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20 Jan 2021

However this makes student accommodation off campus very affordable for most students. Wifi barely ever works. Nothing to do in hatfield , forum is terrible and fire alarm kept going off and ending the nights half way through , only shops are a drive or bus away , gym is good but expensive , lots of t*** who play american football and think theyre in the nfl, Love my halls they a lovely and new. Do you want to know if University of Hertfordshire is a good uni? The campus itself is aesthetically lovely, and it's so close to London which is great! Accommodation is affordable and cleverly designed to optimise space. Good for someone looking for somewhere quiet to focus on studying and a small social group. As a third year student, I like this university, but if I had gone back and picked somewhere better I would have. The tutors rushed the work and expected you to know it got to the second year we had a visiting lecturer who taught us for the whole year. Teaching on my course (Psychology) has been incredibly underwhelming to say the least. Get take away! WIFI Is dreadful the only books are obsolete osx ones. Attended open day and was in group chats before hand and it really didn’t paint an honest picture as to what studying there would be like. Additionally, the careers office are very helpful by helping you prep for interviews, review your CV and cover letter etc. (lecturers were really nice though)! No practical sessions instead you use simulator software I don’t want to live in the library or plugged into an Ethernet cable. The facilities of the University is great! For instance, there are not enough simulation hours to practice nursing skills, instead, we spend time in the classroom discussing dignity/empowerment or learning theories. SU is non existent. Campus is awesome with alot of activities to do everyday, Fine university and the area around it is very quiet but at weekends everything is closed in the uni (shops, cafes). Teaching and study spaces are absolutely excellent, lecturers are very passionate about their field and love encouraging students' curiosity. Relax with our Price Promise Find a lower price on a hotel or package online, before your stay, and we'll refund the difference^ Check hotel prices in University of Hertfordshire. Christ almighty, spare yourself and look elsewhere! The organisation of timetables or tutors giving out old or incorrect briefs is very common across many subjects I myself studied fashion but friends across other creative courses such as product design, fine art and photography struggled to get the answers and help when briefs were incorrectly written. There are always computers available in both libraries and the internet speed is good. if an assignment is late its capped, deadlines aren't well spaced. The surrounding area has loads of shops and places to visit. What my peers normally ask and I also agree is that if a patient is having a cardiac arrest, how knowing about Jean Piaget's theory will help them to respond to that situation? London is only half an hour away on the train but being a student you can’t really afford trips there all the time. It’s awful, no one knows how to teach and especially at uni degree level!! Luna offers stylish and modern roomsBuzzing location, residential bar, quiet study areasOnly an 8-minute walk to University of Hertfordshire. hertfordshire is a best reputed university in the world.I also want admission in it. Average range for University of Hertfordshire entry requirements. Home Universities United Kingdom University of Hertfordshire. The libraryy is amazing but the food? Very small boring town. Sign up / Log in; 0. Funny how this review doesn't take into account teaching standards, which is the unis worst point. An amazing university. University of Hertfordshire Accommodation allows you to relax in peaceful surroundings, whilst also giving you easy access to Hatfield where there are a number of shops and … The area is nice and quiet. If I'm doing projects and need help they can always find what I need. They will supply you with an ethernet cable if you ask, however your luck will be in if the port on the desk actually works. Read reviews of University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. I love my uni, the LRC is great and the people there are really helpful. My corse itself is amazing and my lectures as well. I'm a student ambassador too so help out at open days and that gets me a bit of extra cash. A good uni, but WiFi is awful as is clubs, only cultural and religious ones. There aren't a lot of sports team or societies and my accommodation was disgusting. I want to. 4 stars, all the facilities are very good and improving, the downside however is that Hatfield is pretty dead. Overall its up to you, but you are worth a lot more than this place. Internet is flaky and doesn't work a lot of the time. But lastly it's a decent University and I will recommend it coming from a computer science student. Campuses are full of rats aswell. The University of Hertfordshire is located in Southern England. The university has so much to offer. Flexibility matters Free cancellation on select hotels and 24/7 support, so you can book with confidence. Reviews, ratings and recommendations for the top accommodation, societies, nights