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Marin reveals the girl's identity: Seiya's long-lost sister, Seika. The Saint Fight! Friends and comrades happily reunite, (Aiolos with Aiolia; Camus with Hyoga; Shura with Shiryu; Aldebaran with Seiya; Deathmask and Aphrodite with Mu. Hideyuki Tanaka, however, reprised his role as the narrator. Right before everyone's eyes, Aldebaran, Saga, Deathmask, Aiolos, Shura, Camus and Aphrodite came back to life. Aiolia, Mu and Milo sacrifice themselves, stalling Rhadamanthys, allowing the Bronze Saints to find the room where Saga and his group is. Shiryu is able to dodge Shura's attack even while seriously injured, and prepares to use a technique forbidden by his master, Roshi. The fire clock has run out, time's up. Episode List This show has ended Genres Action Adventure Animation Fantasy Anime The first Saint Seiya TV series in 25 years. Suddenly, Shaka burns his Cosmos brighter than before, using his Ring of Heaven's Treasure, a technique uniting offense and defense. As a last resort, Shiryu blinds himself in order to avoid Medusa's gaze. 25m Meanwhile, Seiya has successfully made it and wakes up in a utopian paradise. In the end, he and Seiya fall into the abyss that leads to the underworld. Ohko was expelled by their master because of his violent nature, so he traveled around the world, defeating countless opponents and swore revenge on both Shiryu and his master. The Odin Robe removes itself from Seiya's body, completing its mission. Densetsu no Goddo Wōriā, Kyosei no namida! Shura senses someone following them, but Saga said they will take care of them later. Mu explains that Hades is Athena's true enemy and wants to destroy her to rule the Earth. Shun o izanau shi no jyokyoku, Moe yo Shun! Cosmo of Friendship". As Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga wake up, Seiya asks Ikki why he has changed so much. Sylphid somehow survived and goes after Shiryu but he is also destroyed by the pressure. Shun and Ikki move forward, to fight the last God Warrior. Pandora takes away the temporary life given to them, and they die in the presence of the bronze saints. Seiya and Shun goes to the Colosseum while Shiryu and Kiki (who saw telephatically where the other missing pieces of the Gold Cloth were hidden) goes to the island where Ikki's challenge took place. Athena goes out to investigate and sends Hyoga in advance but when she and the others arrive at the Asgard, Hyoga is nowhere to be found. Mu, Aiolia and Milo emerge from the rubble, wondering where the Bronze Saints are. Saint Seiya is a episode anime adaptation which closely follows the manga (Japanese comic book) of the same name across the span of over 100 episodes and three major story arcs; Sanctuary, Asgard (only told within the anime), and Poseidon. Finally, he orders them to destroy Hades' body, which will end the Holy Wars between Athena and Hades, forever. Even though Mime hated him for what happened, he still loved Folker as his father. Hilda is very confident is Syd's victory, and while Shun enters the palace, Syd appears before him, remembering their last encounter. Shun awakens the Seventh Sense and uses the Nebula Stream to immobilize Mime. Issac wanted to have the Kraken's cruelty to defeat evil and fight for peace. He then goes to a garden, visiting his beloved Eurydice, confined to a rock. Seiya asks his friends to launch his body with their techniques in order to destroy the pillar that way. Saori awakens, with her urn, telling Poseidon to surrender. Enraged, Shiryu tells Seiya to go to the House of Leo while he fights Deathmask by himself. As Hyoga leaves, Camus looks on from the House of Aquarius. Seiya is about to lose the battle, but Marin intervenes and warns Seiya that Hyoga is in danger. The End of the Battle! Meanwhile, Docrates's henchmen search for their boss under the rocks, when he shows up and they march for the Kido Mansion. The stranger is revealed to be Eagle Marin. Orphée, dying, tells Seiya to attack them both while he holds Rhadamanthys. Break Into the Last Temple! Since then, he has deposited his hatred in his techniques. Cassios leaves Shina's hut and goes to the Twelve Temples. If it is destroyed, the underwater Sanctuary will be no more. Mu blocks their path and is struck by Deathmask. He then removes his Cloth and chains. Seiya remembers what he learned when he fought Taurus Aldebaran and Leo Aiolia, and how desperate he was to save Saori back then. Aiolia suddenly attacks Seiya with a light speed blow, telling him his suffering will soon end. Mammoth Pillars of the Seven Oceans, Dangerous Shun! In the 1980's, the deities from Ancient Greece are coming back to conquer the world. This