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20 Jan 2021

All things are in, harmony with his laws. The point he is making is that the dust of the earth is obedient. Helaman chapter 12 is a discourse on just this subject. Mormon expressed it so well when he said, 'Behold, they do not desire that the Lord their God, who hath created them, should rule and reign over them' (Hel. The same was in the beginning with God. Helaman 12:15 reads, “according to his word the earth goeth back, and it appeareth unto man that the sun standeth still; yea, and behold, this is so; for surely it is the earth that moveth and not the sun.”. I would buy a little guide book when I first arrived at the museum and read through it before I went to see the exhibits so I could understand what I was going to see, something about the artists, and the work itself. But the real thing is the scripture themselves. Are we worth less than the dust of the earth, or do we have great intrinsic worth as heirs of God? This analogy may help to demonstrate how much better it is to read the Bible rather than just read a commentary: "When I used to travel on business, if I had any spare time, I liked to go to art museums. (Alma 62:41.) Less than the dust of the earth aphar (7-8), quoting Mosiah 2.22-25. It is the test that, if we survive, will perhaps take some of the punishments that this prophet said would be necessary to bring us back to our knees and seek for the Lord to guide and direct us." 24 And may God grant, in his great fulness, that men might be brought unto repentance and good works, that they might be restored unto grace for agrace, according to their works. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.' 20:26; Mosiah 23:21; D&C 98:21; 101:8. 22:2; Mosiah 4:6. Mormon helps us to understand this doctrine. They will teach the commentary instead of the scriptures. (Helaman 12:1-2.)" Quick to boast 10. in apprehension how like a god! (Helaman 12: 2-3. We would naturally think that we would respond in kind, that we would be obedient, faithful, humble and grateful. Frequent revelation is not just for prophets – it’s available to you, too. The most reliable sources we have from … Helaman was reminding his sons of the importance of the words of the Prophets and Remembering the Lord their God. Ask the brethren why they do this, and the ready reply will be, 'Is it not my privilege to find a gold mine, or a silver mine, as well as others?' Divine chastening, however, is a form of learning as it is administered at the hands of a loving Father. Helaman 12:13–15 — Mormon’s Cosmic View and Imagery. (Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward, p. 55), "'And thus we see that except the Lord doth chasten his people with many afflictions, they will not remember him.' is this quintessence of dust? They'll read the commentaries as a substitute for the real thing. Accordingly, Helaman 12 represents Mormon's commentary on this time period of vacillation. THE BOOK OF HELAMAN. 13 Yea, and if he say unto the earth—Move—it is moved. The last several chapters have shown how quickly the Nephites would switch from righteousness to wickedness. Deut. 59:7; Jer. 18 And behold, if a man hide up a treasure in the earth, and the Lord shall say—Let it be accursed, because of the iniquity of him who hath hid it up—behold, it shall be accursed. There is a spirit in them that, if we're open to it, will not only help us to understand but will also give us the witness that these things are true. Elijah asked, 'How long halt ye between two opinions' (1 Kgs 18:21). The scriptures tell us exactly how God controls the elements-by the power of his voice. (Church News 01/01/94), Humans are, by nature, inconsistent. Once rooted in a person's heart, pride sets the stage for spiritual downfall: unrighteous thoughts that spring up from within can lead to an unwillingness to be submissive or to follow counsel. It's called the "lamentation or wisdom literature." We have been forgetting God, and we have turned aside from His teachings, and we are paying a terrible price. God, on the other hand, exhibits no unsteadiness. (Journal of Discourses, p. 36-39), the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men, at the very time when he doth prosper his people...they do harden their hearts, except the Lord doth chasten his people...they will not remember him, how slow are they to remember the Lord their God, they do not desire that the Lord their God...should rule and reign over them, how great is the nothingness of the children of men, surely it is the earth that moveth and not the sun, if a man hide up a treasure in the earth, and the Lord shall say-Let it be accursed. "What a piece of work is a man! action how like, an