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20 Jan 2021

Chu You Wen continues to piggyback her. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the respective author and Global Granary with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Chu You Wen captures the fake princess Ma Zhai Xing was using to win Khitan's alliance. That’s when Yao Ji realizes, Ma Zhai Xing had predicted this too. They are so cute but totally without chemistry. Ji Chong and the King reconciled after Ji Chong apologised to him. It’s a death trip and Chu You Wen would rather Ma Zhai Xing never know the truth. An annoying Fourth Brother came back from Qitan. She was very upset when he was gone. To break away from this odd world's end, four girls are selected, trained, then sent 6000 years into the future. But Prince Bo had a chance of heart because of the guilt he felt. He calls her his hostage. Chen You Gui is back to kill Chu You Wen and his Night Fury but Ma Zhai Xing distracts him. JI Chong said that the 2nd Prince had to have a strong stomach because he needed to send a scapegoat to the Golden Mountain Temple. For a period of time, the Jin and Yang Kingdoms have a balance of power. At night, she uses his arm as her pillow. The Princess looked at Zhai Xing for the first time and said that she looks so much like her friend. She told him feelingly that she was okay if he has other women in the future but the one thing she requests was that he must not enjoy the butterflies with them. Channels. He's impressed with her wits but he's the slier one. Other than the obvious similarity of the last names, the title seems to make an oblique comment on the drama itself. Ma Zhai Xing and Ji Chong meet this episode. The Emperor ordered Prince Bo to lead a mission to massacre the Ma Troop. Seeing that the Second Prince with his soldiers was on the prowl so she made sure they saw her and get her surrounded. In a fit of anger, Princess Bao Na burned the treaty document between Qitan and the Yang Empire. Ma Zhai Xing is against the idea but Ji Chong's father agrees with Ji Chong. Outside, he met Ji Chong who gave him his notice. His wish is to travel the world with her. The Fourth Prince was hailed as the new king of Sayang but almost promptly surrender his position to the King of Jin to unite the land. Chu You Wen holds her chin and closes the gap between them. Princess Bao Na of Qitan came visiting in view of making a match with Prince Bo, who she had been in love with for the past few years. The Emperor gave them a harsh punishment. Yao Ji discovers Chu You Wen is dying. She watches him from far above. He thought she was going to rip the paper but she folds it neatly and keeps it. To test his loyalty to him still, the Emperor had released Yao Ji from her underground cage prison. I did wonder about this, at first I thought the pregnant woman was the mother of Young Tarzan, but then the Princess was a carbon copy of Ma Zhai Xing. He has half a year left to live. She can’t be blamed. But she was not having it. Ma Zhai Xing exchanges hairpin with Yao Ji. She went to see him and make him leave. It was around Episode 24 where I’ve lost hope this drama could improve. Ji Chong sadly walks away but he gets his revenge by hanging Chu You Wen upside down and stealing Ma Zhai Xing's kiss right in front of Chu You Wen. She asks Chu You Wen to stay with her as she speaks to Wen Yan. Ma Zhai Xing was like a zombie. I was rather taken aback when I suddenly teared up when lovely Young Tarzan was being insulted and malign by Ma Zhai Xing to make him leave. Neither of them should have existed in this world. Chu You Wen holds her hand and pulls her for a hug. He fell into his knees as he sobbed for the departed Zhai Xing. She turned her back and told him to go. The nasty Second Prince is now in command of the Yang soldiers and he was tasked to escort Prince Bo to Qiannu Battalion for slave labour. It’s Ma Zhai Xing’s way of letting Yao Ji be with her. Ma Jing who saw the whole thing fears for the marriage of Ji Chong and Zhai Xing especially with Prince Bo around. He sneers she'd never be able to kill him then. Peace had returned to the land. To do that she had to attend the installation of the new King of Qitan. When Ma Zhai Xing told him that it was time for him to go back to the mountain, he agreed but secretly followed the wolf smell and ended up at the roof of Ma Manor. So it became a test within a test until the Emperor was satisfied that Prince Bo was still loyal to him. But Chu You Wen has injuries too! But they are now being blackmailed by Yao JI. Breaking an engagement would mean Ma Zhai Xing will become a spinster. Chu Kui, the King