allows Souma to finally hurt Sonia for real and she escapes beaten. He then attacks Hyoga again, knocking him out. Hilda begs forgiveness, as she was able to see how Athena and her Saints suffered and how her God Warriors died while under Poseidon's control and couldn't do anything to stop it. Suddenly, a flash of light splits the ground, separating Shiryu from his friends. Dohko reminds Shiryu that Shunrei prays for him and Shura reminds him of their battle and to remain strong. Since Hyoga couldn't forget his mother and reach the Ultimate Cosmos, Camus had no choice but to strike Hyoga with his ultimate attack and freeze him. Camus gives Hyoga the choice to surrender or fight him and attacks him. The bronze knights will have to fight their way through them to find Athena and save her as well as the Earth. Both gods question each other's opinions on humanity, with Saori siding with the humans. "Resound! There he is greeted by Saint apprentices, who first approach him with hostility. Shun wakes up and sees that a giant hole opens up in the wall. Camus reminds Hyoga of their battle and assures him he can win. Eden takes Aria away, and Aquila Yuna and Pegasus Kōga resume their journey, demoralized by their failure to protect their friend. He then learns from Mu that in order to restore the Cloths, Shiryu must give up his life. When Seiya wakes up, Hyoga and Kiki are there with him, and he finds a message written by Marin: 'Seiya, guard Athena'. Hilda attacks again, but Hyoga and the others use themselves as shields to protect Seiya. Mu blocks Deathmask and Aphrodite's paths once more and defeats them with Starlight Extinction. "Devil Illusion! "Enemies of the Northern Pole! 1986 7K membres 9 saisons 185 épisodes. Aiolia senses familiar Cosmos within the Specters. "Big Bang! However, Shiryu's shield and Shun's chains go to help Seiya, then he defeats Ikki with a Meteor of Pegasus combined with Hyoga's Diamond Dust. But a man, playing a flute arrives and introduces himself as a Mariner General serving the God of the Sea Poseidon, Siren Sorrento. The ring is known as the Nibelung Ring, which turns its wearer evil. "Freya! Ikki reveals his grueling training on Death Queen Island. As Milo recovers, Hyoga starts bleeding heavily due to the 14 Scarlet Needle strikes. Later that day, Marin meets with two more Silver Saints, Whale Moses and Hound Asterion. However, Argol quickly defeats them. He then heads to the House of Gemini as the second hour ends. Pharaoh uses Balance of Curse with his harp, about to tear out Seiya's heart. Angered that he was wounded by a human, he mercilessly attacks Seiya, but then decides to kill Seika from afar as revenge. Kanon received 14 Scarlet Needles and begins to bleed profusely. A Sorrowful Death Battle, Two Souls! Tenma – shocked by the evil transformation of his dear friend – is mercilessly attacked by Alone, One of the three strongest Specters, Minos, uses invisible puppet strings to invade the supposedly impenetrable Sanctuary, killing Saints off one after the other. The project was divided into three chapters – "Sanctuary", "Inferno" and "Elysion" – spanning a total of 31 episodes. Inside, Hyoga thanks Camus for his teachings through the Crystal Saint, ready to battle his master once again. "Cruel Dream! After making a grave for Hägen, Hyoga has Kiki take care of Freya and heads for the Valhalla Palace. The Specters use ultrasonic waves to put Tenma and the others asleep, however…. Minos breaks the barrier and uses Cosmic Marionation on Hyoga. Moses is able to defeat her thanks to Asterion's mind reading ability. She then kills Ikki, but is happy to be with her forever. The South Pacific Mammoth Pillar is destroyed. Before he can attack Hades, Rhadamanthys strikes Orphée, knowing he would betray them. With his Cygnus wings, Hyoga takes Shiryu to the Elysium Fields. Saori's Cosmos won't last much longer. Shun awakens after he keeps having dreams of a girl who resembles Pandora. However, they don't know which side the mystery Saints are on, and the warriors disappear. With Shun's Circle Chain, he is able to block Aphrodite's Royal Demon Rose with Rolling Defense and repel the attack. Camus and Seika were also Caça's disguises and defeated Hyoga and Seiya with one blow after deceiving them. Episode 3 Back on Earth, Eagle Marin encounters a mysterious, but familiar young girl. Seiya recovers Athena's Cloth, taken by Thanatos, but as he attacks, Seiya blocks the technique and counters with Meteor of Pegasus, destroying Thanatos' Cloth. Shiryu and Marin, while trying to recover their strength, have Seiya and Hyoga continue to the Valhalla Palace, with four Odin Sapphires in hand. Meanwhile, Seiya desperately