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20 Jan 2021

The total allowed weight of HHG that may be shipped and placed in NTS is 18,000 pounds IAW DOD Joint Travel Regulation, Volume II (JTR) , Paragraph C5154.B. Storage--Non-Temporary. Further, you are not entitled to ship items back to the continental U.S. for non-temporary storage. CIVILIAN. Storage also may be authorized for subsequent service or tours of duty at the same or other overseas permanent duty station. Non-Temporary Storage (NTS): NTS at Government expense may be authorized for a period of not to exceed the length of the tour of duty plus 1 month prior to the time the tour begins. Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance … But due to stop movement they cannot proceed to new PDS. The JTR also prescribes Temporary Duty (TDY) weight allowance based on the member’s rank. Effective Dec 1, 2014, key provisions were removed from the JTR which had allowed continued Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) at government rates for retirees and separates beyond their entitlement. 16. What constitutes official travel? Storage--Temporary. At the member's option, with weight & shipment caveat subject to the Transportation Office approval per JTR, par. Please visit or contact your local personal property office if you have any further weight allowance questions. • … (a) References Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) (b) Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series) B.3. Counselors/technicians must ensure both pickup addresses are in the same local area/state. Non-Temporary Storage Release (NTSR): The release from the storage facility of long-term storage on official military orders.Must have a physical address to conduct a NTSR. JTR move is authorized only from the residence from which the Sailor commuted daily to the permanent duty station to another residence or from non-temporary storage to Government or private-sector housing. Additionally, you may be entitled to either temporary storage known as Storage-In-Transit (SIT) or long term storage known as Non-Temporary Storage (NTS). For further information about the availability of entitlements to assist with a move, please contact your local transportation office. The Army has changed its policy for non-temporary storage costs charged to Soldiers retiring or separating from service. Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) of Household Goods (HHG) in ... FTR §302-8.200-203) (JTR, par. Personal Property Counselor, 02/2020 to Current United States Air Force – Offutt AFB, NE. Knowledge of JTR Joint Travel Regulations and DTR Defense Travel Regulations. Under the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) … Review official orders to determine transportation entitlements. Non-Temporary Storage (NTS): Long-term HHG storage in lieu of transportation. A publication that contains travel and transportation allowances for the DOD civilian employees traveling on official orders. 053714 for more detailed information on a temporary change of station. 310 10-12 309 09-12 308 08-12 307 07-12 306 06-12 305 The first step during a passenger service counseling session. Examine travel orders. BRANCH OFFICE NEW ORLEANS, LA Remote (Telephonic/E … See the JTR, par. This will help estimate how many days it will take to pack and load your personal property. Storage--Non-Temporary (Continuous) Allowed if cannot use household goods at post: 15. Houses in Korea are generally smaller than house in the US. Storage Temporary government storage facilities are NOT available at Misawa AB. 5. Complete pickup and delivery (city/state) addresses, email address, contact numbers, desired pack and pickup dates and alternates dates. Upon receipt of orders, individuals must decide which household goods (HHG) are to be shipped and which are to be placed in non-temporary storage (NTS). ALLOWANCE. Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) Not authorized: 17. Details: The civilian employee may be authorized a house hunting trip, temporary quarters subsistence expense, property management services and non-temporary storage for HHG. 060103-C, Table 6-5, and Table 6- 7 to clarify that the USD (P&R) is not required to approve a non-foreign OCONUS safe haven when the United States is identified as the safe haven location and to clarify submission requirements for requests to evacuate to an alternate safe haven located in a foreign location. Members with full weight entitlements must bring their essential household goods; i.e. A temporary change of station is not authorized for Service members. 310. Command sponsored families are authorized 50% of your normal JTR weight allowance while unaccompanied personnel are authorized only 25%. Storage--Temporary. Instead, we recommend that you use your non-temporary storage entitlement at the departing location. It applies to the seven uniformed services (i.e., Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps, and Public Health Service Commissioned Corps). NTS is authorized under section 0518-B. Non-Foreign OCONUS PCS JTR, par JTR 054208 Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense Lump-Sum (TQSE-Lump Sum) is limited to 30 days. 3. There is currently no authorization to extend beyond this timeframe. 19. There is NO entitlement for Marines who executed orders under the previous AWL to now ship additional property or to release property from Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) for shipment to Japan. The JTR implements policy and laws establishing travel and transportation allowances. A form used to request services for non temporary storage lots. You will be offered government appliances and furniture; you may select the items to compliment what you send in household goods. What would be allowed for a foreign assignment. b. The non-temporary Storage – Release (NTS-R) application must not be used for movement of the NTS Lot. I PCS'd OCONUS, shipped only a small amount of stuff (thank God) and put the rest in Non-Temporary Storage back in the US. DD Form 1164 . Ref: (a) Joint Travel Regulations, Uniformed Service Members and DoD Civilian Employees, current edition (b) Defense Transportation Regulation, Part IV, Personal Property (DTR 4500.9-R) (c) SECNAV M-5210.1 (d) Defense Travel Management Office Letter PDTATAC/vap/RR1403, August 25, 2014 (e) DoD Directive 5158.04 “U.S. NON-TEMPORARY STORAGE (NTS) (CONUS) (UNI: 37 USC §476(d)) (CIV: 5 USC §5726(c)) Only when transferred to an isolated PDS. Local moves may be performed as specified in JTR, pars. Moving with family? 4. 1482 a(c)(2). What would be allowed for a foreign assignment. There is no authority for non-emergency storage of a POV when on a permanent or temporary assignment; however, an agency may approve storage for a POV when an employee is assigned a temporary change of station in support of a contingency operation as defined in 10 U.S.C. 17. These moves cannot be charged to evacuation-funding appropriations. The JTR prescribes the maximum Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) weight allowances that you can ship and/or store at Government expense based on the member’s rank and dependency status. 054306-B) Time Limitation for Eligibility Termination and Extension . Right Person, Right Place, Right Time Acronym Listing (2 of 2) NTS – Non-Temporary Storage OCONUS – Outside the Continental United States (Europe, Asia etc.) 3d. JTR Vol.2 & the DSSR The governing documents for Official Travel and Foreign Area Allowances such as LQA, TQSA and Post Allowances are the Joint Travel Regulation Volume 2 (JTR) and the Department of State Standardized Regulation (DSSR). JTR – Joint Travel Regulation ... other U.S. territories) Right Person, Right Place, Right Time Acronym Listing (2 of 2) NTS – Non-Temporary Storage OCONUS – Outside the Continental United States (Europe, Asia etc.)

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