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20 Jan 2021

And choking on the words “I can’t breathe” I’m 100% fine with her reading it. So, in that spirit, tell the people you want to know how you feel — how you feel. And 2nd Amendment loving white hate stops immediately saying “it’s his fault” because they can’t resist Like he would be my 2.0. It’s 100% her decision. I always chose comfortable clothes over traditionally “sexy” feminine ones. I’m a writer. I’m likewise working on NOT being reactive to people trying to incite me. He’s sure not the only one kneeling with his fist up now though is he? But don’t trust me. I am back to the Pedialyte diet. Browse the user profile and get inspired. "Just a little scratch so no one will suspect her." And I’ll take the kids to school But that’s irrational. Now, as I mentioned, this week is hitting me really hard. I can picture it now, “just don’t give me anything from this address or name ever again…! It’s cute and I want to fuel you, I know that’s a bit creepy so before you call the police There is no excuse that could justify her behavior toward me. ‘Cause when you fall, you gotta get up My cognition is essentially jumbly and totally fucked. Most importantly — I AM SAFELY UNDER THE CARE OF DOCTORS 24/7 AND HAVE NO INTENTIONS TO HARM MYSELF OR OTHERS. In fact, my Dad’s death changed everything so much so quickly in my life that when I say it KILLED ME, I am now “me.” My true self is dead and I’m a reborn version of myself that’s inexplicable. And thanks to my new treatment, I hate me less every day. (And fffffuuuuuuccckk bridges and fuck me — why does ANYONE who had enough time to look at my “Facebook stories” decide I’m not worth a text?! Which is why I think she thinks she has more emotional intelligence than me. The last time I checked — this site stated about 80,000 people per year died from an alcohol related incident. And I know she can’t even pretend that’s not the case because she won’t acknowledge me. WHO DOES THAT?! It cannot be “cured.”. Why is the world so base? Whether she even touches the doorknob or not is yet to be seen (the call went straight to voicemail, and I haven’t heard back) — but at least I tried. And I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old Unfortunately, occasionally I still do THE worst things I can think of and have no idea why. You ever seen a cop in uniform pull out his gun? "Are you okay? Tell me “go fuck yourself” if you’re mad. I didn’t go to the Christmas Eve service at my old Church — something I’d never ever missed once in my entire life before this past year. ! Nothing but mad respect for you and wishing you all good things in your retirement. I can’t stand that reaction I miss my friend from my former Church often, but try to suppress that shit when it comes up because HIS death always makes me cry so hard it’s embarrassing. If there is an urgent need contact: MESSAGE FROM FOUNDER. I have more memories about us with music than not. But the difference between these four people I’ve been discussing is no matter how I “access” them or talk to them or pray to them, there’s one of four that will never make sense to me. He has an addictive and cumulative smile. ], you ask? It’s also safe to say that a LOT of TRUTH was dumped on me around this time. There’s no reason to spend time giving a second of my life to someone who treats me that way. I crave interaction. I know I know. “Baby Can You Come Over?” I Always Find Those Words At The Bottom Of 100 Proof. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. ThrillsOverSeas. As for my medical problems…if I don’t get to a Neurologist ASAP, I do not know what will happen. She slapped me in the face — I think because I embarrassed her, very sincerely unintentionally — but I can’t continue living in good conscience knowing I didn’t at least try. gave up. I don’t even know how to write this without falling apart every couple minutes — so I feel like I’ve been drafting this for a very long time. Three: Don’t Freak Out Because You Did. And may those of you who, like me, lost a Father know that I’m with you in empathy. Which is why I think she thinks she is so much more enlightened than me. (Technically he was never alone in that, it just started with/became associated with him.). The men who are supposed to be protectin’ and serving I’ve lost too many people to ACTUAL death — I just can’t deal with those still alive who decide to act dead to me. And I hope you know Dad would’ve taken me to a movie. Annnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd some of us make sure we always own a pair of yellow chucks whether we’re in college dating “Old Tim” — or 34 years old. Just gone. You know. Just know in most ways this is really about me, You’re beautiful Yet there’s a group of people who don’t believe this applies to them TMI Alert: I have been tested several times post that era of “me,” and I’m 100% STI free by whatever fucking miracle. Dad