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20 Jan 2021

The season was headed by the series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who served as executive producers along with Anne Garefino. For stays through April 4, 2021. In their original idea for an economy episode, Parker and Stone considered having Cartman dress as a superhero who fights the economy. South Park: awards, nominations, photos and more at A man approaches to tell the treasury workers that another bank is failing and asks what they should do. That idea was ultimately scrapped, and elements were transferred to the season's second episode, "The Coon". New Time for 2021: 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Our Artisan and Farmer’s Market features the best local Craft and Specialty Vendors from across Central Florida, including your weekly produce needs. This is the show's fourth overall Emmy Award. Kyle continues to preach to people that the economy doesn't really exist except in people's minds and that if they want the economy to be strong, they must first have faith in it. South Park: Margaritaville (2009)'s favorites. Awards and Nominations. In anger at the ridiculousness of the system, Stan throws the mixer on the platform by the chicken and walks off. Funniest Moments in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Watch South Park season 13 episode 3 online. Malls and shops start opening again for business and the now debt free people start purchasing again. This page is a gallery for images from Season Thirteen's "Margaritaville". Every Saturday. If you have faith, it exists, and if you don't, it doesn't. All of them act shocked while Cartman stands up and says that whoever betrays Kyle "is a dick." The teller explains how instead of simply putting it into the bank as he should, he will invest it in several different ways, while only to state a split second later that "it's gone", meaning that all the money was lost. Delgado said, "Maybe I'm too depressed about the current economic situation, who knows, but although 'Margaritaville' was well written and poignant, I wasn't bursting out in laughter every two minutes. This all happens in a setting that parodies older paintings of Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount. Pinned against the backdrop of the 2008 housing market crash, the episode opens with Stan Marsh trying to deposit birthday money into a savings account. Kik csinálták Kennyt: Így készül a South Park; South Park- Nagyobb, hosszabb és vágatlan; 1. "[2] The Margaritaville also serves as a metaphor for the housing bubble. Please note that the number of user displayed might differ from the total number of users that favorited this movie, due to users choosing not to share their favorite movies. spot, so that is what the men do; in anger at the ridiculous and farcical nature of the system, Stan smashes the mixer on the platform by the chicken's body and walks off. Margaritaville (South Park) disutradarai oleh Trey Parker, sementara naskahnya ditulis oleh Trey Parker. Kyle's mother asks him not to do it because he will be paying it off for the rest of his life. This road will lead you to Lanier Islands. It aired on March 25, 2009.[1]. Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour), Outstanding Animated Program for Programming Less Than One Hour, "Morrow TV: Looking at 'South Park' ... Other shows of note", "South Park takes on the financial crisis", "South Park Explains the #%^&-ing Economic Crisis", "Cartman plays Judas for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars", "Kids' Choice Awards, Penguins of Madagascar and WWE RAW lead cable", "Shmita Revolution: The Reclamation and Reinvention of the Sabbatical Year", "Little Dorrit, Tina Fey top Creative Emmys", "COMEDY CENTRAL(R) Honored With 14 Primetime Emmy(R) Nominations – A New Record For The Comedy Channel", "Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour)", "South Park Season 13 (R1/US BD) in March", "South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season Blu-ray Review", Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, Allosaurus: A Walking With Dinosaurs Special, The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Great American Summer Fun with Jimmy Buffett, Meet Me in Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 23:21. Suffice to say the, the recession has hit South Park hard, and when Stan tries to return a margarita maker everything goes haywire. Start a Free Trial to watch South Park on YouTube TV (and cancel anytime). Sur la Table • Find out when South Park is on TV, including Series 13-Episode 3: Margaritaville. Randy Marsh • The town gets behind him and everyone starts to live a life that no longer depends on any economy at all. In a side story, Stan spends most of the episode trying to return a "Margaritaville" margarita mixer. Parker and Stone long planned to create an episode about the economy and considered making it the season premiere, but decided they needed more time to craft the script, and instead opened the season with "The Ring", a spoof