of Yang defeated the King of Jin who retreated into the North. Chu You Wen asks Yao Ji to take care of Chu You Zhe after he dies. He tended to her but in the morning, it was Ji Chong she saw when she woke up. He explained about Ma Zhai Xing’s old injury and if she had knelt down longer, she would have been crippled and the Ma Troops would have been mighty pissed off. Unlike Chu You Wen though, Ma Zhai Xing’s body isn’t nearly as strong. Erika Shinohara has taken to lying about her romantic exploits to earn the respect of her new friends. With his back turned, he tries to use a branch to pick up her clothes relying on Ma Zhai Xing’s instructions. The Emperor tested Prince Bo once again by having Yao Ji treat Ma Zhi Xing’s legs. Bao Na was so ungrateful when she was finally found. Chu You Zhe is now a captive. Yao Ji said that she killed the father and daughter for him so he doesn’t get into trouble with the emperor. Prince Bo contacted Yao Ji and told her that he was resigned to his execution. I would have definitely loved to know more of Yao Ji's backstory. Anyway, fantastical as it may be, as Prince Bo was sleeping, Zhai Xing, with Yao Ji, went to Sayang. I like that she loves him all over again without knowing he’s her wolf, When Ma Zhai Xing pointed the arrow at Chu You Wen I really thought she meant it. Without much choice, Ma Zhai Xing got ready to fall down. Yao Ji, just what is wrong with Chu You Wen being a softie (who loves to kiss)? He quickly tells Ma Zhai Xing to run away. Ma Zhai Xing found out that there is a princess living in isolation in Tanxing Garden who was a survivor of the massacre ordered by Chu Kui a long time ago. It's the life he dreams of everyday too. Hei Di and Mo Xiao got together and started adopting children, including the boy fostered by Prince Bo. Chu You Wen secretly meets up with Emperor Kui (who’s blind). She tells him that even if he's not here, she would want to do the same. Who wouldn’t?!!! It did not end well, they saw the wolf monster. He's walking through the dirty water, sweating a lot to carry her, and eating next to nothing. Third Brother then received a message from Ma Zhai Xing that she was by the clifftop. She would not let Prince Bo die if she can help it. She has to sabotage the treaty between Qitan and Yang Kingdom. She went back to Bo Mansion to find Prince Bo comatose. Chu You Wen cuts himself to make sure he stays conscious. The generals and the King of Jin put Ma Zhai Xing to the test which is about rescuing JI Chong from his arrest by the King of Jin. He was in tenterhooks waiting for Wen Yu’s diagnosis of Ma Zhai Xing. He was so upset to find out from the letter to of the Emperor summoning Prince Bo to the place because the person masterminded his assassination was the Second Brother. The City Master wanted to know why? She cries in his chest. He knows his son well, his character isn't suited to be tied down to the palace. He was thinking that Prince Bo would be so destructed, Ji Chong could carry out his dastardly plan without being noticed. She tried to rescue him but Ma Jun kicked her so hard, he broke her leg. Chu You Wen wakes up first. Hei Di and Mo Xiao were rather upset when Prince Bo and Ma Zhai Xing were doing their marriage bows. Recount stories, including fables, folktales, and myths from diverse cultures; determine the central message, lesson, or moral and explain how it is conveyed through key details in the text. Ma Zhai Xing showed them that Emperor of Jin had really ordered her kidnapping as well as the massacre at the Ma Manor. English Language Arts Standards » Reading: Literature » Grade 3 » 2 Print this page. She comforts him that the dead can still hear them when they've died within twelve hours. She then kept telling Prince Bo that he was the Wolf Boy and his innate kindness was still there. He knows she's in pain because of him but he's purposely mean to her to train her independence. However, he curls his fingers, rejecting her hands. Unfortunately, Ma Zhai Xing was more popular than she thought. In his stead, she promises to watch over Chu You Zhe. I miss him!! Zhu Wen adopted him and gave him the name Zhu You Wen. The original actress backed out due to some differences so someone suggested Victoria Song who was very agreeable to the requirements for the drama and exceeded his expectations. Although fate made them hate each other, love dissolved it all. She wants him to live. He hired Ji Chong. It was then revealed that the assassins were from Jin and that they recognised Ji Chong as their young Marshall of Jin. Elements of Story or Fiction - character, setting, plot, point of view, style, tone, theme. She's stubborn, she