angel! The second and less obvious implication is that the process of creation takes place by the power of the spoken word. Ironically, the religion of the day considered such doctrine heresy. About 7 B.C. (Leviticus 26:9.) The most famous scripture which teaches this is John 1:1-3, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (Conference Report, Apr. Isn't that a terrible indictment, and yet that is happening before us today. These verses provide a subtle but certain assurance that the prophet educator Mormon like many of the ancient spiritual leaders, was anything but primitive in his … (Conference Report, Apr. Everywhere you look you find law and order, the elements obeying the law given to them, true to, their calling. ☼ Helaman 12:4: O how foolish, and how vain, and how evil, and devilish, and how quick to do iniquity, and how slow to do good, are the children of men; yea, how quick to hearken unto the words of the evil one, and to set their hearts upon the vain things of the world! Helaman 11:36-37 Repentance is short-lived. (Journal of Discourses, vol. In brief, Helaman and his band marched in the 26th year of the reign of the judges (c. 66 BC) to the western part of the land of the Nephites and there joined the existing Nephite forces. 4:35; Moses 1:10. I have at times sought it by singular effort, in times of great need, and it has come. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. Everything in the universe obeys the law given unto it, so far as I know, except man. As Nephi reminds us, 'And now, my beloved brethren, after ye have gotten into this strait and narrow path, I would ask if all is done? . Read this week's KnoWhy connected … In the midst of adversity, we can find help and peace by following the words of the prophets and remembering the Lord. Nephi, Lehi, and others had “many revelations daily” (Helaman 11:23). Helaman 12:15, in particular, has been viewed as indicating that Mormon had a heliocentric view of the cosmos. Foolish 2. 23 Therefore, blessed are they who will repent and hearken unto the voice of the Lord their God; for these are they that shall be saved. Can both of these things be true simultaneously? Once commanded, the elements respond to the priesthood of the great Creator, and obey as commanded. Helaman 12 Mormon’s Editorial. This chain of mountains has been followed from the north to the south, and its various spurs have been prospected, and what do they find? Amen. or "how exactly is it done?" Pride causes a hardened heart and spiritual deafness, both of which can ultimately lead to a host of more serious sins. 20 And behold, if the Lord shall say unto a man—Because of thine iniquities, thou shalt be accursed aforever—it shall be done. The following quote puts scriptural commentaries, such as this one, into the proper perspective. Cry Unto the Voice, Even Until Ye Shall Have Faith in Christ – Helaman 5:40-42 (9/12/2015) To Redeem Them From Their Sins – Helaman 5:10 (9/11/2015) Lay Up For Yourselves a Treasure in Heaven – Helaman 5:8 (9/7/2015) (BYU Speeches, March 3, 1964, p. 3), "President Lee... commented on the 'unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men,' which has so often meant that at the very time when people are being blessed, the softening of their situation causes them to harden their hearts. Friends, I'll keep this short and sweet this week. They were the fastest in history to go from righteous to wicked. We are capable of incredibly strong and passionate feelings about certain issues, only to find that we have abandoned them years later. This week continue in Helaman with chapters 7-12. Do wealth and prosperity invariably lead a person away from things of the spirit? The historian then goes on to say of them: 'Behold, they do not desire that the Lord their God, who hath created them, should rule and reign over them; notwithstanding his great goodness and his mercy towards them, they do set at naught his counsels, and they will not that he should be their guide.' Mormon is making reference to the part of the pride cycle in which prosperity leads to pride. "Yet it is wise to recall that sometimes, in our own human weakness, we become neglectful even of our supreme obligations. But if, having read the guide book, I had said, 'I know all about what's in the museum,' and left I would have missed the experience of seeing the real art exhibits and having my mind and soul stirred by them. By now, the reader should be able to recognize when Mormon steps in to editorialize. Hey Friends! We say one thing one minute and the opposite the next. 5 Yea, how quick to be lifted up in apride; yea, how quick to bboast, and do all manner of that which is iniquity; and how slow are they to remember the Lord their God, and to give ear unto his counsels, yea, how slow to cwalk in wisdom’s paths! (Joseph Smith as Scientist: A Contribution to Mormon Philosophy, chapter 6). 