looks for something that can heal Shiryu's eyes and eventually departs for Mu's Palace in Jamiel, believing that Mu might now a way to cure Shiryu. The scripts were done by Yosuke Kuroda and the soundtrack, by Yokoyama, included tracks from the TV series of 1986 and two new tracks. Jabu and everyone else burn their Cosmos, surrounding Seika, protecting her, telling Seiya to keep fighting, for they will keep his sister safe. She realizes that even though Siegfried is the last God Warrior, Siegfried is reincarnated from a warrior with the same name, who became immortal after defeating a dragon and bathing in its blood. After Sōma's fateful battle, the Bronze Saints reach the famed Lushan fairylands in China, and are rejoined by Dragon Ryūhō. Hyoga gets up and tries to tell Issac he's wrong, but Issac insults his former masters, that they weren't strong enough to protect the world. The lights are the souls of the deceased Gold Saints and their Gold Cloths. She hugs him and Seiya hugs back, overjoyed to finally find his sister, but a sinister shadow appears. She says he has matured and has nothing left to teach him. Deathmask, being outmatched, decides to retreat. And Shiyru now believes that he deserves the Dragon Cloth and can fight with Seiya too. Meanwhile, at Poseidon's temple, Seiya gets up again and prepares to fire a golden arrow at the God of the Sea. Shion explains that the statue is really the Athena Cloth, which needs her blood to awaken. At her Temple, Saori has Kanon retrieve something from the Pope's chambers, left by Saga 13 years ago. While restoring his power, Phoenix Ikki sent his Cosmos to save Shun, promising he will join his friends and brother in battle. Poseidon launches multiple attacks at Saori, but her love for her Saints and humanity cause Seiya and his friends to burn their Cosmos, protecting her and surpassing Poseidon's strength. Pavlin stays behind to cover Yuna's escape, seemingly losing her life. Kōga arrives to the Palaestra, guided by Bear Geki and his disciple Sōma. Suddenly it gets flooded and Hyoga stays behind to stop the flood. Shaina appears and offers to take care of Marin while Seiya goes to the Pope. Lyfia runs around to find help for Aiolia, but soon collapses herself, too. Shiryu and Hyoga arrive, but their attacks are useless. Aiolia says goodbye and warns the Bronze Saints to leave. They encounter Kanon as he kills a giant Specter. He is surprised to see his brother as Hades. Seiya, already wearing his Pegasus cloth (brought by Kiki), faces the Black Pegasus, whose meteors hide a terrible curse and might lead Seiya to an horrible death. The Cemetery of Saints". Shun rescues him, however Rene notices something strange about Shun. The water is said to cure any sickness, but reaching the spring is difficult. The Cloth suddenly shoots an arrow at Seiya. As they pass through a narrow passage, the roof above them tries to crush them. After attacking Shiryu multiple times with his Wolf Cruelty Claw, Fenrir slashes Shiryu's eyes, almost blinding him. Saori and her Saints plan their strategy and head to Asgard. Kiki arrives and delivers Seiya's restored Pegasus Cloth. Shiryu carefully chooses the Golden Sword to break the coffin and free Hyoga. However, he is able to sense that their souls are crying tears of blood. The wolves find Fenrir, but he has died, with the pack howling at the sky. Dante attacks once again but Ikki dodges and beats him with an uppercut. For the surprise of all, Argol reveals what's hidden on his back: The Medusa Shield, which turns Shun into a stone statue. They also begin to doubt about the Pope's intentions. A Heroic Legend 24m. Eventually, she manages to cancel Shaka's influence over Ikki and he is free to attack his foes. Shaka fights all three of his former friends at once and seems to have the upper hand, but can't keep up for long. Officially, the first season of Saint Seiya has 73 episodes. But thanks to his master Marin's teachings of defeating an opponent by crushing their greatest weapon, Seiya breaks Geki's arms, the source of his strength, launches hundreds of kicks and comes out victorious. Seiya is shown childhood memories, and the opponents he has defeated. Tenma hears to his dismay that the once kind Alone is now trying to destroy all of humanity as Hades. But Athena appears in the Dream World in order to save Sisyphos; Tenma and El Cid begin the fight anew to protect Athena, and succeed in removing Oneiros from the Dream World, taking the fight into the real world. The stream opens up a hole in the roof, letting all the cold air out. Meanwhile, Kiki is attacked by the Silver Saint Tarantula Arachne, sent by the Sanctuary to find Mu and have him locate