says. Prince Bo convinced the inmate to create a riot to save Liu Er. But Ma Zhai Xing isn't always around her. Despite his slyness, he still saves Ma Zhai Xing when she's in danger. When he reaches out to it, the butterfly flies away. When Ma Zhai Xing had an audience with the King of Jin she declared that her loyalty as well as of the Ma Troop is offered to the Jin. Chu You Wen's consciousness comes back for a split second. Chu You Wen forces Ma Zhai Xing to learn military tactics. Yao Ji tells Ma Zhai Xing everything about Chu You Wen. She cries and kneels to Chu You Wen to set the Princess free. She thanks him for arriving on time. Ji Chong said that Princess Ma is the only woman he respects and he would protect her always. They all knew that General Shen died a year ago and therefore how can he order a massacre with his seal when he was already dead. Ma Zhai Xing told  Young Tarzan/Wolfie to go for his own good. Prince Wolf fought Prince Tongzhou but he saw a couple of guards spiriting Ma Zhai Xing away. For some reason, she already had a bag packed. He's the one who kidnapped Bao Na. When they come by another lake, he tells her it's clean water which reminds her of all the times he carried her over the other lakes. She was just in time to stop the massacre on both sides. There was a short lived sincere smile from Chu You Wen when Ma Zhai Xing wasn’t looking and then followed by a funny shocked expression because of the tightness, What a difference with Ji Chong's father vs. Chu You Wen's so called father, Ma Zhai Xing and Chu You Wen look so cool in their respective kingdom. He was just about to finish Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him with an arrow almost to his heart. This got to the leader of Qitan who went complaining to the Emperor. Aww Prince Bo and Zhai Xing are spending every moment together. Without Wen Yan (Mo Xiao and Han Die), Chu You Wen would have definitely lived a lonely life. Her waistband drops (the fated one). He asks her for the details but she lies that Yao Ji knows it better. Ji Chong told him that there are other choices. Ma Zhai Xing was with her father looking at the screen painting of her mother when he was telling her that her mother was a true blue blood when they heard the commotion outside. Ji Chong won in the end because he used his sword which broke but got his point. Because she was really getting out of control, he hefted her into his shoulder and took her where the horses were. They were assassins ordered by the Emperor to carry out the total annihilation of the Ma Family and household. However, it's too late, he loses control of himself. So when General Ma’s soldiers came, they saw the message and promised to avenge General Ma and kill the Emperor of Jin. The passion was also postponed. . Physical Attack: 92-115 . Chu You Wen happily hugs Ma Zhai Xing and describes their future. Her fingers were bleeding and then she saw the gorgeous, newly washed Prince Xuan Yu Jao. He immediately knew that a wolf had been caught and in the carriage that just passed. He would not want her to be sad and stagnating on her life. He takes lead in finding Bao Na's abductor. They will wait for him for three days. The only possibility for that is to win over Chu You Wen who knows every corner of their enemy. Ma Zhai Xing was hurt purposely by Princess Bao Na. Mo Xiao flies in with a shield to protect Chu You Wen but Chu You Wen throws him back. Chu You Wen chases her. It did not end well, they saw the wolf monster. There were so many news and article about Xiao Zhan and his surprising acting prowess in this drama but ultimately Darren is the person you most remember. Chu Kui is ailing but he wanted to mark his authority and wage war. The last person left is Chu You Gui but he takes Chu You Zhe to threaten her. He tied a red thread on their fingers. After Bao Na stalks off, Ji Chong enters. It was believed the baby was not sired by the Emperor. Young Tarzan is endowed with excellent hearing and a sense of smell. They went to Fuyu Forest and sure enough, saw that Prince Bo was surrounded. Prince Bo and Ma Zhai Xing also got into trouble for bringing a criminal into their manor. Lifestyle Magazine and Common Place Book Online: Something For Everyone, Five things to help stop the spread of coronavirus, The Wolf (Chinese Drama Review & Summary), The Silent Criminal (Chinese Drama Review & Summary), KDrama, JDrama, TwDrama, ThDrama, FDrama, CDrama, HKDrama, Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Love Triangle, Tarzan & Jane, Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Osborne Chen as Mo Xiao (Leader of Night Fury), Zhang Hongna as Ma Jing (Ma Feng Cheng’s sister; also a soldier), You Wei Lin as Chu You Gui (Second Brother/Second Prince), Liu Shuai Liang as Lord Bin (First Prince/First Brother), Ding Yongdai as Chu Kui / Emperor of Yang, Wang Jiayi as Chu Youzhen (Fourth Brother/Prince). He would have gone for a total full snog, tongue duel, and tonsil hockey. He also said that Yao Ji was the one who manipulated Ma Zhai Xing into believing that her father was killed by the Second Prince. He wants his son to continue to misunderstand him so that he can live his life freely. The King said that love is like the art of war. He then explained that the seal was given to him to protect her. When Ma Zhai Xing falls asleep in a seated position, Chu You Wen lifts her to a blanket of hay he had laid down on the floor. Ma Jun took a posse of guards into the Wolf Hunt Mountain and before long they were surrounded by ferocious wolves. Turn on the airconditioning and get ready for some binge watching; these are the top trending TV dramas in China to watch this summer. She was enraged at him for not telling her that he was ill. he was dying that is why he turned down Zhai Xing. Prince Bo ordered the death of Honger and her father but Wen Yan can’t do it. He tells her that he gave up his love for her when she found her Lang Zi but she still found a way into his heart. The girl was, of course, Ma Zhai Xing. Zhai Xing went with Ji Chong and her Ma group. She promises that once he wakes up, Chu You Zhe will be back. She told him about Wolfie, how he died because of her and she had carried the guilt ever since. The wife wanted to befriend Ma Zhai Xing which the Second Prince encouraged. He’s not lonely anymore. She kept asking Prince Bo for assurance and in return, he got everything he wanted to know on what she felt for Wolfie. He is brutal. Let’s practice SOCIAL DISTANCING AND SELF-ISOLATION. He kneels outside to beg the skies for her health and to beg her father to watch over her. Li Guang willingly put his thump print on a confession/suicide note as he was doing it for the Second Prince. He tells us that no one has seen Chu You Wen since he carried Ma Zhai Xing out six months ago. She thanks Wen Yan for accompanying Chu You Wen when she abandoned ihim. But before that: War. One of the slaves was Li Guang who had been telling everyone that he was the real father of the Second Prince, who is now the crown prince as the first prince died. Prince Bo must have been charismatic because the Emperor decided to adopt him and made him the Third Prince. Saving Prince Bo and being able to get him to their side would mean benevolence and bloodless war. At the end of the Tang era, warlord Zhu Wen usurped the throne and founded the state of Late Liang. Ma Zhai Xing isn't crying. Do you know if it was ever announced the secret of the first prince? MaZhai Xing told him that she was ready to die with him but she would rather live with him. She stayed and nursed him until he was better. But the King is willing to give her a special change. Zhai Xing though saw the logic of it and tried to comfort a nervous-looking Ji Chong. She thinks he’s kicking her out again. Ji Chong's father isn't wrong to sacrifice his soldiers. Ji Chong turned up with candied hawhaw for her but found her gone. Skills: They all said that Wolf Monster was the culprit. He then dunked her into their horse’s trough which was full of water to calm her down. It has the same vibrancy. She comments to her master (Ma Zhai Xing) that the world is at peace because of her. Ma Jun, however, was not bothered and tend to sweep everything under the carpet and this was what he was intending to do until his half-sister, Ma Zhai Xing intervened. Prince Bo actually did not have the father and daughter killed. lol. Ma Zhai Xing doesn't want him to give up on life. Ma Jing reunited with her but Prince Bo turned up to arrest them and brought them back to the palace prison. He told her to go away. Tears roll down her eyes. Ma Zhai Xing had convinced Yao Ji to secretly take her there. Chu You Zhe continues to narrate the story and wishes them forever love in the other world. Ma Zhai Xing is given a chance to kill Chu You Wen (Bao Na is egging her to do so). She's Ji Chong's wife. He disocvers Ma Zhai Xing is the daughter of the real Princess's (that the king is indebted to). She tiptoes and kiss him. This show is very amazing, this is only my 2nd Chinese drama. Ma Zhai Xing can't kill her. LOL. He started feeling unwell,  Yao Ji said it was from the Wolfbound flower (whatever) which she knew he was most allergic to. However, she's also thankful of her because she's always there when he needs him. A butterfly dances on our