18 And behold, if a man ahide up a treasure in the earth, and the Lord shall say—Let it be baccursed, because of the iniquity of him who hath hid it up—behold, it shall be accursed. Helaman 12:3 Except the Lord doth chasten his people with many afflictions, yea, they will not remember him. He did not mean to say that we, the children of the Lord, in his sight are considered less than the dust of the earth. If needed, explain the difference between this prophet named Nephi and the prophet named Nephi at the beginning of the Book of Mormon. 1 Song. (All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience, p. 39). Well, which is it? (Helaman 12:3.)" Evil and devilish 4. Mankind is stubborn, and seldom remembers ors give heed to the Lord. Sometimes in response to an accumulation of blessings, we become arrogant and proud and turn away from the Lord. KnoWhys KnoWhys on Helaman 7 KnoWhys on Helaman 8 KnoWhys on Helaman 9 KnoWhys on Helaman 10 KnoWhys on Helaman 11 KnoWhys on Helaman 12 Recommended Resources Learn about the Book of Mormon with verse by verse commentaries from renowned Book of Mormon scholars like John W. Welch and Brant A. Gardner in the ScripturePlus app. (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, footnote, p. 118-9). 8 For behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder, at the command of our great and everlasting God. Mormon understood astronomy much better than his counterparts in the Old World. 468) Mormon 2 ‘s Reflection on Human Weakness and God’s Power: Helaman 12:1-26 "There is a prevalent notion in the world today that before the time of Columbus, Galileo, and Copernicus, all ancient people believed that the earth was flat and the center of the universe. Ps. Mormon compares quick/slow and evil/good in his lament (4, 5). Investigators have that experience when they reach the point where they must know if the Book of Mormon is true. "We see many of the Elders of Israel desirous of becoming wealthy, and they adopt any course that they think will bring them riches, which to me is as unwise as anything can be--to see men of wisdom, men that seem to have an understanding of the world and of the things of God, searching after minerals throughout these mountains; they traverse the hills, and they dig here and there, and keep digging and picking, and rolling the rocks from morning till night. Helaman 12:1-2 As soon as God blesses them, they forget him. Hugh Nibley stated, "steadiness and durability are the marks of the highest and best qualities of character, as in God himself, who exhibits no 'variableness neither shadow of changing' (Mormon 9:9).". Behold, I say unto you, Nay...Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Isa. 36:7 (7–8); 2 Ne. He explains that the dust moves according to the commands of God, but that man, by virtue of his agency, is the only being in the universe which defies the commandments of God. Paul taught that one of the functions of organized religion is to keep us from being 'children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine' (Eph 4:14). (Teachings of Harold B. Lee, p. 330), "Afflictions can soften us and sweeten us, and can be a chastening influence. Helaman 12:14-15 shows that Mormon had a basic understanding of the physical laws of the universe. Obviously not! That makes all the difference in our behavior." Try it free. Did he physically gather unorganized matter, mold it with his hands and produce life in a cosmic test-tube? It's in periods of that steadiness that I notice the Holy Ghost, almost in the way you're surprised to discover that your shoes are wet from the dew formed on the grass overnight, and I look up and realize that my mind has been enlightened and my heart has been enlarged." The prophet Samuel the Lamanite had prophesied that men would hide things in the earth but never find them … 22 And wo unto him to whom he shall say this, for it shall be unto him that will do iniquity, and he cannot be asaved; therefore, for this cause, that men might be saved, hath repentance been declared. As told in Bible history, the Israel of olden time did this on different occasions, and called forth reprimands therefor. 