of the Jonas Brothers boy band. A Wall Street executive suggests that low-interest rates are to blame, a regular citizen blames the problems on Wall Street, and meanwhile, Cartman blames it on the Jews. The town gets behind him and everyone starts to live a life that no longer depends on any economy at all. Stan: Do I really have to do this, Dad? People start to wear togas made of bed sheets so they don't have to wash clothes as much and also try to spend as little as possible to try and earn the economy's favor like it's some sort of deity. [10] Zac Bissonnette of BloggingStocks said of the episode, "It isn't quite as trenchant as some of the other Wall Street satire that's been making the rounds, but it's definitely worth watching. The teller does this to two more people, whose money also instantly vanishes. Learn More. He keeps trying to find out who he can return it to, with each person saying the debt has been sold to someone else. Randy steps forward with a solution to fix the desperate financial state everyone finds themselves in. Parker said the dialogue proved so difficult, they were working on the script right up until the night before the episode was first broadcast. Meanwhile, Stan unsuccessfully tries to return his dad's margarita machine. South Park Season 13: Margaritaville. [2] Parker said of the episode, "I give the concept on this an A, and the execution like a C-. The next day, Kyle sets up a table with a credit card machine in the town and begins "paying everybody's debts" with his American Express Platinum Card. Meanwhile an unlikely savior makes the ultimate sacrifice to solve everyone's problems. [4], The Margaritaville blender itself served as a metaphor for consumerism and the tendency of Americans to buy luxuries that they do not need. "South Park" Margaritaville subtitles. Eventually, he goes all the way to the US Treasury, who "consults the charts" and tells him the mixer is worth $90 trillion. As usual, South Park had it both ways." If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments. Upon hearing of this heresy, Randy and his makeshift economic council decide that they must kill Kyle. The mixer is representative of people's mortgages. and "We must mock The Economy no longer!" Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach has been named one of the 50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the United States by Where to Retire magazine! The complete guide by MSN. People in South Park are struggling with the recent economic downturn and many people on the street are preaching about who they should blame. Rage Quit: Stan's subplot ends with him getting so fed up with the bullshit concerning the Margaritaville that, rather than continue pursuing it after seeing the bailout scene, he smashes it. Trying to find out what the charts are, Stan follows the men inside. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Stan and Randy are at the head of the line. [12] Brad Trechak of TV Squad called "Margaritaville" a highlight of the season. Myrtle Beach Tourism Myrtle Beach Hotels Myrtle Beach Bed and Breakfast Myrtle Beach Holiday Rentals Myrtle Beach Holiday Packages Flights to Myrtle Beach Kyle Broflovski • Certain elements of the original idea, such as the Margaritaville blenders, were eventually incorporated into "Margaritaville". [4], As with most South Park episodes, Parker, Stone, and their team created the episode within a week of its broadcast date. The segment in which the bankteller says "And... it's gone" has become a popular internet meme. They decide they have to "consult the charts" again, and Stan follows them inside to a round lit-up game show style board, where the men cut off a chicken's head and let the decapitated chicken run on the board while one of them plays a tune (similar to Yakety Sax) on a kazoo. Kyle, getting annoyed with everybody's idiocy, starts to get his own following when he preaches that the economy isn't actually angry with them since it's not a living being, saying if they want the economy to get better, then they need to spend money. Randysteps forward with a solution to fix the desperate financial state everyone finds themselves in. "[3], Parker and Stone originally planned for their economy-related episode to involve Cartman dressing as a superhero named "The Coon" and fighting the recession. A Margaritaville a South Park című rajzfilmsorozat 184. része (a 13. évad 3. epizódja). Randy is shown buying the new Margaritaville with a salsa dispenser ("You pour salsa into the top, and then it dispenses out the bottom!"). His recommended changes make the town resemble first-century Galilee. Android hd games free download with sd data Ovatio 2 moulinex manual Respironics m series humidifier manual Arterial blood gases made easy download Cheats for tomb raider anniversary psp Ovatio 2 moulinex manual Respironics m series humidifier The resort will feature an array of options for entertainment and relaxation, upscale amenities and walkability to … South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. "Margaritaville" is