said. But you’d never know Why wouldn’t I look them in the eye to show respect? justcallmecai, garnet, academy. "Li..." I heard a very familiar voice that sounds so heavenly. Me forever gagging — me We’ve come so far my dear You wouldn’t really ever know, Not until you’ve cut yourself in secret It NEVER will I always had EVERYTHING I needed…until my Dad died. #ChasingAfterYouWP Chapter 13 I keep telling and retelling the following “story” lately because it continues to be relevant and because I think it’s funny. It takes 10 seconds. I can’t fathom who picked those My Drug Dealer Was A Doctor. And that’s just how I feel. In fact, as a writer most of my summer was spent researching EXACTLY that topic, specifically as it relates to men — and believe me — it fucked me up so much I’ll never be the same. My best friend LK and **new** Sister are aware…I’ve been having more and more problems with my health, and COVID-19 arrived during a time when I was about to see A LOT of different Doctors of Western medicine, the most important one being a Neurologist. Or maybe I just noticed it was happening a couple weeks ago. Oct 19, 2019 - "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." As always, be good to each other. Mac said and held me tighter. Because my now “I’m dead to her” sister, once again, should have been BETTER. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me kids that I don’t fumble this connection on the 3rd down and long. I’ve stopped putting this part of myself “out there” because ____________. But now I KNOW that I lie to myself AND understand the consequences of that — and THAT’S?! And puts shame to me, I don’t do shit like this because all I get is blame About a month or two ago. And today, I wrote her a nice card, ever TRYING to win my Mother’s impossible to win approval on the matter of my sister. And I mourn her. You can’t get past insults I lose zero sleep over what I write: what I write is my truth. Revenge, on the other hand, is NOT one of my values, so I’m working on that. Sometimes I Think She Must Get Off On Turning Me ON. And the irony of posting this on devices to be read by those plugged in is not lost on me. My now “I’m dead to her” sister wouldn’t have shown up with her [don’t even get me started on how shit he is, making them a perfect match, actually] fiancé if I went. If you’re advocating for ANY Black Life, yet attack BLACK LGBTQIA++ LIVES as LESS THAN YOUR HETERO BLACK LIFE, I TRULY DON’T THINK YOU’RE UNDERSTANDING THE MOVEMENT. What a fucking mess 3. Maybe it’s not what I want it to be. Who lost their lives needlessly Morally, I’m fine with her reading it. I was looking the actresses up on IMDB, and in interviews, etc., and I love what Daniela Sea (aka Max on “The L Word”) says about her sexuality: “But I…don’t believe that gender is just binary, and I never have, so that’s what pulls me to sometimes politically identify as a lesbian, and I still feel like women are so suppressed. I CANNOT think of words that I KNOW when being asked WHATEVER by whatever Doctors I talk to/see. She killed me. Losing my Dad killed me inside. We all are. This is a work of fiction. But I’m a lawyer and I’m political and cynical which is dangerous to be tryin’ so I officially retired because I know about the laws I’m fightin’, Until the 2nd Amendment gets changed or altered I know it’s not desired I got “hot” according to all the people I “met.”. Editorial response to an anonymous query: Yes, my Mom knows about this post, and yes, I did read it to her. I pick away so you can’t see me — melting blood But. Queue the lyrics to my song of choice for this revelation: I met you in the dark, you lit me up And now the love of my life is disappeared. When I first read your writing And I swear that everyday’ll get better Just say you won’t let go Which is a great thing!!!!! My eyes felt so heavy when I tried to open it. Both, in an “OMG you’re sexy as fuck love at first sight” way. Addiction to sex with people who are not me. I always own my shit. I’m tired of not watching “Shark Tank” with him and having him research what was going on with every single business that appeared on the show to see where they are now. I have to say I’ve never regretted the tradeoff: MY PROTEST OF SOMETHING I LOVED FOR THE SAKE OF SOMETHING THAT MATTERED MORE TO ME. You should be ashamed of yourselves and yeah I’m judgmental I fight them. At least consider it. On the other hand…the “priest” at that Church is someone I cannot accept. I’m especially sad that I won’t get to give this meant to be personalized gift to her because we used to share a deep bond over music. Now I have one. (Mom and Dad get first dibs on that call.). JUST to throw this out there — if you think you’re uncomfortable — imagine what it could be like caged into those thoughts, with them, forever. (Just to her though.) "Nasa langit na ba ako?" And above all — I have to take care of my Mom. "I'll call a nurse, okay? If you alienate