11:32 b – 35 This paragraph appears to be an editorial summary since the eighty-first year ends in both verse 32 & verse 35 (Grant Hardy, The Book of Mormon: A Reader’s Edition, pg. He almost always begins with a phrase like, "and thus we see," or in this case, "And thus we can behold." Therefore, the reader is asked to excuse the weakness of those of us who presume to make commentary on his commentary. In the worst case, a person may go beyond self-destructive behavior and become an enemy to God, desiring to fight openly against His teachings." Therefore, as sinners, we are less than the dust of the earth. Well you can't get much more worthless than that! Facsimile No. Never was there such prosperity in this country. He suggested first that the planets move around the sun in closed curves, resembling flattened circles, and known as ellipses. Helaman 7-12: “Remember the Lord” (August 24-30) After a miraculous mission among the Lamanites and a frustrating mission among the Nephites in the north, Nephi returned to his home in Zarahemla. "But that's what some members of the Church do. Moses also recorded much about this and other worlds, but because of the unbelief and apostasy from truth, these writings were eliminated from his writings... "We learn from the Book of Mormon (Helaman 12:13-15) that the Nephites understood the nature of the planets. Our minds, hearts, and thoughts are prone to incredible swings-at times, from one extreme to the other. Helaman 12:3 God must often chasten his … Though the efforts of men may be frustrated, God's promise does not fail wherein he says to those who draw near to him: 'I will have respect unto you, and make you fruitful, and multiply you, and establish my covenant with you.' Pride in its many forms is the great challenge from within. I have known places where there were treasures in abundance; but could men get them? 1934, p. 39), "The age-old problem described so well by prophets in the Book of Mormon and reiterated by modern prophets seems to be one of pride. 32:8; Judg. Therefore, God the Father created the earth by the power of his word-or by the power of Jesus Christ (Jacob 4:9). During this chapter, Mormon discusses the pride cycle, the nothingness of man, the power of God, a little bit of astronomy, and the judgments of God. This pattern of creation is apparent from the book of Abraham, And the Gods watched those things which they had ordered until they obeyed...And the Gods saw that they would be obeyed, and that their plan was good (Abr 4:18, 21). 12:6). Helaman 12 (Note* Wisdom Literature): Hugh Nibley notes that Helaman 12 is wisdom literature. We are seeing that affluence. (To Draw Closer to God, p. 120). Mormon had learned that the rising and setting of the sun was because of the rotation of the earth around its axis rather than the sun orbiting around the earth. "Fifty years after the death of Copernicus, the celebrated astronomer, Kepler, proposed extensions and improvements of the Copernican doctrine, which made the theory that the planets revolve about the sun more probable than ever before. These treasures that are in the earth are carefully watched, they can be removed from place to place according to the good pleasure of Him who made them and owns them. 7 O how great is the anothingness of the children of men; yea, even they are bless than the dust of the earth. And thus it is. Helaman 13:2 Samuel, a Lamanite "The condition of society in the days of Samuel was somewhat peculiar (6 B.C.). It was not until apostasy and rebellion against the things of God that the true knowledge of the universe, as well as the knowledge of other truths, became lost among men." Verse … The process of creation is to order the elements to combine into land, sea, sun, moon, atmosphere, plants, animals, etc. The fact is that the real thing...has the promise of the Spirit associated with it, whereas the commentaries are just another exercise and are useful to help us into the real thing. Joshua suggested, 'choose you this day whom ye will serve' (Josh 24:15). First, the power of his voice is the same as the power of his word, and the scriptures clearly demonstrate that "the Word" is another synonym for Jesus Christ. Slow to do good 6. When in their situation of ease, they began to forget God, they fell under affliction arising from their own neglect of responsibility to the divine word. Helaman 5:5–12 was all that was included in the record to equip these boys for their missions. 9 Yea, behold at his avoice do the hills and the mountains tremble and bquake. My plate of responsibilities is overflowing and posting here needs to be simple this week. ), "When we won't respond to the Lord's addition, we force him to resort to subtraction and to take our blessings away from us in our own interest." About 6 B.C. Mankind is prone to follow evil tendencies. 