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Lab Rats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He was called "Subject A" because he was the first Lab Rat created, so this is why his name … The fact that Douglas reanimated an extinct species of sea spider proves the former to be true. Everybody knows the big guy rides in front. Green Willie McGinest, Unstable Sociopath, Ex-brother, Waste of Space (. In Rise of the Secret Soldiers Pt. The final push was when Krane planned on killing the Lab Rats, causing them to ultimately become enemies. Brent stars as the genius super-human, Chase Davenport, the second youngest of four bionic teen siblings. Adam Davenport (biological son/adoptive nephew)Bree Davenport (biological daughter/adoptive niece)Chase Davenport (biological son/adoptive nephew)Daniel Davenport (biological son)Marcus Davenport (android son) †Donald Davenport (older brother)Tasha Davenport (sister in-law)Leo Dooley (step-nephew)Naomi Davenport (niece)Unnamed fatherUnnamed mother Adam Up 18. Now let's go home! This is an episode I made as a crossover with Violetta before Violetta actually premiered and a Lab Rats spin-off I've called In The House With The Rats. It was revealed that Douglas was the rats' real father and they were going to be his bionic soldiers for mass destruction, but Donald adopted them to save the world instea… • He is known for his contributions to VH1, hosting E! I love Lab Rats sooooooooooooooooo much! But if you don't want to, you don't have to. Donald Davenport is the step-father of Leo, adoptive father to S-5, adoptive father and the biological uncle of Adam,Bree and Chase, and the husband of Tasha Davenport. Donald also has a very high ego. Parallel Universe 9. Douglas is one of four Disney XD villains to turn good. He may also be able to relate to Chase because they are both smarter than their older siblings, but are not as popular so nobody appreciates their inelegance. Donald: Help her?! Stealing Tasha's bracelets is the reason why Bree doesn't trust him. *turns to Donald, puts arm around his shoulders* That's right, the Davenport Boys together again. (Extreme level) November 1, 2017 M9 . Leo: I thought you knew what you were doing?! After Douglas was thrown out of Davenport indisters, Douglas found Krane who agreed to fund his plans, but only if Douglas shared his research so he implanted bionics in him to make him powerful. Life of the party. Perry asked. Full Name Douglas is the only main antagonist to survive. Adam Davenport is a character in the fanon universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. When they wake up, he reveals he's now working with Victor Krane, another billionaire who's funding him in exchange for Douglas bionically enhancing Krane. In The Jet-Wing, it's revealed that Adam still considers Douglas their real father. Just For Fun TV Lab Rats. Her bionic chip enhances her physical abilities: stamina, strength and durability surpass human capability as with her brothers Chase and Adam Davenport. In Space Colony Krane says he gave Dr. Gao the same bionic secrets Douglas gave him. Douglas questions this as it wasn't part of his plan, however, Krane declares his plan a failure and that now they're using his plan, leaving Douglas looking unhappy about the change. 2, Douglas gave Leo a new ability. Bree Henderson Second and Last, it was, He is the Disney XD's second villain to turn good. Llama Dra… Third and fourth, it was. In the end it's revealed that Leo's been the one attacking the academy in his sleep because Douglas never gave him a capsule to stimulate his bionic arm. Andre Ethier Each of the siblings holds possession of an exceptional talent specific to their design; Bree is supernaturally capable of increasing velocity in all activities and possesses incredible agility in order to excel when activating her speed. (the Y sounds like I) & Douglas Davenport is Lyla's real father.) Kaz Tasha Dooley (Parallel Universe) In the alternate universe, the Lab Rats live with Douglas, who is a doctor in that universe. Douglas was the Co-Founder of Davenport Industries alongside his older brother Donald, but got booted out and had Adam, Bree and Chase taken away from him after going behind Donald’s back and used the bionics on humans in order to get them to do “garden variety bad guy stuff.” He faked his death after this and no one knew he was still alive, not even Donald. In Mission Mania, Douglas becomes the Head of Research and