everyone you care about then it’s easier to: I keep thinking about one reason, specifically, though. Is porn bad for you? Shit happens. You can also add these stories to your library:Chasing After You (Beau's story)Bad For You (Mac's story)Zircon Academy (2nd of Gem Academy Series). Why is it so selfish? These are all words or phrases that are used in the real estate industry. gbs, academy, wattys2020. The first step says you have to accept and believe you are powerless over your addiction. The symptoms are that of a classic food allergy and may include skin reactions, respiratory tract reactions as well as gastrointestinal reactions. The cards came back to me, unopened. Refilling these. And you can’t have them — EVER It’s disgusting y’all shocked that I’m talking to another human being Happy. Wait–" he said and I held on his hand. With any allergy the symptoms will vary from person to person. Yes, for certain these images must stay locked up, You’ll never know what it is to feel me being me when I’m cutting New Vibe featuring Gusto Kalel Follow me on Instagram for updates and selfies. Your bad is not 1% as bad as what you put me through. But I’ve accepted that the probability of getting to do the things again that I wanted to do is slim. It is SO organic Read Chapter 2 from the story Bad For You by justcallmecai (Captain C) with 18,609 reads. But in a way I have not yet written about him. You’re amazing. It cannot be “cured.”. Happy Father’s Day to those who are Father’s. He asked the person to shoot me. Jesus Christ, I’m so blue all the time. Sometime’s I just want to scream at my friends who never call or write. . I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss on your head Insane rights laws and freedoms unopposed But it’s justifiable because someone’s pocket keeps that crooked money flowin’ Lasting longer Especially not to the limited straight, gay, or bisexual trifecta of “options”. But I found it, going through journals, looking for information about a chapter I’m working on for my book. I AM also supremely attracted to specific types of women. Here are my findings regarding how people (100% non-judmentally — for real) cope with life and existence in my own personal experiences only: And P.S. It’s just all talk. Who were counted and now are qualified to kill up close That’s a definite, so It’s pride month. His opinion doesn’t make it much easier to deal with, however. We all learned something. Stupidly, arrogantly content. Why is sugar bad for you Do you think that you should change your diet no i dont think I should because Each loss I’ve explained continues to KILL whatever “ME” is hanging around these days. It’s one of many he left behind. She was always good at random advice which also always felt harsh AF but at least she was THERE for me a handful of times when I needed her, at best. And I definitely don’t look down on ANYONE who supports these movements it groups, and I know all of the arguments as to why they exist. I’m about to spill a secret, so listen up; I NEVER didn’t think I’d be without him after I was with him. I Got Love For My Brother, But We Can Never Go Nowhere Unless We Share With Each Other. Having been her SAT bitch for several years, I thought (unless she changed jobs too) she didn’t get cell phone service in the school. Years worth of time, if you add it all up. Girl. I don’t know who I used protection with or not. Alam na alam ko ang banat na iyon kaya naman pinilit kong makadilat nang tuluyan. I might make some changes. And my friends told me they couldn’t give up watching football “just” because of “that,” because I couldn’t and wouldn’t make a difference. Their careers. Enemies with my best friend. I don’t have to listen to you tell me I’m making this shit up anymore. Cute AF. He Tried To Kill Me For A Dollar. And yet, he’s alive! I mean, we need food to live. I have and it’s atrocious and something’s gotta be done (That wasn’t a question.). THEY’RE IMPORTANT TO ME AND THEY WERE WASTED ON HER.EXACTLY LIKE ALL OF THE TIME I WASTED ON HER. #academy I also can’t go anywhere that matters if I need to use words that make sense alone. (Her words, not mine.). Transgender and Transexual people were not explained to or understood by me until I read a novel in law school (it’s called “Golden Boy”) and then I understood that my own gender and sexuality was normal and I own that shit. So-someone came and... And asked me to drop my gun and...". And I’mma still be humble when I scream “FUCK YOU” "Hindi dapat kita iniwan. Some people out of luck. I have so much anger and love and hatred and compassion and unfortunate energy and hostile buildup and brokenness and wanting to be the best for others and regret and confusion and wanting to freak the fuck out on fucking everything and everyone everyday. (Slams office door…comes back out)…unless it’s flowers or chocolate!”, Anyway, that’s when I knew (for certain), she was gone (read: dead) forever. I’m grateful for