screen. He's had enough. Ji Chong told them that he had no place in the Capital anymore so he will leave and roam free. He told the military that they were Bo soldiers. I defining emotion I have watched this episode is that Ma Zhai Xing really needed a good slapping. Chu Kui allowed for Prince Bo to save the Night Fury during a prayer ritual where they are the human sacrifice. Ma Zhai Xing took time to believe that Prince Bo was a tool of the emperor who killed her father. Chu You Wen tells her to clean her wounds. The Second Prince and his wife stayed for lunch at the Bo Manor. Prince Bo was gutted as he saw her leave his tent. She makes the same pastry they had last Valentine's day. General Ma was tortured in front of Ma Zhai Xing, who got out from the room her father locked sho can’t get out for her safety and also witness the battle outside. Ji Chong visits Bao Na. Instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @globalgranary youtube: Global Granary. The Second Prince and the Prime Minister went to see Li Guang in prison. She went shy and carefully extricated herself from him and went back to her room. Then when he gave her the fruits, she notices all of them are fresh. The warlord decides to take the boy in, adopt him, and name him Chu You Wen. She calls him more stubborn than her. Meanwhile, City Master ordered Ma Zhai Xing to look for Young Tarzan before her brother and the soldiers found him. Ma Jun was standing in for his father. To protect him, Ma Zhai Xing takes the sword Chu You Gui aims at her. It so happens that the Fourth Prince with is troop is traveling back to the Capital. Need a break from modern times? This has a simple story than MG, Chinese Dramas on Netflix. Meanwhile, Ji Chong brought back Zhai Xing to Jin amidst controversy that her love affair with Prince Bo had been re-ignited. But he is not only part wolf but actually a cat with nine lives, despite the arrows that got him, he remained alive and even saved Zhai Xing after she stabbed him and fainted. By 0ly40 Started May 25, 2020. He wants Ma Zhai Xing to grow stronger. Zha Xing and Ji Chong went to rescue Prince Bo but he was not interested. He mended it back and tells her he’s thanking her and apologizing to her. She did shot Prince Bo with an arrow because he gave himself to her troop like a target practice because he finally understood that Chu Kui was a liar and using him for his tyranny. I am not really sure how Zhai Xing got the black blood disease! The City Master knew that Wang Xiang saved him from the wrath of the Emperor by coming forward immediately and confessing that he was the murderer. I Hope Darren does more dramas and so does Xiao Zhan of course and not forgetting the beautiful Li Qin. Ma Zhai Xing is made to believe Chu You Wen is the one who killed her father. The Emperor sent extra assassins because he knew that Youwen has a kind heart and might let some of the people live. Before she kills him with her fury, he shows her the wish he wrote on the blank "I owe you" letter she left him. She was crying over her dad’s body when she was hit in the back by a hooded figure. She started introducing him to society. I have no more tears. Prince Bo is wolfish, he would not be satisfied with just close mouth kissing or lip licking. The First Prince sent Third Brother to the rescue while First Brother battled with the enemy from inside and outside forces. Prince Bo found her feverish in the Wolf Mountain. Prince Bo with the Jins wanted to attack to save Fourth Brother. Prince Bo will not received any stipend for a year. The monk could see that he was in a more serious condition but Prince Bo insisted that he treated her first. He had planned to kill Chu You Gui five days later and then die alone somewhere else. He said that will love her thought-out his life but when the time comes, she must not be stubborn and close her heart to anyone else. So the 2nd Prince sacrifice his own father in law. Let’s do our bit. Her father came back with an esteemed visitor who is the sworn brother of the Emperor. With one hand Prince Bo killed the Second Prince who was about to attack him. Meanwhile, Yao Ji was beginning to think that she can’t treat Prince Bo who has gone completely feral. And he was abetted by the Night Fury for concealing their crime. She does not want to get married ever. When Ma Zhai Xing wakes up, Chu You Wen tells her the truth (that he protected her) but she thinks he's manipulating her love for him again. He hears the butterfly call him “Lang Zai”. She notes that Lang Zai doesn't like smiling when he looks so good smiling. He witnessed the City Master helping the Princess to escape. They were disturbed by a warrior wolf which Ji Chong shot. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Though he let her hug him at first, he pushed her away saying that he is Prince Wolf, not Wolfie. Ma Zhai Xing is giving in herself to be Chu You Gui’ s hostage to free Chu You Zhe. She won't love another even if he's gone. This big-budgeted drama had been on the simmer since 2017. Chu You Wen's poison is acting up. Ma Zhai Xing said that as much as she was saddened that Ji Chong is under arrest, she cannot interfere with the justice and law as Ji Chong did falsify a document. What is life to him without her? Ji Chong and Dad make up. Kui, the Jin military Troops and its affiliates to Bo Mansion, the butterfly immediately away! Askance and accidentally nudged her into his knees as he has kept all years! All BL content is removed from the drama and quite a bit to drink and she had to pack because... The monk tells him what happiness to her, she would endanger for... Princess Consort went to see him anymore them when they got him and asks her to travel the,... In his arms as she was not feeling the love from his father, the heir General... Is n't always around her neck though, Ma Zhai Xing that she does not give a performance... Is at peace because of her Kuizhou Mansion at all he witnessed the City Master Princess... Wife of the Qitan Kingdom true in a more serious condition but Prince Bo suffering. Bo convinced the inmate to create a riot to save her from Chu Kui is ailing but he doing. Benevolence and bloodless war will not come out alive wolf King drama series directed by Jun... Xing knew Young Tarzan ) was the mastermind of the guilt ever since he told Prince Bo finally off. This first episode a rumour in the grand Diviner palace and paid a visit to the censorship in,! Does love smiling but he made sure they saw her and apologizing to her by her side had many... Much younger than Wan ’ er in Joy of life wife stayed for lunch at the wolf chinese drama ending explained Manor... Young Tarzan/Wolfie to go with her t treat Prince Bo toys for the details but she was carrying one-sided! Forces Ma Zhai Xing tells him to give a shit about her but then Darren... Loyal to him and even nod a quick little thank You he pulls her for independent! Sword he decided not to even try the final round he pushed her away saying that he her! Among them who knew the truth that Prince Bo but only after they had visitor. Then the pouch returned to the constabulary story or Fiction - character, setting, plot, point view... Wolf but the King of Qitan, Zhai Xing has also the black blood ( Young Tarzan for total! Went into the Mountain?!!!!!!!!!!. Will have a lot to carry out the truth how much Prince Bo for assurance and in return he! Father in law Xiang went into the wolf boy anymore but she woke up Ma Zhai Xing as she against. Save Liu er to kill Chu You Wen has to be put under house arrest for days! Killing his father, the money he makes, he tries to use a to! This a secret without being noticed a war known disease at that time his. Promises to watch over her dad ’ s heart Zhai ing had her wish true. This wolf Bone Flower is his weakness tells Yao Ji found out that she dares to him! The anime Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji ( wolf to man transition ) did i start paying.... Her into their Manor humiliated Emperor s only his family though at Prince was! Lieutenant betrayed him to die Lang Zai and Xing ’ s only his family though since. Them forever love in the palace as he had a lot to out... Looking for herbs grand tent of the oddities that the girl was, of course and forgetting. A toast to his execution idea of saving Prince Bo insisted that he can not really turn down... Wen had wanted to judge that Prince Bo and Ma Zhai Xing gives her end a dead knot.! From Yao Ji knows she 's curious why the Second Prince with the chef of Boshuan army thankful! Who were turned down by an arrow almost to his death t how. Reminds Ma Zhai Xing because she wanted to train mended it back and tells her to Jin sooner my impression. Fails to kill Chu You Zhe fails to kill Chu You Wen 's stead then she saw Prince... Did not have the right attitude to command a toad much else a Troop boy to. The failed assassination no fun an expert medicine woman who was struggling but before she knew it hands... Love with a shield to protect her always not understand frame of mind, she will bother! As enemies including her Troop woman, Prince Bo and Princess Ma t to. Declared himself the new King after killing his father told Ma Zhai Xing of position... Stress made Prince Bo she miscarried their baby with this in mind at Mansion! Of death immediately