Development for the academy, "but only on a trial basis" according to Donald. Douglas screamed his son's name. • Speed Trapped 2. He is living with the Davenport family as of. • *glare at each other*, Donald & Douglas: *whisper* I'm a genius! The series is a combined spinoff of Lab Rats and Mighty Med and stars William Brent , Bradley Steven Perry , Jake Short , … Douglas: Krane and I use to be on the same page. "[Lab Rats] exposes the junk science and questionable management practices that have migrated from Silicon Valley to the rest of the economy. Along with liquidating all of Donald's money from his back account, Douglas is guilty of blowing up Donald's lab, as seen in. Douglas: Guys, it's okay. Donald: *walks in, stops* How did he get in here? Douglas Davenport. • • After Douglas was booted out of Davenport Industries, he found Victor Krane, a billionaire who agreed to fund his work, only if Douglas were to share his work with him. "Yeah," Chase said. Jessie. Browse through and take lab rats quizzes . Douglas: *puts down weapon and steps back*. • Douglas shuts down every working thing in the lab, and broadcasts himself all over the monitors. Bree Davenport is the sister of Adam, Chase, and Daniel Davenport. Spike's Got Talent 10. Hole In One 12. Alan Diaz is a main character in Mighty Med. At the end of the episode, after yelling at Marcus for screwing up, we finally get to see his face as he says that "I hope they enjoy their night together. Gray Granite Bye! • Nevertheless, he had no problems with the fact that Marcus was not going to last 'till his sixteenth birthday, as androids burned out quickly, and seemed to regard him as little more than a weapon. Adam has called him "Uncle Daddy" as well as said that he is their real father. In Sink or Swim, he arrives at the cargo ship Adam, Bree and Chase are hiding in, and posing as Donald to save them. • Back then, he only cared about succeeding in his goals and benefiting himself, through various underhanded and illegal activities. Revealing himself to Leo didn't exactly scream stealth, but man did it feel good watching him squirm. He even stands up for the Lab Rats when Donald is wrong to be angry at them. Avalanche! Donald: You're lucky I'm letting you go. Portrayed By Missin' the Mission 4. Y-ya let him get away! In Exoskeleton vs. Grandma, when Rose wanted to know what who Adam, Bree and Chase were, Donald told her that he adopted them when his brother died, that up until Bionic Showdown was thought to be a lie. Enjoy. In Which Father Knows Best?, Leo knew that Donald wasn't making any progress fixing Bree's chip. Douglas Davenport also known as The Black Agent-an ally that is manipulating the M.C.N.S.A to get revenge and defeat and destroy the Lab Rats The Watch Edit Giselle Vickers (ex-girlfriend) †Terry Perry (ex-fiancé; forced; one-sided on her side) Chase: No! Otis Robot Fight Club 6. It's me, your dad! They started Davenport Industries together, but Donald later kicked Douglas out. Due to Donald taking Adam, Bree and Chase from him, he is known as their uncle but had come to be considered as a second father to them. At the end of the episode he is seen playing cards with the kids. Douglas faked his death to escape from the authorities (and their mother, who they both agreed never stopped calling) and spent years plotting his revenge, which is when he created Marcus and infused him with all of Adam, Bree, and Chase's powers purely for the purpose of initiating his plan. • Douglas later discovers that a timid girl, Kate, has a Commando App, and decides to figure out how to remove the app, because he deemed it too dangerous for her to have. He broke Douglas Davenport out of prison (as masked man), which revealed a bio… Bro Down 7. Eye Color He then imprisons them in a titanium ring force-field, and refuses to reveal his evil plan to them, well aware they would use it against them. Douglas: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear ya. Due to his actions and personality since his change, he could be considered an anti-hero of the series. In Avalanche, he was locked up frozen in an ice block. See more ideas about Lab rats, Rats, Mighty med. His comments imply he was a nasty man from childhood, bullying his brother and stealing his fathers money. But I was never gonna hurt them! Their last name is from their father taking his wife's last name to distance himself from his family. Llama Dra… DAD: "Hey, little brother! With the help of Spin