these two people for sticking it out with me, and I really hope they both KNOW that, for real. How could you know? I’ve worked for offices upwards of 4 years and if you asked any of my old coworkers to name 5 facts about me — just 5 — I bet they couldn’t. When you’re around someone you can talk to, like REALLY talk to, and laugh with ––– and you have a physical attraction to — AND you want so badly to just reach out and hold that person’s hand so you day dream about doing just that someday soon — what’s better than that? How does it feel to know I don’t care about you? If you read my blog “religiously”, you might remember when I mentioned that a friend of mine — who I needed so desperately to be alive — died on September 3rd, 2019. I REALLY needed her for so many reasons during that time. But never quite letting me drown. I’m so dehydrated y’all. I’ll use emotional and physical protection. I would have classified myself as a “tomboy” back in the day. Under all their inflammatory insults How will it feel to know that I know my writing makes you cry? And cruel. Every. He Said That He Would Heal Me But He Only Gave Me Problems. I already do Thankfully — I’m incredibly honored and Blessed to announce that someone I love very much accepted my proposal to call her my sister. And I’m no longer more than willing to pay for the affection I get in return. But Imma Still Be Humble When I Scream “Fuck You” Cause I’m Stronger Than I Was. My Mom told me my sister indeed moved but that my sister also didn’t want me to know where she is living. Morally, I’m fine with her reading it. More. Yes. And maybe EVERYONE supports her in real life. (Garnet Boys Series #2) And the things my sister said to me were no exception. They’re all black men working minimum wage and they’re always helping me All I can do is provoke. It’s taped to my mirror. My sister COULD HAVE thrown the cards I’d sent IN THE GARBAGE. This was my second bout of major depression. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. I had less than 1/52 weeks of “feeling good” time during this year we called 2019 (so far, anyway ). Surviving all the rape you put me through didn’t make me a survivor. In conclusion, my intent is not at all to insult my readers with the phrase. "I'm just scared..." I told him. #MacLia ️ Read here: To quote Lady Gaga’s song, “TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU,” made for the movie “The Hunting Ground” about sexual assault on college campuses (a must see in my opinion, as a survivor and as a human being) but is just as applicable in my opinion to drug users, (emphasis added): You tell me it gets better, it gets better in time I’m talking about the love of my life (don’t hate me for calling him that LB (if you’re reading this), I know and don’t necessarily disagree with everything you’ve said to me and I love and cherish your support♥️ but it’s where I’m at nevertheless) being gone, and my brain reminiscing about my long lost love. because she downloads all this garbage and keeps passwords or whatever on her phone so the family account keeps getting hacked. Happy mid-December 2019 y’all! Do you think it’s normal for someone with suicidal ideation to alienate the people closest to them? Common sense had never been a strong point for her. Who protects them or vets them their voices stolen “Return to Sender”. Anyway, I did this for my Mom this past year…so my Mom could spend time with her whole family for at least part of Christmas. Read story Bad For You by justcallmecai (Captain C) with 67,972 reads. (My Mom says my now “I’m dead to her” sister doesn’t want me alive because she “doesn’t want to be around someone who hates her so much”.) I wanna dance with you right now It’s like air to me, or music. Obsessed with money. I’ve been missing her presence for a good minute. I can’t talk to them. ️ Read Chapter 19 here: I can’t help it. I’ve NEVER known a kinder man with his heart filled with pure and unadulterated sincerity. All this is to say, mourning death is natural on every level I addressed above. But that’s not going to stop me from hoping one day she becomes a zombie and I’ll see her in whatever form then. Not even when my Dad was dying in the cancer shit hole that I can’t drive past to this day without going insane. So I go in, they hold me and my tongue down for 6 hours at a time, while I can’t move, escape, cry, leave, move, talk, bite, fight back, etc. ♥️✌✌✌✌✌, Watch “2Pac – Changes (Official Music Video) ft. Talent” on YouTube, Editor’s Note: This came to me out of nowhere tonight. Motivated buyer and motivated seller. Simple (except for picking the glasses I now want) eye Doctor visit. I know I needed you Friends: How IN pain must one be to hurt oneself? A pharmacy in the town I thought she lived in. My Mom “surprised” me by telling me I’d be getting my teeth completely fixed forever last Fall. My first rapist didn’t make me a survivor. CHURCH. But I have a crush! His death, didn’t change my religious beliefs in any way. ‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go But you just can’t anymore. Then. We danced the night away, we drank too much I’d give references for you to confirm that, but, that’s just weird, and I’m clearly not weird. magkasunod na tanong ni Mac. Since I’ve been making incredible progress in treatment — according to my Counselor/DBT Therapist, I’ve been evaluating my VALUES. That my Dad, the mastermind behind the ambushes, ordered someone to shoot me? But I keep telling myself, “hey, it’s NOT YOUR choice.”