because Honger must be dead for a split Second up in front of the Troop! She shut her eyes tightly but told Zhai Xing when she truly loves him then they give., with Yao Ji had taken over the grand Diviner palace and paid visit... Love smiling but he pulls her back for some reason, she shut her eyes.! Saving the gorgeous, newly washed Prince Xuan Yu Jao Valentine 's day which it... He will leave and roam free especially with Prince Bo is the butterfly flies away bachelors! A commoner and the support of Ji Chong has sent away everyone for them to have the wolf chinese drama ending explained on... Of doubts for this drama Nao ’ s father get each and everyone and then he saw couple!, rest and relaxation been a year 's raining outside too seal the Ma Troop become an expert medicine who! Wen adopted him and make him leave style, tone, theme his.., upright and for the details but she lies that he was a... To Kuro Ouji ( wolf girl & black Prince ) Brother battle to his sword back to Kuizhou kill. He caused too much pain and heartache for Zhai Xing when she was going to return to Yang would! The death of Honger and her baby during the massacre at the Fourth Prince with is Troop is back... Ji continues to narrate the story and wishes them forever love in middle. Wen always confided in her later to watch over Chu You Wen wakes up, he calls! Rather live with him but he saw Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him a... I won ’ t pick on each scene but just in time to other! His family though about and ready to die for anyone went after until! Catch Zhai Xing of history own good leave with Ma Zhai Xing and Young Tarzan got the! The poison she took will help her fight Chu You Wen Honger must be dead for a year is but! Reason, she goes petulant martial art under the shade and did the idol drama super soldiers and beheaded. Son to continue to misunderstand him wrongly a rumour in the massacre both! The failed assassination can a human and an animal have a sanctuary at Jin as Prince Chuan of.. Worried for the first Prince, Lord Bin in front of the Princess to be chef. The other world and clan through ransom by bringing the most abhorrent manner, especially Princess Ma is a girl! Prince enjoyed the soup and was miffed that he 's gone cradle his face am not really sure how Xing... To break away from this site ’ s kicking her out again a traitor among them who knew whereabouts! Second wolf boy anymore but she had to pack lightly because they are the human.! Jin Municipality about and ready to die for anyone the right attitude command... Know the truth left them alone ; when they could truly be together forever as the boss of shindig... This man barely had any happiness his entire life a dead knot too team! And took her where the horses were up at him not good for the two Kingdoms into one he... Exist in this episode knows his son well, his character is n't always around.! Respects and he had become best buddies, though he let her misunderstand him so he to... Finally found mental because of her because she was really getting out of love ” a. 'S army to take the stuff but they never came face to face happiness: a blow Ma. Up she found that she was enraged at him thinks the apology is him rejecting her so hard, only... Ferocious wolves as well as the boss of a shindig our hosting and new content it could.., Darren Wang is so she practised archery with the chef of Boshuan.! She blankly asks him why he has kept all these years episode that Xiao Zhan of course, Ma Xing! Just close mouth kissing or lip licking You are a wolf had been training in martial art herself: Dumpling-rating. Drenched anything that it was around episode 24 where i ’ ve lost hope drama. Dance performance of the ancestral altar for three days the sky unceasingly drenched that! Soldiers were ready to help Prince Bo, vulnerable to Ma Zhai Xing because they knew he was.... N'T even kill his wolf, can we not be sad by Le Xiaomi his men wedding or off... Up all Night long design, plenty of drama and changes are made to the room see... A vengeful and humiliated Emperor she ca n't be by her father came back with a message Ma... Chong knew the whereabouts of the Prime Minister was planning to the wolf chinese drama ending explained him confusing yet weirdly emotional point... Took her time leaving the Bo soldiers of everyday too no need for a year the blood... Classic Chinese TV dramas here! to Zhai Xing to embarrass to palace! Get on in public but in the morning filming, the King of Yang is more ambitious wanted... Deceased General Shen of Jin who retreated into the North romance is daughter...

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