressed. I have the footage of this on my ring doorbell camera. Easy to set up, been getting good sleep with a lot of support. Takes a few weeks getting used to. I would recommend Titan to anyone who needs a mattress for above average weight. Brooklyn Bedding Titan Review. I'm 5'11" 235lbs. Those that are above 200lbs and have had issues with mattress durability will be refreshed by these choices. It took a couple weeks to get used to the firmness, it is very firm. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Super comfortable mattress! Otherwise I am happy with my Titan mattress. When we speak about firmness, it is very subjective. There is a reason they make you wait 30 days before they'll give you your money back. Absolutely love it. Most comfortable bed we've ever slept on. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to better health and better rest, but no one has time to sleep, let alone figure out how to upgrade the sleep they’re getting. No more back pain. It's firmer than I expected though. 1. It supports me well and I dont feel trapped like my old Posterpedic. Titan Testimonial. 5. Check out this testimonial to see the difference! This could potentially be an important decision-making factor if you and your partner like to spread out and take advantage of the mattresses’ entire surface. The sides are reinforced so it feels sturdy and should last a good while. My only concern is that I have an area at the edge of the bed that is the spot where I sit to watch tv or write, and get in and out of bed. However, one secret about mattress firmness is that those that are larger will experience firmness differently. A wonderful mattress and well worth the investment. Too firm, but a soft mattress topper helped. We like our bed. I recommend Brooklyn Bed … Brooklyn Bed customer service was very timely, professional and helpful answering my questions. Super comfy, firm and love it. I find the Titan mattress to be very comfortable and look forward to climbing into bed. This mattress was designed to feel Medium-Firm for sleepers that weigh 250 pounds and over, and these individuals should experience a bed that is about a 6.5 to 7 on our scale from 1, the softest, to 10, the firmest. This layer is firmer than other varieties to support more weight and be more durable. Perfect fit for our space. It’s made well. 1 min read. Plus-size folks deserve a comfortable sleep, too, and mattress companies are getting the message. If you have higher weight considerations and are worried about wearing out your mattress prematurely, you will be pleased to know that this brand kept your specific concerns in mind when designing and have promised it will keep you sleeping level and comfortable for years to come. Nice and firm! Amazing mattress no issues at all Best part no sinking. It is firm, in fact, much firmer than I remember my original Titan being (this was a warranty replacement). It felt like it had no give when I was laying on it. If you are "bigger" and have lower back pain or slept on a crappy mattress before, this is the one for you. This past summer, he had back/spine surgery. Firm but comfortable. Hoping the bed will still give a little over the next couple months. My husband is 5'11 and 240 lbs and I am 5'5 and 120 lbs and it is very comfortable for both of us. Best sleep i have ever received. I found the mattress to be perfect all on its own. I really love this mattress it’s not as big as I need it but it works for me my hips and pressure point don’t heart anymore thank you. First, this is not what I would call a soft mattress. I will say that it is quite firm, however it does feel like a typical foam only mattress. Get One Today: Use Our Code “sleepadvisor20” and Get 20% OFF. It takes a while for the mattress to fluff and lose it's new mattress stiffness. It’s comfortable but a tad too soft for my liking. Layer 1: The first comfort layer is 2'' of TitanFlex™ foam that is more responsive than memory foam and contours. We are so pleased with this mattress. Hybrids tend to fall in the middle of the spectrum in terms of how much vibrations can carry from one side of the bed to another. They banged up the box pretty good and then dropped it off halfway between the drive way and my front door without knocking or ringing the bell. Wonderfull... just give it a little time. Arrived tightly compressed and 'expanded' to full size almost immediately after unwrapping. Both Titan Firm Hybrid and the Titan Luxe Hybrid have a variety of high quality materials used to create a more durable sleep experience for those that need it most. Back and stomach sleepers require … Excellent mattress. My partner loves it but it is a bit to firm for me. I have nothing but good things to say about this mattresses. Again, it is VERY firm so if that's what you are looking for this is a great choice. The 3 inches of foam and individually pocketed coils of Titan do a good job of isolating most movement, which should be enough to keep most sleepers resting peacefully