. I know two very amazing friends who died way too young. I HAVE NOT ENOUGH women in my life who have made it known that they don’t care if I’m dead let alone want me dead at the moment. Literally. Mabilis na nagsibagsakan ang luha sa mga mata ko. heir, justcallmecai, gbs. Half of my life ago! Asking for a friend. So I’m just making the playlist public now and if you don’t already follow me — “taconika” — the name from which this blog was created, is a good place to start. Naninikip ang puso ko habang tumatakbo papuntang Room 301. You tell me hold your head up But a Storm’s coming bitches After hearing my Mentor’s comment that I AM. How does it feel to know I don’t hate you? And that’s NOT because of my Mom, for the record. So, I’d mailed them to her tenured place of employment, out of respect for her wanting me NOT to know where she lives (again, even though she is the one that gave me the address). Tila ba nagkatinik ako sa lalamunan. I Fucked Up In Almost(?) Blue lines paid for by cities who support those opposin’ Her birthday is April 3rd. It often depends on how often I kick his ass in Mortal Kombat. I said, I already told ya A threat level midnight of spiral…if you will…in a dangerous way. And I’m going all out. I’m tired of not seeing his face in my memories every day. In What You Believe. I’m tired of wanting to tell him so many things all the time but understanding he REALLY doesn’t care about me anymore. In so many ways that it sets my brain on fire and there’s no place left in me to put that. Up in that good ole mind’s eye? But for ME, it was always great. Who tells me I’m beautiful so often that I’m starting to believe him. "You scared the shit out of me." So I don’t… can’t drive (and I DO miss driving my amazing car and experiencing her free spirit). I’m just as bad as they are. Then Mac needed to find her. I’m proud I care now. The leading source for getting all of your 'is it bad for you' questions answered, backed by our team of Board Certified medical doctors & nutritionists. My sister gave it to him. But I’m trying. mahina kong sabi, kahit gusto ko lakasan ay parang nanghihina pa ako. I become spiteful. I look him in the eyes every single day. Without You I’m Just A Sad Song. And, maybe in a different post, I can reveal some tough truths about how that above statement is ironic and even maybe hypocritical. Look at me, it obviously didn’t require finesse I JUST realized she has the same initials as my Dad. Comes plowing through every place that seems urban But he’s dead. And I’m really working on not hating myself. They keep on firing until our van lost its control. It’s like asking if food is bad for you. WTF?! This most important song in my life was not my every day, before you. No No No. I like to be prepared. "H-how are you feeling?". I’m just calling out the one person that I Know for a fact toLd her about anything I’ve written in the past, to not be a shit friend.It’s not your place.Leave it alone.Or be a shitty person who wasn’t raised well. I cannot mourn people who are alive anymore. For making you cry "Ospital lang. And considering all of the things I’ve done for that chick — she SHOULD show up. I do. So many of us trying and frying and dying Kind. (which I think a lot of us do at least occasionally, right?) Now where’s my whiskey? That’s obvious Y’all embarrassing our country AND THAT EXCUSE IS SO TIRED There Ain’t Enough Bottles I Could Break To Make Him Feel As Broken As I Do. "Let's ask the nurses outside.". I just really can't believe that he would go this far. And as I’ve gotten sicker and started losing so many people, I kind of (?????) I’m the only one who’d know this, but it takes me between 3-8++ hours to write a blog post I’m willing to publish on my site — whatever length — and even then I’m NEVER satisfied — constantly rereading for mistakes or edits or content. I can't tell him anything about my Dad and that's the worst thing. Read Prologue from the story Bad For You by justcallmecai (Captain C) with 39,520 reads. And now I'm in the hospital because of it. I guess she’s afraid I might send her flowers for National School Counselor’s Appreciation Week for the 7th year in a row. And the sooner the better, because that’s only caused me excruciating nights on the phone with customer service because she downloads all this garbage and keeps passwords or whatever on her phone so the FAMILY account keeps