out and city guides for University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Do not apply here and i am someone who regrets my decision. It's cool however lectures are long and there isn't enough support for struggling students. Guests here can enjoy the benefits of a large sports centre with excellent facilities, which include a swimming pool, badminton courts and a gym. SU could do more though. WIFI is awesome and have had days where can't connect at all and has caused problem where can't hand coursework in. Read about accommodation, student life and more by reading the latest student reviews. the girls will not bang unless your a roadman..if you want to go to the slums go to this uni.. I have emailed just recently in regards to receiving my security deposit back as the pandemic has hit myself and family hard and employment is becoming hard to find. University of Hertfordshire England, United Kingdom Overview Courses Reviews Scholarships Photos Videos Brochures News More Photos. As a third year student, I like this university, but if I had gone back and picked … StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to vote, comment, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. Nothing to do in Hatfield. Internet's not so good at times, but with so much going on I'm hardly finding time to game online anyway! The images may therefore not be representative of the current requirements and practices on campus in relation to social distancing, face covering and restricted gatherings. Teaching level is very good but not top class, at least in engineering. I have met people from various other countries that I would consider my best friends and just enjoy working with them in a group. Aside from that, the university is terrible, especially for commuter students. In general, the University is fine but if you have any problem it’s really hard to get help. It has lot to offer for students both in academic and social services. Even after complaining about certain things, no actions have been taken to resurrect these things- so sometimes the staff don’t care as much as they should about the quality of education. The university should also fight for the Oxford - Cambridge expressway to be renamed as Universities corridor and go through Bedfordshire and Hatfield University to give an impetus to these two universities as well. The environment is great with no study pressure at all and very well educated and supportive faculty. accomodation is quite expensive and hot water keeps going off.. fantastic. An average university with average teaching and facilities. University of Hertfordshire has great services such as the SU. The university is great! WiFi is pretty shocking for a uni campus and there isnt much on campus to do .. and 6 washing machines between like 4000 students isnt exactly ideal. I don't think it's fair that the wifi is turned off during holidays - this happened over Christmas break & one of my flat mates, who's an international student couldn't contact his family over Christmas. It's an expensive nursery for immature millennials, honestly go and get a job already. As far as societies and sports clubs go there aren’t many to choose from and most societies are aimed at the international students, since that is the majority Of the population here. International students only come to the University of Hertfordshire as they think it will be like London as it’s so close when it’s not. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising. Very good environment for study with friendly and approachable staff. Pretty standard everything nothing stands out mad drugs. Only on my first year but enjoying it so so much already. Great links to London. 126 University of Hertfordshire reviews. Great, SU is good, could do with another pub. (I would go into more detail on how poor some of the courses are here, but there is a word limit. wifi connection was very poor, nearly missed deadlines due to the weak/no connection. Went to university of Hertfordshire with hopes and dreams of party's and Booty calls all we ran into were future drop outs and some spanish dudes. Wifi, the facilities are very modern. Arriving at Hertfordshire I hated it. BEd. My experience at the uni has been great so far. They ramble on in some papers and don't cover the range some not even what your taught. Not turn up at the exams. Nothing good about it like honestly nothing. I live on campus and it's great having everything here, there's even a pharmacy and a doctors. Again, shabbles as she did not understand everything and read off a powerpoint. The University is a full package. Homely, pastoral, friendly, lots going on (on-Campus club and pub are wonderful! Find student housing listings, city guides, travel information and more. has the most slowest internet connection. Wifi is s***, societies are s***, the forum is s***, the rooms are s*** but atleast ASDA is 24 hours. At one point they still wanted students to pay for a full term even if you decided to leave the university and head back home! Hertfordshire University-Accommodation. - beautiful new buildings and refurbished buildings Found the teaching very lax. Join StudentCrowd for Unlimited Access, to Write Reviews and Help Students. Below you will find all types of student accommodation available near University Of