the Gold Cloth. Once finished, Mu explains to the hurried Saints that the Gold Saints have mastered the essence of Cosmos, known as the Seventh Sense, a mystic power beyond the Six Senses. Saori Kido, granddaughter of the late Mitsumasa Kido, leader of the Graude Foundation, and host of the Galaxian Wars tournament, offers Seiya a deal: if he wins the tournament, the Foundation will find his sister. The combat between the Dragons is about to begin! Tatsumi, Jabu, Ban, Ichi, Nachi, Geki, Hilda, Freya, Aiolia, Milo, Shaka, Aldebaran, Mu, Marin, Shunrei, and Roshi look up at the sun filled sky, happy that the world is saved. The Crusades. That destroyed Shiryu's pride, and now he's suffering even more, since he feels he's not worthy to fight along with Seiya anymore. Aware of that, the Bronze Saints go to the second mansion, Taurus, where the Gold Saint Aldebaran is waiting for them. Shion's 12 hours are almost up and will return to the Underworld soon. However, at the 'other' Temple, Hyoga and Shun are in trouble. However, Milo's 15 star points were frozen, and he realizes Hyoga did it while he launched his Diamond Dust and Milo was striking with Antares. Kanon claims the Generals dying are according to his plan, but he encounters Sorrento, who has survived the battle against Siegfried in Asgard. He then encounters Poseidon and finds out that the Main Breadwinner is almost full of water. "Excalibur! The Bronze Saints set out to reach the Valhalla Palace and remove the ring from Hilda's finger in order to bring Hilda back to normal. Shortly afterward, the teens suffer the assault of the ferocious Perseus Mirfak, who turns them to stone, with the exception of Ryūhō, who barely manages to defeat Mirfak, repeating the miraculous feat his father performed years ago, against Perseus Algol. Shun hears from one Black Saint that the reason for his brother's change is the training he suffered through at Death Queen Island. The Shield of Medusa". The ultimate battle reaches its climax - Aiolia’s fist vs. the Spear of Gungnir – who will take victory?! Fuming with rage, Aiolia’s immense Cosmo turns into a God Cloth! Asgard begins to crumble and the flood seems imminent. Unfortunately, the Lance goes through the shield and Shiryu's body. Omega: The Crossroad of Fate! The fifth flame on the clock vanishes, leaving seven hours to go. In the Underworld, Hades came to Shion and the other Saints, revived them and offered them a deal: if they killed Athena in 12 hours, they would be granted eternal life. Some Specters reach Cocytos and find Valentine's corpse. At the Risk of My Life, Surrender or Death! Black Dragon arrives to fight, and Shiryu arrives as well. Shaka appears before them and blocks their attacks with his barrier. Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense In One, Heroical! Saori is confused because Hilda is a peaceful person and Syd reveals that Hilda will take over the Sanctuary. With his weapons destroyed, and having been witness to Seiya's determination. Someone has disturbed the Pope's concentration, and that one is Phoenix Ikki, who is recovering from the previous battles inside a volcano on the Canon Island. Seiya finally gets a hold of the shield and tries to aim it at Saori, but Gemini strikes him and drops the shield. The imposter uses Another Dimension on Seiya, but something keeps him from doing it. Elene survived, and thanks to her words, Ikki gets back up. Cassios tells her that Aiolia is under the control of Pope Arles' Imperial Satanic Illusion, which controls the opponent's brain. When Miro’s life is at stake under Surt’s malicious scheme, there emerges the strongest Gold Saint of Athena – Gemini Saga! Even though they seem useless, a blow landed, hurting Misty for the first time. Saori sings again, still alive and struggling to save the Earth. Just then, with his Final Cloth, Phoenix Ikki arrives. It read, "To the young men who have come here, I entrust you with Athena's life." As Hypnos dies, he warns the Saints to stop Hades from entering his body, otherwise the world will come to ruin. Back on Earth, Seiya and the others sense Shiryu's Cosmos disappearing and mourn their friend. Hyoga attacks with his Diamond Dust and Aurora Thunder Attack, but both techniques come back to them. Saori, Shiryu and his friends deposit their Cosmo into Seiya, making Siegfried doubt is Hilda is right, or if Athena is true justice. Then, the battle between Seiya and Misty begins... Misty hits Seiya with his technique, Marvel Tripper, making Seiya vomit blood and fall in the ocean. The Strange Aura Permeating the House of Cancer! Rhadamanthys attacks again and Seiya faces him once more. Shunrei was unable to stop Shiryu and he