4:22. He is so filled with the spirit of prophecy and revelation that his commentary on the scriptures is scripture in and of itself. An account of the Nephites, their wars and contentions, and their dissensions, and also the prophecies of many holy prophets before the coming of Christ, according to the record of Helaman, who was the son of Helaman, and also according to the records of his sons, even down to the coming of Christ. Jacob 1; Jacob 2; Jacob 3; Jacob 4; Jacob 5; Jacob 6; Jacob 7; Enos. The scriptures use over and over again the word 'steadiness' to describe faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. 10 And by the apower of his voice they are broken up, and become smooth, yea, even like unto a valley. Our ignorant animals are faithful to us, and will do our bidding as long as they have any strength; yet man who is the offspring of the Gods, will not become subject to the most reasonable and self-exalting principles. Moses concluded that 'man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed' (Moses 1:10). The prophets over the years have been concerned with 'the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men.' 9, pp. Helaman 12 Summary: Men are unstable and foolish and quick to do evil—The Lord chastens his people—The nothingness of men compared with the power of God—In the day of judgment men shall gain everlasting life or everlasting damnation. 4 O how foolish, and how vain, and how evil, and devilish, and how quick to do iniquity, and how slow to do good, are the children of men; yea, how quick to hearken unto the words of the evil one, and to set their hearts upon the vain things of the world! The Nephites Recognize the Cause of Their Weakness: Helaman 4:18-26 13:18 (18–23); Morm. 3 And thus we see that except the Lord doth achasten his people with many afflictions, yea, except he doth visit them with bdeath and with terror, and with famine and with all manner of pestilence, they will not cremember him. In Helaman 11, they went from righteous to wicked in 5 years, and from wicked to incredibly wicked in the next 4 years. Mormon is not referring to a hypothetical situation. Helaman 12 is one of those summary chapters -- a sermon on the unsteadiness of man. It moveth hither and thither at the command of the Lord. The elements are controlled by the command of God, and the creation was done in just this manner. The Book of Helaman (/ ˈ h iː l ə m ən / HEE-lə-mən) is one of the books that make up the Book of Mormon. Helaman 12:18-19 if a man hide up a treasure in the earth, and the Lord shall say-Let it be accursed Mormon is not referring to a hypothetical situation. 'We need to remember, however, that people whose hearts are hardened will have to experience something sufficiently strong to break their hearts and bring them to their senses. The people do not understand this; I wish they did, for they would then do as I do, pay attention to the legitimate business that God has given them to perform." Such reading enhanced my appreciation of the real thing. Helaman 12 – The Lord wants me to remember Him. How much more simply could it be stated? 1929, p. 55), "The animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms abide the law of their Creator; the whole earth and all things pertaining to it, except man, abide the law of their creation....We tame the animals and make them do our drudgery and administer to our wants in many ways, yet man alone is not tamed-he is not subject to his Great Creator. "...when God adds our goods and blesses us so with education, success and comfort; what do we [do]? God can lengthen out the days (13-14), quoting Joshua 10.12-14. When faith and repentance and diligent efforts to live the commandments have gone on long enough that virtue garnishes our thoughts unceasingly, then the doctrine of the priesthood, the truthful answers to the questions that really matter, will distill upon us as the dews from heaven. For a prophet to consider the heavenly bodies as a matter of spiritual pursuit is not new. (Gal 4:1-7) The proud need to be taught that they are less than the dust of the earth. But that is not always what happens. And yet, to me, what. No, you do not. It would take scientists in the Old World another 1100 years to reach this same conclusion. ☼ Helaman 12:5: Yea, how quick to be lifted up in pride; yea, how quick to boast, and do all manner of that which is iniquity; and how slow are they to remember the Lord their God, and to give ear … You can read in the Book of Mormon of the ancient Nephites holding their treasures, and of their becoming slippery; so that after they had privately hid their money, on going to the place again, lo and behold it was not there, but was somewhere else, but they knew not where. He begins with “And thus we can behold” and ends with “And thus it is” (verses 1, 26). "That's been my experience with seeking the confirmation of truth by the Spirit of God. At least the Prophet said, 'Yea, then is the time that they do harden their