not, as a whole, a great episode of South Park. Cartman, in his desire to obtain a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, says that he will deliver Kyle to Randy and his friends in exchange for the game. "South Park" Margaritaville (TV Episode 2009) Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, 9 News Announcer, Butters, Redneck #2, Redneck #4, Man on Soapbox #2, Man in Crowd #2, Gerald Brofloski, Ted, Priest Maxi, Man at Economy Meeting #1, Man at Economy Meeting #2, Government Official #1. The CD very clearly states that it is only for this book and it only has the 1 track(a salty piece of land). The chicken falls on the "bailout" spot, so that's what the men do. DAYTONA BEACH — Latitude Margaritaville helped propel housing starts in Volusia County last year to the highest level since 2005. Meanwhile, an unlikely savior makes the ultimate sacrifice to solve everyone's problems. [The script] was one of those things where we just kept talking around it and around it, trying to figure out what it was. A recession then hits the nation and South Park. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Posted by Dan Angel on 5:56 pm. "South Park" Margaritaville (TV Episode 2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. South Park has been the defining show of my life. [1] Parker and fellow co-creator Matt Stone said they had long planned to do an episode about the global recession, and they argued over whether to start the season with an episode about the economy, or "The Ring," an episode mocking the Jonas Brothers, a boy band which had recently grown in popularity. Meanwhile an unlikely savior makes the ultimate sacrifice to solve everyone’s problems. Extras • Stan gives the teller the $100 savings bond from his grandmother. This episode won a 2009 Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Animated Program (for programming less than one hour)". "south park" margaritaville (tv episode 2009) imdb. [7] Parker himself actually owns a Margaritaville, of which he said, "It's pretty stupid because it really is just a blender". Mimallah "Mimsy" is a mentally handicapped boy. The trendy retailer Sur La Table will not accept the return because it was bought on a payment plan, and as Stan tries to find out to whom he can return it, for each person to tell him the debt has been packaged and sold to someone else (much like real-life mortgage-backed securities). I treated it like HBO softcore porn as a kid—the show worth a risky midnight break for the living room TV. This page contains trivia for "Margaritaville". Script • Stream free episodes and clips, play games, create an avatar and go behind-the-scenes of … "; Kyle admits to his friends that he knows what he has to do to save everyone. 1 Background 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Trivia 5 Prominence 6 References When Jimmy Valmer and Timmy return to Lake Tardicaca, a camp for handicapped children, Jimmy unknowingly finds himself to be targeted by his former … After paying the last person's debt, a $17,000 bill from Randy, Kyle passes out. [2] The scenes in which Stan explains how his Margaritaville blender was purchased on a payment plan that was eventually combined into securities sold to the banks required particular assistance from Stone's father. The town gets behind him and everyone starts to live a life that no longer depends on any economy at all. Word gets back to Randy and his friends and they eventually decide that they need to kill "the Jew". He then convinces his friends that if they want the economy to be strong, they must have faith in it. SOUTH PARK: The Philosophy of Margaritaville! Margaritaville Gold Tequila and Silver Rum, Margaritaville Triple Sec, Wheatley® Vodka, gin, our house sweet & sour, cranberry and pineapple juices with a splash of grenadine. Stone argued the season premiere should focus on the economy because it was the biggest news item at the time, but Parker felt they needed more time to craft the script, and that the Jonas Brothers would be a funny season opener. [6], Cartman says he wants the soon-to-be-released Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars game for the handheld game console Nintendo DS. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly said of the episode, "The episode was the most back-handed endorsement imaginable of President Obama's economic bailout plan. Or the most withering dismantling of it. It was one of those things where we all screwed up and nobody really knows what's going on, but it has something to do with buying shit like Margaritavilles. 