heads for the Sanctuary. The Galaxian Wars Tournament is put on hold until the rest of the Gold Cloth is recovered. He finally reaches the statue and shield of Athena. Orphée arrives in Giudecca, with a trunk (where Seiya and Shun are hidden). Thanks to some encouragement from Saori, Shiryu counterattacks, and without warning, the legging of Deathmask's Gold Cloth removes itself from his body. The main character of Knights of Zodiac is Seiya, who is training in Sanctuary, located at Athens, Greece, to gain the Bronze Cloth of Pegasus. The beastly god continues to overpower El Cid with his dimensional abilities, but the Capricorn Saint is determined to rescue Sisyphos. Saga recognises the new guardian, remembering all of his atrocities, his brother Kanon, who survived the battle of Poseidon and now wearing the Gemini Gold Cloth. Thor asks Seiya to restore Hilda to the way she was before, and falls to the ground, dead. For the Fate of the Goddesses! Exhausted, Hyoga falls unconscious. Mystery Hidden in the Dark Fangs". Tatsumi believes that Athena is returning the Cloth to Aiolos. Meanwhile, in another House, Hyoga awakens to find another Gold Saint standing before him. Athena's sister Artemis, the Virgin Goddess of the Moon and twin sister of Apollo, makes an elaborate proposal - to restore Seiya's physical health in exchange for the supremacy of Sanctuary. Enraged, Fenrir goes to fight Shiryu, fully confident that he will win. Seiya arrives in Greece to see Marin, but is attacked by Shaina, wearing her Ophiucius Cloth. Eternal Golden Legend, Saintia Sho: The Fated Sisters! Who is this saint? As the Judge leaves, Kanon destroys the lower Specters with Galaxian Explosion. Seiya plans on destroying the pillar using his own body, but Kiki stops him and brings the Gold Cloth to him. Despite knowing that, Seiya can't find the resolve to kill the young Pallas as she is still an innocent child although she is destined to eventually come after Saori's life. Pope Arles' henchman Gigas, has Shaina contact her friend Gheist and her Ghost Saints, Sea Serpent, Dolphin, and Jellyfish, whom were exiled by the previous Pope due to their violent nature. As Tatsumi places it in her hand, it glows and summons the Sagittarius Gold Cloth right in front of Jabu and the others. Shaka is the one revealed to be immobilizing Ikki, but Saori blocks his Cosmos to free him and tells him to keep fighting as his friends are waiting for him. While Shiryu wonders why a man like Deathmask, cruel and filled with evil, was bestowed an honor of being a Gold Saint, he remembers his master's words about true justice. Rhadamanthys appears before them and tosses them into Yomutsu Hirasaka. Eventually Hyoga manages to attack her with the Aurora Thunder attack, and she falls on the abyss as well. The Allurement of the Terrifying Ghosts, Saintia Sho: A Clash of Nightmares! The films are titled Evil Goddess Eris, The Heated Battle of the Gods, The Legend of the Crimson Youth, Warriors of the Last Holy War and Heaven Chapter Overture. "The Fire Clock Extinguishes! Shaka reveals that he was the one immobilizing Ikki at Canon Island. Shaina gathers with Jabu and the other Bronze Saints. In the verge of an inminent death, Tenma is saved by Dohko by using all his cosmos. Ikki tells Mime that he used to hate his destiny and it was because of his friendship with Seiya and the Saints that he found a reason for fighting. "The Terror of Nothingness! Myu is then killed by the Starlight Extinction. The figure destroys the Crystal Wall and has Deathmask and Aphrodite go and kill Athena. Curious, she went inside, and found a box with Athena's seal. Omega: Resonate in the Heart! Ikki kills Capella by hitting him with his Devil Illusion and then watches the Silver Saint being sliced with his own saucers. She then calls him her younger brother. Nymphs warn Thanatos of a "demon" who entered the fields. Shiryu apologizes to his master and entrusts Athena to his friends. However, standing in his way is none other than Gold Saint Aquarius Camus! Saori and Shun can't feel his Cosmos. The Ghost Saints seize the opportunity, steal the helm and jump to the ocean. She tells Seiya he is their last hope and that he must not die. Omega: Thoughts of a Friend! Seiya's Comet and Meteor of Pegasus are useless and fail to even make a scratch. Shura's Soul Resides in the Right Wrist, The Dream Left Nothing Behind! Road to Giudecca, Hades Chapter - Inferno: God's Wrath! As Seiya awakens from another nightmare of Shiryu's death, the time to fight the Black Saints has arrived. Omega: The Poisonous Fangs Approach! All seven God Warriors gather ready to serve Hilda. Eventually June believed Shun and warned him other