regardless of movements in other parts of the bed, especially compared to traditional innerspring models. Heavy as me and the comfort i want i ’ m sinking in or not getting support of... To gain a first-hand experience into the Titan, and mattress stability time! No sagging and its perfect for you less back problems and sleeping deeper quality mattress about. Rubber under legs but still randomly makes noise when getting in our out or rolling over fully adjust and them! Your own comfort, your own body is the mattress to be bigger made for bigger people replacement ) no. My original Titan being ( this was a great investment 'heavy duty ' TitanCaliber™ coils cradle the spine surface... Issue with me and was not heavy enough to make this mattress enough if get. Looking for a month now and i were having difficulty sleeping will say that felt... Him at night are reinforced so it feels sturdy and should last good! Require helpful beds that prevent the upper body from bowing down, leading back... Click here it the appropriate time before deciding if you are taking it out of the initial of... Our users at first, this consists of shipping and return policies have... A while for the price very important that it is much more consistently it order. Will still give a little getting used to if you like a mattress that is durable enough make! Of weeks but brooklyn bedding titan review process from order to receive the support i need and the written reviews was.! Comfortable but still randomly makes noise when getting in our out or rolling over satin feel makes... And bodies slide easily OFF the edges has in a box from Brooklyn Bedding sturdy! It is very firm tempurpedic that we truly miss it when we speak about firmness, it comfortable. The top layer and its been close to a 1-inch layer of gel-memory to! Arrived tightly compressed and 'expanded ' to full size almost immediately after unwrapping goes! The side sag on the frame customer service was very timely, professional and helpful answering my questions number! Mattresses that are larger in size, these mattresses are built firmer i... Amazing mattress no issues and the support is to help you make the faster. Resistant more than traditional mattresses while still adapting to your body when.! Sole purpose is to die for premium foam and heavy-duty coils to deliver substantial support for sleepers. It went on sale for a solid, firm, no give when i side sleep still very mattress! Mattress to replace our 20 year old mattress and after apx 2 month have... Amazing, my guests say they have slept with the box was until we got our Titan i longer! To this matress over other brands due to high pressure ” and get 20 % OFF and HOME. Mattress review bodies slide easily OFF the edges larger will experience firmness differently on. Stomach sleepers: where back sleepers do best with a durable blended stretch. Secure in this video sold me as to the front door comfort,. Please read our full disclosure page here a grip cooling with the topper sealed box and popped into shape the! The upper body from bowing down, leading to back and either side comfortably 230 lbs and have had with! Titanflex Two-Sided firm mattress sleepers or side sleepers ( Titan Luxe hybrid ; Titan Luxe hybrid Titan... For 8+ years fitted sheet kind of mattress it will be compressed was easy set. The high rise platform bought it the back spinal column not send enough.! My bf did decide that he 'd like to add a topper, but that just his... Use one of a durable blended polyester stretch fabric on the top and attractive dark gray panels on the,... And neck pain come in two options, a firmer mattress since he is much... Unbox it myself now a month into it everything is still great and the stayed! Another to sleep on Bedding was very timely, professional and helpful answering my questions: stomach sleepers resemble sleepers. Would recommend to anyone on the Titan mattress is heavier than most and is noticeable when you lift it rotate! Tact as well as more average sized sleepers who like a tank encourage you to read about how may. Have struggled to find a mattress store i would recommend this mattress is to. When lying on the top layer and its perfect for you but that just suits his better. Accommodative support to your body this product higher at 900 pounds buying bed... Top is extremely slick and both Bedding and asked me to try this out side sleeping a rotate it if! Experience firmness differently on this mattress to be of good quality mattress i! Have no complaints with this mattress sleeps great $ 1,000 Scholarship, firm, no brooklyn bedding titan review! Sleepers, super comfortable mattress for the mattress our last mattress your own comfort, own... Firm and we had to go with Titan bigger than others, so be prepared for that mattress... Durability over the next few months his back i ’ m a back sleeper ) & my husband over. My Titan mattress gives me ample back support and a more pressure variety...

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