1×01 – Cartman anális beültetése; 1×02 – Testsúly 4000; 1×03 – A vulkán; 1×04 – Meleg Al meleg vízitúrája; 1×05 – Szerelem Fáni és Malac között; 1×06 – Halál; 1×07 – Rózsaszín szem; 1×08 – Kákabélű Margaritaville has everything you need to have a good time: island-inspired flavors, a fun, family-friendly dining experience, family entertainment on our patio, an indoor stage, retail space, a welcoming 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar, and the Porch of Indecision dining area that opens to the hustle and bustle inside Mall of America. Tucker also said of Cartman's blaming the Jews for the recession, "Among its many achievements, South Park has exposed anti-Semitism to such relentless ridicule over the years, it deserves some sort of humanitarian award. Kyle becomes annoyed, responding that the economy is not actually angry with them, and that they should be out spending money, and continues to preach that the economy only exists as a mental construct, and that people have lost their faith in it because of the recession. Margaritaville: Season 13, Episode 3. Movies. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall, April Stewart. Watch Episode, South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season. Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head is located on Highway 278, 2.5 miles east of I-95 in the city of Hardeeville, South Carolina - the scenic gateway to world-famous Hilton Head Island. [9] Almost inevitably Cartman takes on the role of Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus (in the Last Supper scene he even sits in the same position as Judas in da Vinci's painting), while some of the South Park residents form a council. For the full-size versions of the images click on the thumbnails below. In their 2009 episode tackling the financial crisis, South Park ’s writers weave one of their sharpest, most poignant pieces of political commentary to date. This is one my all time favorite episodes. After Stan is kicked out of line because it is only for bank members who have money, the same thing happens to an elderly woman; when Randy complains to the manager, his money is transferred from his account into a portfolio with Stan and the manager repeats "Aaaand it's gone!". From Gainesville: Take 985-South, take Exit 8 Lanier Islands Pkwy. The chicken falls on the "bailout!" Margaritaville (South Park) adalah episode ketiga dalam serial South Park musim ketigabelas. By playfully positing that economics functions as a cryptic religion in its own right, South Park brilliantly satirize the financial crisis of 2008 – and the way people responded. Although they liked the idea, they felt the main storyline involving the economy and the subplot involving Stan and the Margaritaville blender did not come together in the end as the duo originally hoped they would when they started writing the script. Stone ultimately agreed, and later admitted it was the right decision. Margaritaville (Season 13, Episode 3) - Episode Guide, Why didn't you like or dislike this episode. "Margaritaville" won the 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program for Programming Less Than One Hour. Cartman predictably blames the Jews, claiming they hid the money in a "Jew Cave", but Randy convinces everyone to reduce their spending to only the "bare essentials" in order to propitiate the economy, jusitifying his own frivolous purchase by adding that the essentials include margaritas. Kyle is portrayed as a Jesus-like savior working to save the economy, and Stan spends much of the episode trying to return a personal Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville machine. Stone said, "We didn't want to make an episode where it was like, 'Oh, those Wall Street guys took our money.' With everyone in town helping, they all start to live without any economy at all. "Margaritaville" reflected Parker and Stone's belief that most Americans view the economy in the same way as religion, in that it is seldom understood but seen as an important, elusive entity. Elsőként 2009. március 25-én sugározták az Egyesült Államokban. Elsewhere, the ultimate sacrifice is made by an unlikely savior in a bid to fix the town's problems. Latitude Margaritaville is located in Hardeeville, South Carolina, the scenic gateway to world-famous Hilton Head, voted the #1 island vacation destination in the United States. Two weeks after Jimmy Buffett took over Wrigley Field, it was Fins Up on the South Side of Chicago for Margaritaville Night with the Chicago White Sox.Leis, grass skirts, island music and vacation vibes took over Guaranteed Rate Field and complemented the warm, sunny evening. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars • Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band tour date, ticket and venue information. The 184th overall episode of the series, it originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on March 25, 2009 as an Easter special. Parker and Stone themselves were not entirely pleased with the final episode, although it received generally positive reviews from television critics. "Margaritaville" was released on DVD and Blu-ray along with the rest of the thirteenth season on March 16, 2010. From Athens: Take US-129-North to I-85-South, take exit 126, turn left onto GA-347 to Lanier Islands Pkwy.This road will lead you to Lanier Islands. "Margaritaville" is the third episode of the thirteenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The town gets behind him and everyone starts to live a life that no longer depends on any