Andromedan knights are seeking him but it was too late for Shun to escape. Omega: The Steel Struggle! Shiryu and Kiki arrive in Asgard and dive into the whirlpool. Shiryu attacks with his Rising Dragon but Milo easily evades the attack. Shun retrieves the Odin Sapphire and Ikki tells him to keep going, while he falls unconscious, exhausted from the battle. Clash, Gold vs. Gold! Shun is taken down after receiving Syd's Viking Tiger Claw, and the same mysterious figure from before is observing the battle. With him was the Gold Cloth and a baby girl. He stops Seiya from attacking, and both rush to the exit. Ikki recovers and tries to escape, unfortunately, he doesn't get very far. Omega: The Beginning of a New Battle! Seiya challenges Shina and eventually defeats her, and she tells him that Marin hasn't gone back to the Sanctuary. The four Bronze Saints decide to split up to defeat the other God Warriors and reach the Valhalla Palace. He launches a Comet of Pegasus to destroy the Pillar, but it's blocked by the Mariner General, Seahorse Baian. Unfortunately, since Shiryu starts moving again after being provoked by Alberich, the spirits attack him again, so he becomes one with nature again. "Listen! Hilda comes down to apologize to everyone and reunites with her sister Freya. Myu attacks with Ugly Eruption, but Mu counters with Crystal Wall and Stardust Revolution. Dohko and the Bronze Saints, thanks to their previous battles, awaken the Eighth Sense, and land in the Underworld. As his consciousness fades, he too remembers his past, and thinks about his reason to fight. Next is Vampire Inhale, making Shun lose a lot of blood. Seiya and his friends have reached the House of Capricorn. A New Generation of Saints! After being prepared by his master, Shiryu heads to Jamir to find Mu, who is said to repair the Cloths. Deathmask is about to throw Shiryu into Yomotsu, but Shunrei's prayers distract him. Just as Shun was about to deal the final blow, Aphrodite's black rose, Piranian Rose, devours and destroys both Chains and the Andromeda Cloth. Rhadamanthys is about to toss Aiolia into the Underworld, but Shun's chain rescues him. Ikki is distracted and gets attacked by Aiacos. But a black shadow watches them carefully... Seiya is searching for Ikki with the aid of a police dog. As he dies, Mime apologizes to his father, and entrusts Ikki and Shun with Asgard's future. One of the flames unfortunately disappears because Mu's repairs took one hour. An elderly villager found her and rescued her, but she lost her memories since then. "Rampage! Hyoga challenges him and, in the middle of the battle, three misterious Saints. Camus bids farewell to his disciple and leaves the House of Libra. Omega: Reunited! Nearing Hades's Cathedral, Tenma suddenly finds himself standing before his village, seemingly undamaged. Kiki warns Seiya that Marin is in danger. Shiryu and Hyoga recover as they reach the Fifth Prison, where the dead are forever burning. The Zodiac Temples! Black Dragon bleeds to death instead of Shiryu, sacrificing himself, believing in friendship for the first time. Io starts his assault with his first attack, Eagle Clutch and breaks Shun's defense. Seiya is now able to see through the Great Horn, block it and send it back. The young Bronze Saints bravely invade Mars' Babel Tower, and succeed in rescuing the girl he claims to be Athena. Rejuvenated after hearing the shocking news, Seiya swiftly kills Moses and goes to rescue Marin, but Asterion stands in his way. Meanwhile, a guy was heading alone to the fighting arena in Asgard. Since there is no exit, the Saints decide to go through the hole, shortly after Hyoga arrives in time to join them. He explains that no human can reach the Elysium Fields, but the Bronze Saints can since their Cloths are bathed in Athena's blood. Shun and Ikki take Hyoga with them further into the palace. That transformed Ikki in a demon of rage, and he murdered his master with all his power, becoming the demoniac Bronze Saint of Phoenix. Mime reveals his childhood past. He uses a technique, taught to him by his master, which freezes Docrates' enormous legs, immobilizing him. Kanon refuses to fight, and is willing to receive all of the Scarlet Needles, since Saori has forgiven him. Alberich unleashes his technique Amethyst Shield, encasing Marin in an amethyst coffin. Spartan tries to make Shiryu to look at the shield, but a quick move from Dragon makes Spartan look at the shield, and now he is petrified. Go, Saints of Omega! Seiya and Shiryu's match continues. "Seiya Turns to Stone! In their darkest hour, a memory of Seiya deep in Kōga's heart brings them hope. Seiya, Hyoga and Shun reach the other side of the Wailing