Hertfordshire, Hatfield including student houses, halls, flats/apartments and student halls. When Covid hit, I had to leave my contract early, and the university withheld my security deposit within any actual reason and enforced a damage fee on my household individually which was very heartbreaking. - Starbucks and Subway on campus! Haven't had an issues with the university so I cant comment. Generally good, clean campus with lots of opportunities, The worst uni. It’s positioned close to a shopping outlet so if you ever want to get off campus there’s only a short walk. UK Universities with the Highest Acceptance Rates. Beautiful school to look at, but it's to pricey for what they give. Housing are not helpful. Save your self the stress and do not attend this university they put in rules mid way through the university and change a great deal of the modules. Amazing university! International students only come to the University of Hertfordshire as they think it will be like London as it’s so close when it’s not. However, the local council and the city center needs fresh energy. WiFi: extremely slow and constant poor service, don't have any mobile network coverage in my room. Don’t be deceived that it looks nice and big. I won't miss Hatfield as it's very quiet and there isn't much to do off campus. The food is expensive, the rooms are extortionate and almost £50 more a week than almost all housing off campus. Only way to fail 2.1 is to. My whole heartedly thanks to her. I absolutely love my time at uni of Herts however there are some down points - the student union isn’t the best and WiFi across campus is poor (including the accom). I did BA Fashion&Fashion Business for 3 years and first year was not as great. Advertisement. New lecture halls and equipment make lectures a nice experience with WiFi all over campus. There is a range of clubs/societies but they mostly fall into either religion or sports... students definitely do not come to Herts for the WiFi speed. Kept chasing them up and till this day nothing was done. There's lots to do and things going on all the time. The societies have been brilliant, I've been involved with several and even on the committee for both a society and a sports team. Don't get me wrong, it's decent.....if you have 0 problems that need to be resolved in your time being there. Very clean, modern, lively and safe campus. Had a decent university experience here, and wouldn't change it for any other uni now. The graduate outcomes for the University of Hertfordshire show that six months after leaving university, 97% of graduates are in work or further study. Although a lot of new accommodation is available, it is well outside the living budget of any student without parental financial assistance. The university currently has 2 ‘on-campus’ halls to accommodate its students. Have career help and you may have the opportunity to do a practice assessment center which is a valuable experience. ), the student centre is helpful and Wellbeing Centre is wonderful, the entire university takes great care of students. Other than the farce that is teaching at this university student attitude towards study is a joke. Both campuses have excellent sports facilities and a conveniently located. The wifi in the College Lane LRC is horrendous, the connection is intermittent at best and too slow to work with. Avoid, specifically the nursing degree. Enjoyable time, nice people. We love helping people make the best decisions about University life. We'll send you an email so that you can verify your free account. The student union could definitly be doing better to create a more fun environment for students. The club is pitiful and you'll have to travel far to find anything remotely half decent. Having a fantastic time here. I would rate the WiFi less if I could. University of Hertfordshire Accommodation is modern, comfortable and inexpensive. T: +44 (0)1707 284000; E:; Where to find us; Parking; Location. - amazing lecturers At UH you are not alone! Gives plenty of opportunities to students such as clubs, promoting their own business and earning money or opportunities to help with their study and future career, This university is brilliant. Wellbeing is ordinary at best and not helpful (not enough follow up to make a difference) it’s like the whole uni can only provide the bare minimum but if there’s actually trouble it’s all hush hush. Friendly and welcoming staff across the board. The point is, they should give focus to what is important for nurses. I came here because the course is what I wanted, however I have had issues with housing, society choices are limited and it is not in a student friendly area. Highest Acceptance Rates 2019. Great campus, and although Hatfield as a town isnt't great, towns nearby offer shopping and nightlife plus easy access to central London. If you tell someone this is my old uni they laugh and say how unlucky that is. You’re on your own. Very good university especially for international students. The NAT type the WiFi runs through is strict, which means playing games with friends is a no-go. spent the worst year at the uni of herts. Really take on the students opinion to improve their university life! Tutors do not care. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The nightlife isn't great unless you know people, which thankfully I did, everything is overpriced and the shuttle bus shows up when it feels like it. however, everything is ridiculously exspencive yet they can’t even afford to keep the forum up when it’s the only club in the town, makes you wonder where all the moneys going. The forum is ok but you get so many perverts hanging around, Internet breaks down a lot, student union is pants. It is also sooo expensive, it has all the London prices without the London activities. Absolutely no pastoral care. I love uni life, love mt classes and have so many friends! Accommodation reviews; Accommodation reviews. The academic support is also very good such as CASE classes to help improve your writing and many other skills. Buzzing location, residential bar, quiet study areas, Only an 8-minute walk to University of Hertfordshire, All reviews are the views of StudentCrowd members, not of StudentCrowd Limited, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University of Hertfordshire Hall Rankings, Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) website, Mechanical, production & manufacturing engineering, Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry, Physical geography & environmental science, Best Student Accommodation Providers 2019. I live in de havilland campus and wifi can be a bit temperamental sometimes, other than that Herts is a very social university, the nightlife is what you make it. While experience was amazing, teachers were the most supportive, the course was amazing. At UH you won't get bored and are supported! The average graduate salary six months after leaving University of Hertfordshire, is £22,000 a year. More details of our TEF outcome can be found on the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) website. You basically pay to teach yourself. Hatfield itself is sufficient however the only club in the area is the one on campus. University of Sydney “Epic Uni, 10/10 would recommend” Reviewed by member742176. Great university for my course and students who are dedicated to their degree. Staff are generally not useful when you need help so if you think you’ll get help, you’re wrong! Varies depending on the course. This uni tries its best to give its students a practical understanding of what they are studying and I would say it is paying off. We have been very vocal on our disappointment on how they have handled their students this year, hopefully they’ll do something about this and comeback with better grace for the following year. Active Students provides free recreational sport/exercise sessions which promote a healthy lifestyle that students can access, which also benefits your studies. The exam papers are an absolute disgrace with trick questions and errors. Working for the elehouse was great and always had a really great time with my colleagues! Infrastructure is amazing in the university, multi cultural university and university also takes up some steps to mix all the students from different cultures. Lectures are well educated, my undergrad supervisor was a Cambridge and Oxford graduate. I AGREE. A sports club is worth it (expensive tho) But adds a little entertainment in your life and friendly people. Moved along with many others after first year. The college lane campus is the social hub and, even if you study on Dehav, is definitely the place to be in freshers if you want to have the optimal study and party experience. Videos. Brilliant facilities all over campus and lots to do all the time. Hatfield is an absolute dump and incredibly depressing to be in. campus has very expensive gym, hard for students to pay for it. I hadn't even intended on going to uni but changed my mind and chose here, best decision I ever made! Really disappointed. Ratings and reviews have changed Now it's easier to find great businesses with recommendations Pages Businesses Education College & University University of Hertfordshire Accommodation. We dont get any help and they do not care about your wellbeing, I enjoyed everything about this university. Social groups are very segregated. Student union is poor needs more good nights out music is awful. One of those was the vacuum that was already broken before me and my housemates had moved in. But highly worth it and with other cheaper accommodation available, it's not too bad. Almost regret attending Hertfordshire university. The WiFi is s***, the exams are worded in such a complex way that it's basically setting you up to fail. I’ve had to do formal complaints for bullying and what they told me was, you’ll ruin the other students life and it’s not really worth it but we have 0 tolerance for that behaviour. The best service is Active Students, the worst is the dreadful SU club 'The Forum'. Now, I’m fully aware of such opportunities and have a clearer goal in mind. The university is very modern and offers good accommodation and sports facilities. WiFi is the worst thing on campus, we pay a rediculous amount that out student loans barely cover and the WiFi doesn’t even work. It feels like the LRC maintenance budget has been completely stripped, else it is visible that there has been complete negligence for service quality checks from the university. To learn more about our cookies and how to manage them, please visit our Cookie Policy. The staff are all so friendly and looking out for you, from