hearts, and do forget the Lord their God, and do trample under their feet the Holy One [of Israel]-. While the rest of us make our humble attempts to add some small piece of insight, Mormon's commentary puts us to shame. Helaman 12:4-6 “foolishness of men” Fallen men and women are: 1. But do you know how to find such a mine? Hel. August 23, 2020. The book continues the history of the Nephites and the Lamanites "according to the records of Helaman , who was the son of Helaman , and also according to the records of his sons, even down to the coming of Christ " ( The Book of Helaman , preface). Helaman 11–12 - Online Resources for teachers and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints man delights not me; no, "Now [Mormon] did not mean to say that the Lord has greater concern for and loves the dust of the earth more than he does his children. 2:17; Isa. Ye cannot say that ye are even as much as the dust of the earth' (Mosiah 2:25). ), "In further modern revelation, the Lord says, 'Therefore, they must needs be chastened and tried, even as Abraham, who was commanded to offer up his only son. (Ensign, July 1996, p. 16). : It is interesting that in addressing and warning the Nephites, Samuel uses a rather lengthy title for the Lord: "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Father of heaven and earth, the Creator of all things from the beginning" (Helaman 14:12). TG Walking in Darkness; Walking with God. 19 And if the Lord shall say—Be thou accursed, that no man shall find thee from this time henceforth and forever—behold, no man getteth it henceforth and forever. How often have we witnessed a faithful animal conveying his master home so drunk that he could not see his way or sit up; yet his faithful animal will plod through mud, shun stumps, trees, and bad places, and land him safely at home." In the Mormon Church, the doctrine is commonly taught that all of God's children are very literally sons and daughters of God with the same divine potential as their spiritual parents. Mormon frequently steps out of the story line to share important lessons drawn from the Book of Mormon record, and this time his commentary fills the entire chapter. As the former chief judge, he was horrified by the corruption in their government and the rampant wickedness among the people. But man rebels, and in this thing man is less than the dust of the earth because he rejects the counsels of the Lord, and the greater the blessings he receives, (this because of his agency), the more willingly does he turn from the source of those blessings, feeling self-sufficient, and puts his faith and his trust in the arm of flesh rather than in God." (D&C 95:1. It was this great transformation, from sinner to joint-heir, to which Paul referred, 'the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant (or slave) bondage under the elements of the world: But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons...and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.' However, our modern sun-centered model of the solar system would have been inconsistent with the beliefs of ancient cultures. By 'the power of his voice', God was 'able to speak and the world was, and to speak and man was created' (Jacob 4:9). Sound teachings become old-fashioned, and leaders start to seem out of touch, unfeeling, or too old. Quick to be lifted up in pride 9. They were not given a copy of Preach My Gospel (a 300-page manual), but they had been instructed in these … Available with an Apple Music subscription. If you’re like me you’ve always just read that as Mormon (or possibly Nephi) just having a knowledge of heliocentric astronomy (everything orbits the sun rather than the earth). 21 And if the Lord shall say—Because of thine iniquities thou shalt be acut off from my presence—he will cause that it shall be so. How did Jesus Christ gather the elements? But what did the pre-mortal Jehovah do? Chapter 12. . This phrase has two implications. He has his messengers at his service, and it is just as easy for an angel to remove the minerals from any part of one of these mountains to another, as it is for you and me to walk up and down this hall... "People do not know it, but I know there is a seal set upon the treasures of earth; men are allowed to go so far and no farther. The Lord revealed to Abraham great truths about the heavenly bodies, their revolutions, times and seasons, and these were published by the Prophet Joseph Smith before modern astronomers were familiar with these facts. Quick to set their hearts on the vain things of the world 8. 1:18 (17–19); Ether 14:1. About 6 B.C. (Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward, p. 50).

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