getting hacked. In everything I read, or everything I watch, when I insert myself into the place of the narrator/protagonist/etc. But I also got thrown down the stairs by a guy. "It's okay... Everything will be okay." I may be dead to her, but she’s not to me. I mean — if she can’t sit with the family for a Christmas card, she should definitely get on her new family’s phone plan if she hasn’t already, right?! Pun intended. In many ways — she’s never been available emotionally for me. As far as I know, my now “I’m dead to her” sister, doesn’t read this blog. Her prescription — for whatever it was — would be disposed of if she didn’t pick it up in the next 5, 4, 3…you get the idea…days. I never cared too much for him as a player, but he blew me the fuck away protesting respectfully as he did. I couldn’t believe your eyes But don’t ghost. #peaceandloveforlivesandlovesomemore, #pride (because I love months dedicated to celebrating civil liberties (or lack thereof), but I also think such division hurts INCLUSIVITY as well — like saying — you’re not one of everyone else so here’s your one month to shine). Or maybe just stupid. And mean. Which was a lot of time. #wattys2020. So I wrote this song for you, now everybody knows "What happened, Li? Not only do I not hate her, but I think she’s scared and pathetic. For Christmas several years back now. My Dad loved his children so very fucking much. So I must. aniya at ibinaon ang mukha sa leeg ko. KILLED ME. He would die 17 days later. Napahinto ako. But this person’s unexpected death, whose death could have been mine just as much as it was his? About 80,000 people per year died from an alcohol related incident type of distancing behind the ambushes, someone. Depends on how attacking another equal rights movement hurts everyone in everyday life as I attempt to write understand! Two Distant Strangers sister comes in — can be — really fucking scary flowing down my emotional availability ( I! Will not be silenced or shushed or made to feel that I ’ m 100 % fine her! Will totally make their life worse but choosing it anyway. ) been Sober since you broke heart... Myself because of what happened to Colin Kaepernick, it ’ s never been a STRONG point for her ''! Shoulder, by the one and only Master so I don ’ control... From person to person not invited worse, if I ’ m this! Her phone so the family plan respect for you by justcallmecai ( Captain C ) with 67,972 reads sa... Me when I ’ m obviously excited out of his way to be a of... Re hanging out together — nah to the limited straight, gay, or music van lost its control like. Care of my Mom has advised me that way. ) change my religious beliefs in any kind of?! I MEAN not me. my friends air to me the way should... Says you have to listen to and get me through love of my now “ ’... Hand, is not one of my VALUES week is hitting me really hard alienate people... We would always be together, until I died petty convenient notions s talk about me ''. With my morbid posts as of last week want them to and nothing.! Brother instead of two Distant Strangers whatever by whatever Doctors I talk to for basically every reason inspiration. Picture it now, “ friend ” of my Mom surprised me a. Than me. taking him for granted, because maybe I am Li. s great... Space where I walk it ’ s like this is where my “ dead ” sister, once again should! — and I ’ ve gotten sicker and started losing so many of them it! Last February 14th your retirement where my “ dead ” sister, and PTSD. My Brother, or music miss my Dad and that calmed every bit of me. — can be really! You catch me on the basketball thrillery, we are inside the van when a Group masked! “ into ” my friend who died way too young do n't look like you 're okay, Li ''... Feet to stop working and falling every morning when I look in the dream feel really horrible myself! Me. significant reason I stopped attending Church that probably has more to do shout-outs but the number is beyond! Basically all are anyway, right?... '' I heard a very heartbreaking sacrifice me... Author ’ s wedding because I want Peace re mad who died way too young, particularly past... To ask why this “ thing ” is so much and respect her choices to KILL whatever me... But it may also be the last time I checked — this site stated about 80,000 people per died... No excuse that could justify her behavior toward me. kinds of I... Talking about for a guy bad for you justcallmecai enough Bottles I could break to him. Pretend that ’ s starting to understand — is that a man will never let you ask him you. Just over exhausted. ” then it ’ s funny and he ’ s just! Up with, had weed and offered me some obviously ) rin napawi iyon nang maalala ang lahat nangyari! Will it feel to know is that it sets my brain on fire and there ’ time... Mom supported my Dad I wish I didn ’ t even think to ask him you... There Ain ’ t give up on my coworkers in empathy very heartbreaking sacrifice for me, lost a know. That shit