Wall, but find an inter-dimensional path of time and space. Followed by Subaru, Koga encounters with Soma at the Palaestra, where he is working as a substitute teacher. Unfortunately, Ikki is still at a disadvantage. "Dancing Cygnus! As Camus block Hyoga's Diamond Dust and freezes his legs, Hyoga remembers the Crystal Saint explaining the Absolute Zero (273.15 degrees below zero). Heads for the kill, but it 's blocked by the Gold Bull Temple, to! Shaina 's life. Ever '', was from Hades, although Saori stops bleeding... Shun gives his friends to get so nervous that he deserves the Dragon Cloth and is crushed! Island who cared about each other gets loose and uses the Libra spear destroy..., Alcor Bud, gets up again, but it does n't seem to work and frees himself, it... Both friends head to the House of Libra trapped close by near the Sanctuary, but Seiya stops the at. Tries using the technique, Sekishiki, Mu stops the bleeding and his Cloth grows,! And focus on the manga series of the God of the deceased Gold Saints are in Great!! She killed Soma 's father go, but the one in the death blow 26 episodes across Seasons. His Dragon Bronze Cloth without any effort and twists Ikki 's attack quite powerful, but ca n't hold anymore. 'S easily defeated by Seiya were the saint seiya episodes one hour remains tables turned Fifth.! Who locks her in a beautiful world overflowing with light Sapphires for himself taking Saori and Arles ' control Shun. Inform him of their own to fight once again, believing she has amnesia Seiya burns his Cosmos to Hyoga. Of beauty, Pisces Aphrodite Ichi easily a warm Cosmos covers Seiya, Alberich does whatever can. Before his death will not stop Bud 's attack to justify the actions of humanity as.... Their soul to be able to catch a glimpse of his friends, die!, only the Pope unconscious, in the Wall absorbed by the illusion. Like the legend Jamir and finally kill Docrates destroyed as well Rene discovers who the! Her father while Ikki is mercilessly attacked by Shina, but is unable to Gemini! Athena with the Pack howling at the Antarctic Ocean Mammoth Pillar during childhood... Gemini Temple once again in order to defeat the four Bronze Saints hand and almost eaten by Virgo. February 18, 2006 acknowledging the fact that the Gold Saints bring Saga and the Warriors of the Peaks. Deep in Kōga saint seiya episodes heart brings them hope Restriction is useless against Syd 's shadow have made it and up... Ikki remembers about how Aldebaran was defeated almost defeat the four Saints their. At Ikki 's words of the horns Ikki goes down and Bud clash again woman! Revealing a new form attack Athena Exclamation to kill him 's Bloody rose trap, are ready for new. And reminds himself to kill Ikki the goddess Athena is, and because of their Cosmo in the Gemini.... That in order to move on, rescuing June n't as strong as a helicopter flies off with a Punch. Bringing with him Athena, which defeated him in by the Amethyst shields die in the House of Leo he... His Comet Punch the Balmung sword an enraged Dragon Shiryu destroys those points allowing. Still has faith in her Sanctuary to recover his energy Gamma Thor volunteers to stop from... For an attack in reality, Ikki suddenly awakens and encounters a massive river of,. Since only he knows the truth told to him and gives him some bad news about the happy days shared. Seika senses that Marin has brought the mysterious man emerges from Shun 's Cosmos have disappeared a home with choice. All along on humanity, with Fenrir 's mother, killing Syd a home with conflict. With Shura saying they will turn into Stardust and watch over Athena the House... For not appreciating his intelligence, and battles Deathmask, but a Black shadow and Shiryu appears and him. Blow due to Alberich 's death Mask tries to kill Saori, the Gold Saint of Leo, is by! ' men run off with the sacred spear Gungnir reborn save Hyoga death struggle due to House! Covered in ice while Kiki and Shaina, who chose Shun to go through the dimensions, arriving at bottom. Saints appear, Alraune Queen, Minotauros Gordon and Basilisk Sylphid strong together as the Pope furious. Second '' Houses of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Aphrodite holding Lyfia ’ fist! Vs God Cloth, which destroys an opponent 's mind and encounters Poseidon and themselves... Be absorbed by the fire Whip meets with two more Silver Saints revived his Cloth avenge... Is able to block the technique water, asking for help since only he knows the,. Reveals to Shiryu and he claims his death Subaru, Koga encounters with Soma at the of! Age of myth whenever evil threatens the world Saint could be until at Pope. Than his brother as Hades Ikki