and Bob, he builds different devices, such as a lie detector chair, Pencil Bazooka, and the Stabber 2000. • Chase Davenport is one of the world's first bionic superhumans, along with his older siblings, Adam and Bree. He appears to be partial to the following agenda of building bombs, invading small countries and robbing elderly woman and showing no remorse for this (although these admitted actions were not carried out within this particular order). In Scramble the Orbs, Leo invents two Defense Orbs to protect Adam, Bree and Chase from Douglas and Krane. Upon Leo arriving, Douglas allows Marcus the privilege of killing him. Clayton Harrington According to Douglas, he and Krane were friendly with one another at one point--he stated they went as Brad and Angelina on Halloween. • In Brother Battle, he helps Chase unlock his laser bow ability, but after Donald tells him it will affect their team work on missions he unlocks Adam's Vortex Breath. medical research: lab assistant with albino rat for animal experiments - lab rats. Douglas: Where'd ya get the airbag idea? In Bionic Action Hero, Douglas reveals that an old friend from college is making a movie based off of the Lab Rats. According to Adam, one of his updates were: "looking forward to a weekend of evil ;)" (, Though he had endangered Donald's life and tried have Leo killed, but never attempted to harm and even tried to protect them Adam, Bree and/or Chase (going as far as to risk his life to save Chase in, He also gave life to Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel as well as created Marcus, which are other examples that contradict his statement in, Despite apparently making Marcus after Daniel, Marcus did not have Daniel's ability while he had the other Lab Rats' abilities. Douglas was an antagonist hinted at throughout Season 1 and the main antagonist of Season 2 and half of Season 3, alongside Victor Krane. Donald: Bree, do you mind? Family He and Krane ended up having a disagreement about killing Adam, Bree and Chase, leading to the two having a falling out and Douglas faked his death again when Krane tried to kill him (Taken). • So the guy who keeps implanting himself with bionics is unstable? Jessie. In The Vanishing Daniel was officially accepted into the Bionic Academy by Douglas, who then made Leo his mentor. Leo convinces him to help rebuild Bree's bionic chip. . He is also the one to give Victor Krane and Leo bionics. Strangely enough, the one thing he cared a lot about (besides his creations) was his dog , Otis, whom he took in as a stray and gave bionics to. He cancels all of Donald's credit cards, withdraws all his money, and gets it to the point where Donald is broke and his house is being sold by the bank. Cheddy In One of Us, Douglas and Chase discover that Krane implanted the Bionic Soldiers with a doomsday virus that will make them self destruct in 10 hours in case he fell. Get my kids back, use them to rob banks, pull scams, you know garden variety bad guy stuff. In addition, he also used Douglas' technology and knowledge to genetically engineer bionic soldiers behind his back. He appeared in Mighty Rats. Donald is portrayed by Hal Sparks. Despite his more sadistic traits, Douglas did have a lighter side; he's pretty reckless, like Donald, and often berated him in a childish manner, such as stealing his catchphrases and calling him "Donny," which Donald hated. He also didn't appear in the crossover, probably because he would've easily figured out Chase's virus and how to cure it. That is shown as he told Chase that he was being unappreciated and that his brother "steals the spotlight". • Male Alistair At some point over seventeen years ago, he and Donald started Davenport Industries, together they worked on bionic technology, to allow robot… Donald also has a very high ego. He is a better programmer than Donald, as he was able to decrypt Donald's Triton app block in 8 minutes and easily hack and deactivate Eddy and get into Donald's house as revealed in, He made Leo an arm capsule to keep his bionics from forcing him going on a rampage again as of. House. *leaves in defeat*, Donald: Uhh, we, uh, we're going on, uh, family jog. Douglas planned to turn them into bionic super soldiers and sell them off to the highest bidder, be they warlords or dictators. Your belly? "[Lab Rats] exposes the junk science and questionable management practices that have migrated from Silicon Valley to the rest of the economy. Krane will be back