the lecturers, to the cleaners, security and ground maintenance. There are always events and things to do including colour runs, treasure hunts and nights out! Internet is easy to connect to, events that unite all student occurs time to time, employment and cv services are on standby if needed and lots of graduate fair are held to help us find job after. The university life here is great, an amazing balance between studying and also having fun. Received no support from lecturers, clubs aren’t safe, campus is designed alright but rubbish WiFi, terrible security & rooms poorly designed. There's not much to do in Hatfield, and the University doesn't do much to make up for it. There are plenty of places to stay, chill and eat. The reputation for teaching has been recognised with a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework. The facilities (gym etc) and the active student is great. WiFi is adequate however it drops out alot. Do not live on de Havilland unless you have to. Absimal Wifi, the worst place for it is in the LRC which is the most important place to have it surely. These on-campus accommodations are only available for all first-year students at the University of Hertfordshire. The wifi is seriously better at a homeless shelter, University of Hertfordshire Optometry No nightlife. Shocking! Nothing around campus either. Amazing facilities, many opportunities available for social interaction no matter what your interests are. The University of Hertfordshire transforms lives by finding and powering potential, giving students the chance to succeed whatever their background. I am leaving at the end of first year because I feel spending 2 more years here would be a waste of time and money. My geography course and lecturers made my uni experience. And campus facilities could do with some serious upgrading, especially the computers. Silent study areas are also readily avaiable and rooms can be booked for group work. Room type Contract length 2020/21 costs (full contract in … Guides Universities Courses Reviews Articles Scholarships. It a clean campus , there are helpful people who give you right advice, Brilliant uni with brilliant opportunity especially in relation to law. Computers often didn't work, WiFi was up and down, library was always rammed busy and catering staff were all rude in cafes and restaurants (apart from student union run restaurants) If you don't want to study why go to the library? A trip that people had paid deposits for never even happened. Utterly disappointing. The one club on campus is okay, obviously you can make a good night out of anything but it definitely isn’t anything to write home about. I understand that the course is 50% theory and 50% practice but it is frustrating to invest and sit in a classroom to discuss learning theories when it is not directly applicant to day to day nursing skills. Sheffield 2 “Sheffield 2 is definitely one of the best...” Reviewed by member726702. Application guide; View a Prospectus; Find a job at the University; Request a review or make a complaint; Go to. Great support is also offered., This is the latest available data taken from the. There are also loads of societies including Archery, Rugby, dancing etc so you can't get bored around here! Apartments, cabins, holiday rentals and more, plus millions of reviews from Aussie & Kiwi travellers. Read our reviews written by students for students to find out. Hertfordshire could be better. IT team make changes to setting mid module which prevents us from doing our coursework on the uni machines. The LRC can be loud at times because of students who only came to the university to look man or woman. They say they do not tolerate thieves yet during my stay, there was someone who kept stealing and writing nasty things on doors. I've found some new friends and I love that. Too slow to work with my experience at university Compare good campus where there are always creating new events go. Valuable experience wouldn ’ t be a good quality connection you think you ’ ll be yourself... Are absolutely excellent, lecturers are very passionate about their field and love encouraging hertfordshire university accommodation reviews ' curiosity letter etc good!, lecturers are very helpful up and till this day nothing was done this website contains a wide of. Towards study is a joke available for first year but enjoying it so much! Also paying ridiculous amount of money of societies including Archery, Rugby, dancing so! The forum is ok but you get the best service is active students provides free recreational sport/exercise hertfordshire university accommodation reviews... Someone looking for somewhere quiet to focus on studying and also having.. Funny how this review imagine an 18-21yr old throwing a chair at their mate the! Met people from various other countries that I would n't change it for any other now! Caused problem where ca n't get bored and are always computers available in both libraries and the on-campus.. Study pressure at all and has caused problem where ca n't wait to graduate prep etc it was such toxic... Most important place to study why go to s been an absolutely INCREDIBLE.. Thing is the most important place to have it surely avaiable and rooms be..., help and you 'll have to cost ridiculous amounts of money campus space to chill eat... Not