04 May 2021

It’s my pleasure to introduce our readers to BulletinHealthcare’s Senior Director, Marti Giunto. An unstoppable force for good, Marti leads our OTC and CPG verticals with a genuine passion for helping her clients achieve their brand objectives and HCP marketing goals.

Marti has been an integral member of our sales team for almost two years now, successfully driving new business and keeping clients coming back for more. We feel very lucky to call her one of our own. Without further ado, let’s hear from Marti!

How did you get into healthcare marketing?

Marti: A wonderful “mistake” over 15 years ago was the catalyst to my passion for healthcare marketing. Fortunately, my resume was incorrectly put in a “pile” of qualified candidates for a position in pharma marketing. At my interview, the president of sales told me I was a fortunate mistake… she then proceeded to tell me that the company had been wanting to develop a new vertical of revenue from OTC and health-related CPG brands – and her gut told her I was the perfect person to do this for them! The rest is history (Well, a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears, but history nonetheless.) For 15 years, I have been helping OTC and CPG brands engage with HCPs – and ultimately increasing doctor recommendations.

What unique perspectives on healthcare marketing do you have as a result of your impressive resume?

Marti: The critical juncture when a patient, an HCP, and a brand become an “answer” …is an amazing moment in time. It’s a win/win situation and it will be emblazoned in that patient’s mind for the rest of their life; a moment that will improve their quality of life. The HCP walks away happy with their desired outcome being achieved, the brand walks away happy because they have helped a fellow human being, while concurrently developing a high-value consumer, and the patient walks away happy because they have a trusted and effective solution. When healthcare marketing is done with all constituents’ best interest at heart, only good things evolve from there!

How have your accounts been impacted since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Marti: COVID-19 has given my clients the opportunity to show their resiliency. Whether the doctor/patient interaction is in person or via telemedicine, it’s still a vital and important priority. Likewise, whether the retail landscape is brick-and-mortar or online, it’s still going to happen. People want to be healthy and have the best quality of life possible, and the person they turn to, to help them, is their trusted HCP. That isn’t changing anytime soon. I think my clients took a “pause” to assess the impact of COVID-19 on their business, their retailers, and their brands’ influencers (HCPs), but they quickly figured it out and forged ahead.

“We drive success and have the robust analytics to prove it. Not only do we have targetable scale that will drive revenue-altering volume, but we also deliver HCP attention like no other.”

What is one of the toughest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

Marti: I am vehemently a devoted mother and, at the same time, I am an overachiever professionally. I never wanted my three children to feel they were not my number one priority. NEVER. But I also wanted to be the BEST at what I do as a professional. So, the challenge was: how to balance these demanding priorities without either suffering due to the other?

How did you overcome it?

Marti: My approach was short-term pain for long-term gain (mind over matter too)! If I needed to get up at 2:30 a.m. to pack a home-made special lunch (complete with a note) for my child so that I could leave my house on time for a 5:00 a.m. flight, followed by a day of meetings, I did it. I knew I’d be tired; but, I also knew my children would always remember that they were important and could count on me. I scheduled early meetings (and couldn’t “sleep in”) so I could come prepared for a full day of meetings and exceed my professional objectives. I didn’t want three meetings and a couple hours of extra sleep; I wanted at least five meetings and I’d catch up on sleep another time!

What aspects of your position do you most enjoy?

Marti: I LOVE that win/win moment I spoke of earlier. When I know I have helped an HCP find a great brand to recommend to their patients, and I have helped a patient find a great solution, all while helping my client be successful and helping me and my company be successful… that’s when I am most satisfied.

In your opinion, what sets BulletinHealthcare apart from other tools to engage HCPs?

Marti: Where do I begin? 😊 Investing in BH is akin to handing your brand messaging, resources, etc. to exactly the right HCP on a silver platter. We drive success and have the robust analytics to prove it. Not only do we have targetable scale that will drive revenue-altering volume, but we also deliver HCP attention like no other. Our high engagement rates, unique reach, and daily frequency are unrivaled, and our briefings boast a 99.9% delivery rate.

Any personal-favorite features that you feel differentiate us? A few things you say when introducing BulletinHealthcare? 

Marti: First and foremost, HCPs look forward to reading their digital news briefing every morning prior to seeing patients. The quality of our news content and the professional credibility of our platform is the gold standard. In case our readers didn’t know, the same BulletinHealthcare analysts that provide news briefings for the FDA, HHS, and NIH also produce the briefings for AMA, AAP, ACOG, AAD, ASCO, and many more! Last but not least, our briefings aren’t cluttered with advertising: clients enjoy 20-25% minimum share of voice in each publication.

Have a question of your own for Marti? Email advertise@bulletinhealthcare.com.