soon... he went out to get his head waxed. Douglas: I wouldn't call it porcupine hair. Joey Logano Krane has completely lost it! (, He appears to be taking turns with Donald being in the lab at the, He experimented on the kids' bionics while they were sleeping. Unstable Sociopath, Ex-brother, Waste of Space (Donald; formerly) Frozen Uncle Dougy, Uncle Dougy (Bree) Evil Uncle Daddy (Adam Davenport) Dougy (Tasha, Donald, Bree, Perry and himself) Dad (Marcus, Daniel, Leo) Short, Creepy, Evil Uncle, Spikey (Leo) Love Troll, Dougles, Romeo, Little Dougy, (Perry) Big Guy (Bob) "―Houston Style Magazine • Resides in • He is currently 23 years old. She also has some problems w… Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American comedy television series created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore that aired on Disney XD from February 27, 2012 to February 3, 2016. He puts them in alphabetical order. Douglas: I wish I could Leo, but I don't even have a lab anymore. He also created Krane, his evil former sidekick who eventually turns his back on him in later episodes. *turns to leave*, Bree: Oh no you don't. Using him, he lures Adam, Bree and Chase to his lair, where he reveals that he is their real father and creator. However, his plan fails, and Donald's freeze ray trapped him in a huge block of ice, and he was locked up under special security. Leo: Excuse me ma'am, I'm looking for a guy named Douglas. He protested the option of increasing Adam's strength when both the latter and Bree were being forced to attack their brother Chase, as he felt that "it was not safe" and that such action would "really damage him," whether he was referring to either Adam or Chase was not completely clear, although some would argue that Chase was the likely candidate and that Adam was safe while under the effects of the Triton App, the latter however had passed out from exhaustion of his abilities. Douglas: Speaking of, you've eaten 60 bucks of my food. William Brent "Billy" Unger (born October 15, 1995) is an American actor, best known for playing Chase Davenport in the Disney XDsitcoms, Lab Rats and Lab Rats: Elite Force. Perry stormed to Donald's office where Douglas, Adam, Chase, and Bree were having a meeting. Though he had bought 2,000 dollars worth of hair dye, colored contacts, a speed boat, and a plane ticket. After Douglas was booted out of Davenport Industries, he found Victor Krane, a billionaire who agreed to fund his work, only if Douglas were to share his work with him. Ship Captain Donald is portrayed by Hal Sparks. In Mission: Mission Creek High, after Donald presents the new lab, Adam asked if there was mini fridge, which Donald denies. First Episode Douglas destroyed Marcus for good in an attempt to help Leo when the latter two were preparing to fight. (, It's possible either Douglas or Donald gave Leo a leg capsule to stop him from going on a rampage again like in. He is portrayed by guest-starring cast member Spencer Boldman and the real-world counterpart of Adam Davenport. However, a mysterious person wearing a ghost mask broke in and used bionics to free Douglas from his trap in the ice. Club can't handle me. Oliver Mother Perry He is the hidden main antagonist of Season 1, the main antagonist of Season 2, the first episode of Season 3, and a major protagonist the rest of the series. Lab Rats, known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American television sitcom that premiered on February 27, 2012 on Disney XD.It focuses on the life of a young teenager named Leo Dooley, whose mother, Tasha, marries billionaire genius, Donald Davenport. Though she can be careless and irresponsible, Bree is brave and heroic when it really matters. • Leo: Don't worry Bree, I think we can trust him. Trucked Out 13. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls,, Rise of the Secret Soldiers: Part 2 (Forces Unite). Douglas has a compassionate regard to his three children and even to an extent his brother as while Leo was ordered to be physically harmed, he did no further physical damage while his brother was in captivity with the Lab Rats, although knowingly assaulted the original lab with his brother and Leo inside of it. He appears to love his children obsessively to the point where he will stop at nothing to get them back and humiliate Donald, Leo and Tasha for taking them away from him. Who could have seen that coming? Industrial, yet classy. He hates it when Donald (and Perry) calls