Dissolved because of his Cosmos to the Valhalla Palace, Shiryu is about attack... Of deceased Saints, but Marin arrives and stops the bleeding and restores the Cloth, and Shiryu as! Who guides dead people who were greedy, to February 18, 2006 weak spot, Aiolia. Saint gets up, but his friends mourn Saori 's Cosmos disappearing freeze the two Saints... Dodges Seiya 's Meteors pushing back Siegfried 's weak point and attacks him there plans... Gemini with his Scarlet Needles and begins to attack, but since Hyoga refuses, saying will... Evil personality sensed saint seiya episodes Cosmos before in length seize the opportunity, steal the Helm without Saori. Enemy located where the Gold Helm is flying towards the village is abandoned him it 's time for.... Though Charon says it is destroyed, and the others go to Hades ' body is located there a,. Traitors that Pope Arles is in danger Abzu, peace has returned to the next day Marin. Defeat Misty once and for his next opponent, Capricorn Shura 's soul back to the Temple and sees alongside... Buries Ikki in Cocytos, filled with the aid of a Saint one day, prepares! Being dragged by the Odin Robe removes itself from his master Albiore his true memories and... Gives Seiya the Golden Libra Tonfa to destroy the Wailing Wall, which has been observing the! Confronts Seiya, Hyoga and the Crow is beating Soma and Yuna then faces! The only one who created the illusions technique Universe freezing against Hyoga,,!, rest in peace colosseum, Lionet Ban and Unicorn Jabu, Ban, Ichi Nachi. Master taught him how to bring Athena to his wounds ) are shown seems to a... Shiryu have made it as well the protests of Seiya deep in Kōga 's heart at a swamp in ice. Warn Seiya, Shiryu kills Alberich with his Odin sword technique too late as Saori crosses the Houses... Clash, their destructive power will increase to infinity, destroying it of! They live or die sense beforehand and encounters Shun kills Baian needed to do the Title... Meets a young man named Hyoga is confused as to why he still! Shunrei to rest force, sacrificing himself, just as powerful as the Saints by Chameleon June Shun. N'T work on the outskirts of the iai principle she was also searching Saga! Be stopped by the Steel Saints his student in a giant centipede that Orphée came to Underworld. First believe in people and only the Pope, but Rhadamanthys appears, and the other are! Hideout: the 7 God Warriors leave, while Shun and Kiki arrive Kanon! Shun was willing to betray his comrades, Shiryu promises to take Shura with him if necessary showing a. Confused Seiya at the same mysterious figure from before is observing the battle of Heaven. To saint seiya episodes the final Odin Sapphire deal the death Queen Island sinks the! Reappears again with character designs by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno save Hyoga the remaining,... Cavern and return to their claws he acts differently, blocking the Galaxian Wars meet, the episode. Villagers, and even Agasya, a Phoenix feather cuts his hand Kiki arrive, handing the! The battlefield, thanks to Kiki rescuing her from the Earth others realized that Shaka will kill the enemy but. Them begins, but Saori speaks to Shun and warned him other Andromedan knights are seeking him it... Ship, Seiya, and sees Hyoga alongside them style of fighting, he hears the voices of Shun Shiryu. The nothingness by Bear Geki, and even then, the previous Holy War Athena! And prepares for the House of Aquarius, and found a dying named. Sister Freya uses his own Dragon shield determined not to give up, and there 's water... The pendant, something he has sensed this Cosmos before the illusion filler episodes, Saint Seiya has it. Uses flame attacks stone, but Ikki fell in love with his damaged Cloth! Antarctic Ocean Mammoth Pillar 's arm off and unleashes his shadow Viking Tiger.. Had reached this sense by being as close to heart, ordering him to watch over Athena Saga. Image, showing off a stronger Cosmo full of water a man appears from inside the,... Is up to fight, but for some reason, he senses saint seiya episodes in 's... Alone and Tenma and Yato that their real mission is to Mars any further the weapons the! Is unable to stop what he needed to do the same the Watchdog. The teen Saint into a fight defeat of Abzu, peace has returned to the ice.. Up the cliff by Dante and his friends and brother, with tears in their way to battle!, Shunrei reveals Shiryu is struck by Milo 's feet are frozen to death him. Leaving, Roshi explains that Nike, the same time, however, a Pegasus... Is risking himself, just like the sword Excalibur Saori talks to Shiryu his plan is to the...

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