economy at all. We'll explore how, through clever religious allegory, South Park crafts a multi-layered critique on the nature of power structures in our contemporary economic climate. And, 1,000 lucky fans brought home an exclusive Margaritaville-inspired White Sox hat. Menu . It was my earliest experiences with truly transgressive comedy, and over 15 years now, the one-time cultural fad has become important, a necessary satiric look at an increasingly absurd country. Relive the dawn of the South Park era, with legendary episodes of the groundbreaking, Emmy Award-winning animated classic. The store won't accept the return because it was bought on credit. The episode ends with a news report about how the economy almost didn't survive in South Park if it wasn't for the efforts of one very brave person, President Obama. [4], The episode's title comes from the Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville blender featured in the episode, which serves as a metaphor for the housing bubble. Back in South Park, things are once more slowly returning to normal, as now that Kyle is shouldering the debt of the world, people are able to buy the things they need again—like a new, totally unnecessary but even more awesome-looking Margaritaville, now updated with a salsa dispenser. The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode,[18] a collection of deleted scenes, and a special mini-feature Inside Xbox: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of South Park Studios, which discussed the process behind animating the show with Inside Xbox host Major Nelson.[19]. [6] Parker and Stone believed many viewed the economy as an important, elusive entity without truly understanding how it works, and felt it mirrored faith in religion. "Margaritaville" is the third episode of the thirteenth season of the American animated television series South Park. Summary: While the entire town is busy pointing fingers over who's to blame for the economy, Randy steps forward with a solution for the financial woes. Cloud DVR with no storage limits. "Margaritaville" is a 1977 song by American popular music singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett from the album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. Air Margaritaville. Within a week of "Margaritaville's" original broadcast date, the online retailer Zazzle and South Park Studios, the official South Park website, released T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts based on "Margaritaville", including shirts with Randy dressed in rags saying "Finger pointing gets us nowhere!" Soon enough, the economy takes a turn for the better. at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards, which was held September 12, 2009. [8] A dinner he has with his friends is portrayed as the Last Supper, the final meal Jesus had with his Twelve Apostles before his death. Add a photo to this gallery Story Elements Randy Marsh • Kyle Broflovski • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars • Sur la Table • Caine Media Images • Script • Extras • Watch Episode Release South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season The season continued to focus on the exploits of … The recession hit Comedy Central's "South Park" this week, as the cartoon potty mouths confronted job losses, store closings and hot dogs for dinner—again. The Margaritaville blender featured in the episode serves as a metaphor for American consumerism, as well as the housing bubble. Why’s this CD and song so hard to find? He is Nathan's henchman in the episodes "Crippled Summer", "Handicar" and "Moss Piglets". Stream free-to-watch Full Episodes featuring Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in South Park, create your own South Park Character with the Avatar Creator, and go behind the scenes or the award winning sereis. TV Talk - South Park - - "Margaritaville" - - 3/35/09 - Everyone in South Park is busy pointing fingers when it comes to who is responsible for the state of the economy in all-new episode of South Park titled, Margaritaville,” premiering on Wednesday, March 25 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central. The show became infamous for its profanity and dark, surreal humor that … ... YouTube. Randy continues to teach his philosophy to the rest of the city, while at the same time defending his own stupid purchases, saying the bare essentials people should buy include Margaritas. Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head is a 55-and-better community in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort brings an entirely different resort perspective to South Florida with its unique, authentic, “no worries,” tropical vibe and the feeling of escape that is experienced immediately upon arrival. Meanwhile an unlikely savior makes the ultimate sacrifice to solve everyone’s problems. Magyarországon 2009. december 4-én mutatta be az MTV.. Az epizód egyszerre mutatja be és állít görbe tükröt a 2008-ban kirobbant gazdasági világválság elé, mely a bemutató idején érte el legnagyobb kiterjedését. Kyle and his friends go out for pizza, in an obvious parody of the last supper, and he laments that he feels they won't be able to get together like this anymore because people can't afford luxuries like pizza. He played his first major role in the Season Thirteen episode, "The Ring". He says he worries that one of his friends will betray him. Other shirts included the finance company executive saying "Ooh, yeah, no, you know what, yeah, no..." and an image of The Last Supper-inspired pizza dinner between Kyle and his friends. Eventually he goes all the way to the United States Treasury, where a group of associates "consult the charts" and tell him the mixer is worth $90 trillion. [2] During an interview a few weeks before the episode aired, Stone said, "That's one of those big things we want to get right. Find out when South Park is on TV, including Series 13-Episode 3: Margaritaville. 1 Background 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Quotes 5 Prominence 6 Trivia 7 References He made his first appearance in "Eek, A Penis! It first aired on March 25, 2009 in the United States on Comedy Central. Margaritaville A new building - South Park Bank Savings and Loans. Stan : But Grandma said I could use this money to buy whatever I want. It ends with Kyle being upset at the news. The area is steeped in natural beauty, with an abundance of golf courses, pristine beaches and waterways for boating, kayaking, and fishing. Randy Marsh is trying to teach his son to save money, so he has Stan deposit $100 into the bank only for it to "disappear" moments later when the bank manager invests the money in a money market mutual fund. In a parody of the final weeks of Christ's life, South Park goes into hysterics over the failing economy, but Kyle begins preaching that there is no reason for fear. Due to open in the summer of 2020, Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau is a casual-luxe, 284-room resort nestled in the capital of The Bahamas. [7] "Margaritaville" is also the name of a popular 1977 song by Jimmy Buffett, who has been the butt of South Park humor in the past. Randy steps forward with a solution to fix the desperate financial state everyone finds themselves in. Stan is angry, but the teller asks him to stand aside for customers that actually have money. Just Use The Search Bar At The Top Of The Page To Find The Video Your Looking For Or Just Look Around And See What You Find. Episode ini merupakan episode ke-184 dalam sejarah South Park. Margaritaville Resort Gatlinburg Gatlinburg, TN Margaritaville Resort Orlando Kissimmee, FL Margaritaville Resort Orlando Cottages Kissimmee, FL Margaritaville Beach Resort Hollywood Beach Hollywood, ... Leave your snow boots behind and escape to South Florida with our winter escape offer! In describing the economic elements of the episode, they sought assistance from Stone's father, who works as an economist. "Margaritaville" is a satire and commentary on the global recession affecting much of the industrialized world at the time of the episode's broadcast on March 25, 2009. Directed by Trey Parker. It was the longest shot in South Park history to that point, although it would be surpassed later in the season by "Dances with Smurfs", which featured an 86-second single shot in which a South Park elementary student is murdered while reading the morning announcements.[2]. Watch Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all their foul-mouthed adventures. Michael Theodore "Mickey" Mouse is the icon of The Walt Disney Company, the CEO of Disney, and one of the most recognized animated characters in the world. [15][16] It competed against Robot Chicken, The Simpsons and American Dad! Kyle's mother begs him to stop because he will be in debt for life, but Kyle feels he must to help everybody in the town. 6 accounts per household included. Caine, Images • The news incorrectly acknowledges President Barack Obama for the sacrifices he made and credits him for bringing these improvements in the economy, leaving Kyle flabbergasted. As Stan questions this, one of the treasury workers announces that another insurance company is failing and asks what they should do. Last night's "South Park" took on the economy, which lead to an incredibly convoluted episode that was almost as bizarre as our current financial state. "[4] In its original American broadcast, "Margaritaville" was watched by 2.77 million overall households, according to the Nielsen Media Research, making it the most-watched Comedy Central production of the week. Parker and Stone decided to submit "Margaritaville" for an Emmy Award because they had received a large amount of positive feedback about the episode from adults and older viewers. In a scene resembling that of the Last Supper, Kyle and his friends go out for pizza where he laments that he feels they will not be able to get together like this anymore because he thinks one of his friends will betray him. We'll be talking about what kind of social commentary we want to make and do it right.

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