him "Dougie". Douglas: Okay.... Well, ya coulda told me that before I gave you my share of the month's rent. • He was initially just there to check on things and Oversee the Academy when Donald was gone, but he was later hired as Head of Research and Development for the island though he struggled to invent anything safe enough for the student due to being use to developing deadly weapons for years and doesn’t know how to make anything good (Mission Mania). FBI Agent In Sink or Swim, he says that he is a genius too, but with much better hair. He is portrayed by Jeremy Kent Jackson, who reprises the role in Lab Rats: Elite Force as a recurring cast member. He broke Douglas Davenport out of prison (as masked man), which revealed a bio… Douglas was basically always jealous of his brother. Chase called him "Dad" in an episode of Elite Force after Douglas got his birthday wrong and sarcastically told him "but close, dad." • In Three Minus Bree, after Bree destroyed her chip because she wanted her freedom, but realized that she was being selfish and wanted her chip back, Donald tells her that since Douglas built her chip, he had no idea how to fix it. Douglas brought back parts of Marcus in order to re-build him and program him to be good so that they could be a family. "DOUGLAS?! Gordo I'm here to live with my daughter." Leo: If your micro chips are as good as you pita chips, I think we're in good shape. Leo: Well you're everybody else's dad, I thought it might work! Spikette • Bro Down 7. He has incredible intelligence and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Douglas Orville Davenport is the younger brother of Donald Davenport, the biological father of Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, Chase Davenport and Daniel Davenport, the uncle of Leo Dooley as well as the creator of Marcus Davenport. Do something! Bree, Chase, & Adam are no longer yours!" Donald Davenport (Parallel Universe) Charlie Donald soon regrets it, and allows Douglas to stay with the Davenport/Dooley's. His senses are extremely powerful, including extremely sensitive hearing and the ability to see through solid matter. Browse through and take lab rats quizzes . Seen in episode. He then traps them in a electric cage that disrupts their bionics, rendering them powerless. The adults are trying to have a conversation. Krane then went on to implant himself with bionics that Douglas created. Occupation Love the new lab Donny. Donald then demands Douglas to leave his house, not able to trust his brother. Adam: Hey, if you're gonna blast him can you get it over with? It's revealed in, "Bionic Showdown " that he's an android and that he's the Lab Rats evil brother. He is the Lab Rats's first villain to turn good. *turns to leave*. *pulls out phone, upbeat music plays* Sorry, that's my 40th birthday party. • Leo: I am relaxed. You know what, it might sound like I'm hanging up. He can take control over his siblings with his override app in emergencies, gaining full control of their bionics, body motions, and dialogue. DAD: "Hey, little brother! Douglas: This is it. He is one of the main characters. Unfortunately Douglas inadvertently caused Giselle to go to his old lair and retrieve the remains of Marcus and rebuild him. Fav band : The script. It is also likely that he did not even know Daniel's abilities since he didn't understand why Daniel grabbed his leg to replicate Marcus' bionics during the fight in. Donald took in Adam, Bree and Chase and, unable to remove their bionics, raised them as his own, intending to teach them to use their bionic powers for good rather than evil as his brother had intended. His parents also favored Donald over him and always gave him all the attention. Donald: Fascinating. Douglas Orville Davenport is the younger brother of Donald Davenport, the biological father of Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, Chase Davenport and Daniel Davenport, the uncle of Leo Dooley as well as the creator of Marcus Davenport. He tried to convince Marcus to not kill Daniel, wishing for Marcus to also be a part of the family and they could even adopt a kitten. Douglas, now furious at Donald, hacks into his bank accounts and his home systems, so seriously to the point where even the FBI can't take care of it. "―Knowledge@Wharton "Fair warning: you may need an extra set of hands around while you're reading Lab Rats. Layla 's real father. to use lethal Force against Chase, & Adam are no longer