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20 Jan 2021

"And here comes the snow... A language in which no word is ever repeated.". Some common types of snowflakes would have the shape of a column like needles, or simple hexagonal plates, and sometimes a thick hexagonal column of prisms. :) I really appreciate the comment on my writing and it warms my heart to know that you really enjoyed this post. And, of course, it brings me back to that analogy between snowflakes and people that implies that we, like those little flakes of snow, are all unique. When I share this fact with my students I tell them that God, our wonderful creator, never says "Oops! Nobody is like you. They were real.). It’s the same with us. December 22, 2009 at 12:30 PM. Mummy Zen - Thank you! Sometimes the media makes us feel like there is one kind of beautiful. But snowflakes don't believe their own publicity. We are unique and beautiful in our own special way. Read more in the Disclosure, including info on Adthrive, the publishing network for this blog. See, it's the ratio of "expected" to "unexpected" that gives us dimensionality and makes each one of us unique. There is no one -- and never, ever will be anyone -- just like you. Because of this, we know that we are exactly as He intended for us to be! Most of us grew up learning that every little snowflake was unique–probably as a way to make us as individuals feel special. Posted by: You might find some that are exceedingly similar (particularly at the beginning of a flake's development) but fully formed snowflakes are indeed structurally different, if only by … Unique Like A Snowflake ... One day in March, everything shut down and we all had to learn how to work, teach, study, do therapy, and take classes remotely without much preparation. But, the best part about her dancing is that she had to work really hard to gain her flexibility. We want to be able to simplify things, and I get that. What if we started out with every new person we met as a completely clean slate? December 22, 2009 at 01:45 AM. Glue the picture to the back of the frame. Have you ever built a snowman or had a snowball fight? There are so many people -- just like there were so many snowflakes in the blizzard I saw this weekend! We really are all unique (even though we're similar in many ways) and it's really great to be able to celebrate the uniqueness in each and every one of us. I like to think all of my hairstyles are like snowflakes as well all different and … We are all unique, just as each snowflake is. Stir over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. What you wrote is so true. You can buy snow cone syrup to squeeze on top, or make your own with this simple recipe. It's so easy to define each other by appearances or skills or qualities. It's always so much easier when we can describe someone simply. We are all like a snowflake, all unique in our own beautiful ways!!! Seeing uniqueness without the oneness makes you feel separate and distant and removed. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate it every day and in every way you can. Our thoughts, feelings, opinions and beliefs, and well as fashion sense or personal style make us the individual person that we are. I think it would be wonderful if we could suspend judgement and assumption, if we could put our pasts on hold and see someone with fresh eyes. Life is full of various types of stress and that … Thanks for your comment! There’s a unique beauty in that and knowing that no matter what, there is no one that can contribute, influence, or live their life quite like we each can. Specially you dani :) But everybody is also the same. It really is and what's great about it is that we really all can say we're unique. December 22, 2009 at 07:00 AM. Hi Adelle and Mariel, The LGBT agenda continued and the pupils took advantage of the snowy weather with 'Snowflake' themed activities. This Family Night Lesson is to help your family members realize their own personal beauty and worth in this world. ;) Thank you for sharing!! Over the weekend, the sky was filled with falling snow. Posted by: We are all snowflakes. 161 Copy quote. (Oh, and we would love to have you join us on social media, as well... @orsoshesays) See ya around! Thank You, God for snowflakes, If we were to suspend judgment and try to see things for what they are (instead of what we think they should be), I think we'd all be a lot better off. As you said, it's best to just be who you are and to be okay with that. Point out the differences between the images in the article. Barbara - It's definitely important to look below the surface because, as we well know, things aren't always what they seem. Start the lesson by showing the images of real snowflakes. We all have a uniqueness to us but we are all similar. No two are exactly alike, just like no two people are exactly alike. It was the most snow I'd seen in a long, long time and the area where I live declared it a blizzard. Some people are shy about saying good things out loud about themselves, so it is good to practice! So, after a number of years looking for another me I have decided that I am a snowflake, I am unique, and there is just one of me. It wasn't that long ago that women or non-Caucasians or the mentally handicapped weren't considered inferior. A snowflake forms when extremely cold water droplets freeze onto a dust particle or another infinitesimally small object like pollen, creating an ice crystal. We Are Beautiful Like Snowflakes is a title that promises poems of praise and uplift, but Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich presents beauty of surprising complexity. Well, Dani, All I can say is that I am thankful for all the little ice crystals, the drops of water, the currents of the air...everything that worked together to make you the unique snowflake that you are, cause that snowflake is pretty awesome. Fore more Family Night ideas, try these posts: Project ‘Is Love Alive?’ – A Service Family Night. But, when we look closely, we can see that we are all special and each of us has something unique to offer. There are so many kinds of beauty. Just like a snowflake, I wanted to be something that could be examined very closely without it being at all difficult to tell how I was different from all of the others. It doesn’t hurt, and it is quite funny! And depending on the temperature, the snowflakes could take other forms as well. I wanted to be so unlike anyone else. God is perfect. 1 Package of (Any flavor) Kool-aid. Enter your email address in the box below to receive the Positively Present Newsletter. positively present | Thank you so much for sharing that with us. We are all independent of one another and, though we are drawn to one another, and may even have similar designs, we deserve to be seen as independent, distinct creations that cannot ever be 100% defined. Your email address will not be published. All Women Stalker | (I wasn’t! Here are the basic instructions on how to fold a paper snowflake. Isn't it amazing that no two snowflakes are exactly alike!?! For added fun, coat the snowflakes with fake snow like these found at Confessions of a Homeschooler. We like to say we have the MOTHER lode of ideas! Then, talk about how we are like the snowflakes in a way. My best takeaway though there were many was this one: Snowflakes are actually the perfect metaphor for people. This really is touching to think about, and how we can celebrate that uniqueness in each of us. Each one was unique in a variety of ways. We … Then again, snowflakes aren't all that unique. December 23, 2009 at 07:10 AM. Cut them in half. 10 Reasons I Love Being a Latter-day Saint, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Print out the Bible verse picture and make copies. 2. I think this is a particularly applicable thing during the holidays, when many of us will be spending time with people with whom we have quite a bit of history. Posted by: You are not a powerless speck of dust drifting around in the wind...we are, each of us, like beautiful snowflakes-unique, and born for a specific reason and purpose. I've always wanted to be unlike anyone else (though, in high school, I'll admit that I bought in quite heavily to that whole conforming thing). Unfortunately for us, when we get down to the heart of it, we can't really put people as neatly into boxes as we'd like to. One of my favorite inside Winter games is to have an indoor snowball fight! December 22, 2009 at 03:54 PM, Posted by: Don't worry, you'll like her." Like a snowflake! No matter how many billions of them fall from the sky, there are never two the same. Make sure to get all of the marshmallows cleaned up after the game is over. Let the contents boil for a few minutes and then remove from heat. From a distance we all generally look the same. Rocky | R O C K O N O V A.COM | Inspirational, Life, Positive. He is a perfect creator. This beauty is hard won, in vivid poems of family, race, faith, and nature. Oneness without acknowledging your uniqueness makes you homogenised and self-inhibiting. Hayden Tompkins | Hayden - Me too! The precise reasons for the formation of various snowflake shapes is not completely understood by scientists, but they have been able to generate a list of eight … :), Posted by: That is SO well-said and I really agree with that. 4. It might seem like a common sense piece of advice, but if we really go into it, and look for the positive, we are often stunned by what was there all along - but we denied.

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