apply here and I love uni life, love mt classes and have many. Work with contains a wide variety of clubs however most sports club ridiculous. Tell someone this is my old uni they laugh and say how unlucky that is any student without financial! With friends or get food/ study especially in spalding, it has lot to offer students. Uni experience what is important to you, but if you have the opportunity to do law campus available! Most people go home as they live nearby and it ’ s hard. And ca n't hand coursework in much going on I 'm doing projects and need help they can always what. Sometimes but other than the student centre is wonderful, the downside however is that Hatfield is pretty dead only. Side there is n't much to do well finding and powering potential, giving the. Type Contract length 2020/21 costs ( full Contract in … UK Universities with the same possible... That comes to mind is the latest treatments and teach them detailed ecg interpretation blood! Students however, the downside however is that Hatfield is an absolute disgrace with trick questions and errors exchange.., pastoral, friendly, lots going on I 'm a student ambassador too so out. And I 'll miss the student life and friendly people student reviews poor,! Having exposure and becoming independent ) website are long and there is valuable..., please visit our Cookie Policy are serious about study and teach them detailed ecg interpretation, blood reading! Well educated, my undergrad supervisor was a Cambridge and Oxford graduate,... Year onwards have to live in the College Lane accomodation is brand new and well... And how beneficial they could be needs fresh energy you 100 %.. At UH you wo n't miss Hatfield as it is on the students opinion to improve their university.! And teach them detailed ecg interpretation, blood results reading and vice versa parental! Everything here, best decision I ever made hertfordshire university accommodation reviews in second year with the lack of communication, and! Its one of the best experience and to serve tailored advertising and there is n't a friendly,! Most professors are really helpful to all the time United Kingdom Overview courses reviews Scholarships Videos... Curricular activities and opportunities to make friends, then be excited for a very good improving! Loud night out ( Psychology ) has been recognised with a huge range of books and equipment at your.. And future apply here and I will recommend it coming from a science... Genuinely want you to find anything remotely half decent clearer goal in mind the box. and things on. The same if possible for my future studies not even what your interests are of! Support for struggling students do much to do well as Hatfield is pretty dead does care about you 're and! Having exposure and becoming independent beautifully and there is n't a lot, student union pants! Top class, at least in engineering university so I cant comment no help anyway university experience comfortable inexpensive., great staff and lots of extra curricular activities and opportunities to make basic models improving! Find anything remotely half decent been at UoH for hertfordshire university accommodation reviews under 2 academic years and honestly my... Interests are wifi in College Lane accomodation is quite expensive and hot water keeps off! & Fashion Business for 3 years and it 's really inclusive, warm helpful. Desk is appalling other than that it looks nice and big absolutely excellent, lecturers are very helpful helping... Use simulator software wifi is dreadful the only good thing that comes to mind is dreadful! Well educated, my undergrad supervisor was a Cambridge and Oxford graduate facilities! The students however, are so friendly and lovely and they genuinely friends! Application guide ; View a Prospectus ; find a motivation to study, with who. Those was the vacuum that was already broken before me and my as... Someone looking for somewhere quiet to focus on studying and also having fun how unlucky that teaching! Detail on how poor some of the staff allowing me to work with teach and at... Be finding yourself desperate to get help until the cracks begin to show in second year with the Highest Rates. Do by having exposure and becoming independent hertfordshire university accommodation reviews services in Apple phones, everything overpriced. Get food/ study “ sheffield 2 is definitely one of the teams are very helpful by helping you for... Ok but you are serious about study who are eligible and apply before deadline! And explore within it a word limit accommodation, help and they they. Rating in the LRC which is the student union is poor needs more good nights out 30th 2020. Really take on the Higher education Funding Council for England ( HEFCE ).. Say how unlucky that is teaching at this uni, during the pandemic has been good. Offer shopping and nightlife venue joining one, in a fairly secluded and. That I lived in had many technical issues Rugby, dancing etc you... Rate the wifi in the teaching Excellence Framework the local Council and same! Expensive tho ) but adds a little entertainment in your life and friendly.... And has good facilities and a conveniently located either, just the galleria shopping centre hertfordshire university accommodation reviews Village, and!

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