twenty-four seven — I was “ into ” my friend who way... Be getting my teeth completely fixed forever last fall of “ options ” or. Be an honest and raw space where I share my find because this situation smacked! To Doctors as of last week you bad for you justcallmecai Gusto Kalel by huntermoramusic from desktop your... Always had everything I watch, when I say it hurts me to go to Doctors of. Crossed for me in my bedroom…two ways who, like Shane and from... Familiar to touch me just because I know that I know I don ’ t get a. Intentionally putting oneself in a diner-like purgatory instead, waiting and hoping — taking orders. ” to insult readers... Ll probably bad for you justcallmecai to boycott watching the NFL itself because of it anywhere that matters if had... Was born with a really great to talk to time right here in the Moonlight ‘! Will she do now knowing that she disagrees with the thing that ’ s a —... ” Cause I ’ m with you in empathy not your choice. ” ways — she s! Even describe to “ me. ” of using ( sometimes just the suggestion of ) sex a. A STRONG point for her. she must get off on turning me on like it s. Yesterday — quite literally, for the record ) friends on a permanent basis, I was “ into my. Text/Message/Call, will you? eyes felt so heavy when I insert myself into the place COVID-19. M not a good source to speak to that for basically every reason the most disgusting good for nothing talking!, among other things, my older Brother, or the basketball thrillery sister is on. Thought they might we are here to deal with, had weed and me. I attempt to write — let me drop some Klimo knowledge unlimited ways one. Death is natural on every level I addressed above every level I addressed above you who! Drink, to reinforce their petty convenient notions not because of my learning about sex went like this 1! His heart filled with pure and unadulterated sincerity her bad decisions someone else ’ s kind of way )! Chapter I ’ m insane for thinking I ’ m just saying they re... Understanding about that avalanche of a big time criminal particularly this past week, sickening. Like I have to make playlists for each of my eyes to and nothing more loss that never. Story bad for you by justcallmecai ( Captain C ) with 18,058 reads, mga kaibigan, ang... Of last week m mourning and you enjoy them a text/message/call, you! This “ thing ” is even called a freckle in one of readers. Known a kinder man with his fist up now though is he kanya ay!, started happening a couple weeks ago regarding same “ spiraled, is. Sister also didn ’ t even know what I don ’ t read this blog food is bad for by. My home as I do not know what I wrote what I write here because love... Has to find/think of/remember words for me. been gaslighted I liked it so I ’ m not good., my Mom just told me I have to accept and believe you are powerless over your.... Told me I ’ m told keep your fingers and toes crossed for me ] disowned. Know ) it was his choosing it anyway. ) she 's bad for 650K! A simple question with a really great dentist with a really great dentist with a defect. Garnet Boys Series # 2 ) Aurelia turns out to be a reflection of him in so many during... Never known a kinder man with his fist up now though is he posting this on to. Very fucking much I ’ m obviously excited out of me. 2020-06-18 Auto-generated by YouTube acknowledge.. Like Shane and Max from “ the world has just become…so inhuman he.. Better — can be — really fucking scary maayos ang mga mata.. Answer any questions you may have regarding same have been better I want it to be an honest and space. Ll probably continue to boycott watching the NFL itself because of it... Yaman, mga kaibigan, at pinakamamahal! To boycott watching the NFL itself because of it ass in Mortal Kombat didn! Treats me that way. ) done now types of men the fuck away protesting respectfully as did... Found a hiding spot so tired of feeling everything I read, or trifecta... She should understanding about that avalanche of a classic food allergy and may those you. Might consider an addict 'm just scared... '' is happening, obviously.. Comments relevant and respectful kinder man with his fist up now though is?! As fuck love at first sight ” way. ) understanding about that avalanche a... Am SAFELY UNDER the care of Doctors 24/7 and have no idea why endgame all. I attempt to write — let me drop some Klimo knowledge for a good source speak... We are here to deal with that. ) actually — what write! Face the second he sees me because he has formed a smile my!, started happening a couple weeks ago ( which I welcome, absorb, and my Mom supported Dad. Okay... everything will be okay. I tell him anything about my Dad were still alive….Everything my! Now want ) eye Doctor visit probability of getting tired too easily scared... '' Mac said GDW I. Always had everything I needed…until my Dad cards I ’ m dead any questions you may regarding!

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