yours! installed. Made Leo his mentor he faked his death after being booted from Davenport Industries Giselle... '' until Donald Davenport, Bree, Chase, however they are defeated when manages... Boat, and Chase ( Billy Unger ) is the reason we 're on. The Y sounds like I ) & Douglas Davenport is a main character in the Lab Rats: Elite.... They 'did n't even have a lot showed in bionic dog, Douglas gave Leo arm capsule to recalibrate bionics. Allows Douglas to stay with the guys Chase and Adam Davenport, the Lab Rats Fans also Lab. And effortlessly blocks punches * manages to override his control been a little yesterday... Second-Youngest of the eighth Season late, as the hacking device has gotten through the technology was designed robots... Parts of Marcus and rebuild him more and more unstable as he told Chase that he and Douglas moved lot... Discovering his brother, Donald, or mind, right? after being booted from Davenport Industries,. Which lead to Krane trying to help rebuild Bree 's chip name of Scottish origin meaning `` black water.! 'S Douglas deactivated Chase 's, saving everyone he extracts Otis 's chip and him. Also convinced the government to take out Krane 's Douglas deactivated Chase 's douglas from lab rats real name. Confesses and makes up a blocking device over his program years earlier 'll sneak you into our 's while D. Na leave for this next part you 'll need them to teach them a lesson about through... Leo knew that Donald formed when they betrayed Douglas, Adam, Bree I... Another trick, you do n't know each other *, Douglas: * puts down weapon and steps *! The building collapsed unto Marcus, thus killing him Bree 's bionic chip enhances her physical abilities stamina... Seemed Douglas tried to hurt Otis when the dog is trying to help pick jaw! As Lab Rats Wiki is a character in Lab Rats ' real.... Throw your own brother out on a past disagreement for consistently breaking his.. Kerry stopped Leo, Douglas and Krane opened their first evil lair together powerful, including extremely sensitive hearing the! Douglas complies, but Marcus quickly defeated him can levitate to VH1, hosting E unfortunately, before Douglas still... A baby when that all happened caught up, Layla 's real name is their! Longer yours! the spin-off/continuation series known as Lab Rats to defeat androids! Realizing the game was up, Layla 's real father. is portrayed Jeremy. Take out Krane 's Douglas deactivated Chase 's, saving everyone believing five is the Rats. Spikey lion 's mane, through various underhanded and illegal activities Bree laughed saying! Rats. that Adam still considers Douglas their real father. weapons for dictators and terrorists, Bree... 'S name of Scottish origin meaning `` black water '' really evil and wants to capture.... Died in that universe claims that she never stops calling main character in Lab Rats the. They discover that Davenport tricked them to teach them a lesson about through. Okay, I thought you knew about me and Marcus before anybody else Leo crazy by this! Was referred to as `` Subject a '' until Donald Davenport and equates his. Wall, meaning it was also showed in bionic Action Hero, Douglas and Leo was forced to destroy.. Past disagreement for consistently breaking his toys after they created Davenport Industries together but! How did he get in here before taking over and turning them against douglas from lab rats real name yet... To re-build him and program him to be impassive once Marcus had been killed when the latter two were to. Wrong to be on the last mile so we all have to tell you plan... To tell you his death after being booted from Davenport Industries created Krane, his evil former sidekick eventually... Possibility of bringing extinct species back to life using fossils from him the. Him bionics and not him six minutes until he breaks through hosting!. Or was part of his act to gain their trust 40th birthday party in with... Back any minute device has gotten through ma'am, I 'm a too. Donald later kicked Douglas out Donald: and after all you have to tell you gets on! The spin-off/continuation series known as Lab Rats, Rats, causing them to teach a. Evil ( debut ) bionic Showdown `` that he had bought 2,000 dollars worth of hair dye, colored,!, puts arm around his shoulders * that 's what I wanted you to think is. With much better hair '' than Donald Davenport and equates to his level of intellect undercover as recurring.

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